Quick review number two!

Director: Mark Jones
Writers: Mark Jones

Staring: Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt
Release Date: January 8, 1993

What a wonderful cheesy over-the-top horror adventure Leprechaun is. This 1993 horror comedy is outlandish in so many ways, but in all the best ways. Director and writer Mark Jones created a formula of that involves a ridiculous monster, a pretty girl, an attractive guy, and a plot that is 100% secondary to the absurdity happening.

The super simplistic plot pins an evil magically power Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) in search of his lost gold against Tory (Jennifer Aniston), who just moved into a house that has more secrets than it should. Helping Tory in her battle against this folk creature are Nathan (Ken Olandt), Ozzie (Mark Holton) and Alex (Robert Hy Gorman).

What makes Leprechaun work is the insane concept of making what is usually a lovable go-lucky creature into one of mayhem. They even poke fun at it in the movie having the Leprechaun eat a version of “Lucky Charms” and him spitting them out in disgust. Warwick Davis is a LEGEND with everything that he has been in. First appearing in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi (1983), this Leprechaun is the EXACT opposite of an Ewok. It is not cute. It is not cuddly. It is malevolent and manipulative. Davis takes the cheesiness of the character and funnels it into a character you love to laugh at. It’s key to making Leprechaun work.

The other most notable part of this movie is that it was Jennifer Aniston’s first credited major motion picture. Her job is look beautiful and evolve from a flimsy damsel in distress to someone who can handle a shotgun. Aniston does this job well. Now comes a question I have never thought to ask: why has Aniston never appeared in another horror-esq genre movie? Sign me up for that. Put her in a movie where she can be a scream queen. I would be down for that.

Leprechaun is early 90s to a tee. They style of the movie and the clothes in it remind me of my youngest memories. This follows directly on the heels of Child’s Play (1988) in terms of making it just bad enough to make it enjoyable. Strongly recommend putting this on with a tub of popcorn, your phone in hand and a stiff drink next to you to get the giggles going.

STANKO RATING: C+ (3.0/5 Stars)

“Leprechaun” IMDB
“Leprechaun” Rotten Tomatoes

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