Alright, episode two. More proposals. More tears. More confusion.

Still can’t believe this is a show. We open up with the happy meeting of Cameron and Lauren. Then we devolve into more chaos.

My running thoughts on episode two of Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind: Episode 2

  • Kiss on first site for the happy couple of Lauren and Cameron
  • Lauren is very forward talking about the color aspect
    • Cameron I don’t think has one soundbite on it
  • Wonder where they got the rings to propose with from? Not blatant advertising like The Bachelor.
  • Damn vacation/honeymoon to Mexico??
    • Why does everyone like watching sunrises and sunsets? Is it bad I don’t love doing that?
  • The number of people has seemingly dwindled over the course of the days? Did people drop out? Not buying into the experiment.
  • Damien seems like the most normal guy? At first glance? (I am sure I am wrong here somehow)
  • Carlton…you can’t say you and Diamond are ready to fight through a storm when Diamond doesn’t even know there is one coming
  • There seems to be a lot less stress on asking to marry between the two proposals thus far. I know people who were going through it in real life and were freaking out; this was so calm and cool for the most part.
  • The cutaway to Carlton shaking his head when talking about how couldn’t reveal his sexuality was SO STAGED
    • It’s like getting the interview questions and reading them before hand or after an interview then editing the audio in
  • Amber would invite the “exes” to your wedding? That kind of seems like a bad idea.
    • What about Barnett’s POV…mmmm??? If they are to get together that is.
  • I think I like LC. She hasn’t had many red flags yet…again sure it will change
    • Well she said she didn’t like diamond rings…which I think is a lie
  • Barnett has always asked the same type of questions: “Why would YOU want to MARRY me.”
  • Mark dropping the “I Love you” in the middle of an argument is rough. Not a strong argument
  • Mark “I feel like an option”
    • Well, do you know what you kinda signed up for?
  • Mark does look older than 24 years old for the record.
  • Alright Diamond and Carlton meeting for the first time….let’s do this
    • Okay…how big of a push-up bra is that. Let’s be real.
    • A very un-athletic run from Carlton
    • Diamond’s first comment and words out of her mouth when seeing Carlton is “I am a fiancé”
  • Diamond raises the good point about the family and the reaction to it. I can’t wait to see how that’d unfold.
  • I wonder how long they have with one another when connecting and seeing each other for the first time in the hallway
    • Jessica’s flinch reaction is like one of first real reactions I was like oh damn
  • So now Jessica is going to just go back to Mark and be like her, “be my runner up please”
    • She dropped the “babe” talking to Mark
      • Mark definitely noticed too…
  • Who the hell is Kenny?
    • He is talking to Kelly? I had not idea who this person is. I must have missed this.
    • There was like NO lead up to that proposal
    • I have ZERO FAITH in Kenny and Kelly
  • I think one can tell in this show the more mental aspect of a girl’s awareness of attraction
  • All of these pod shots; where was this whole contraption built?
  • The story with Amber and abortion is actually real stuff. Real story.
  • Is Rory like the therapist for everyone?
    • He looks like the kid from the CW’s Supernatural
  • “I AM YOU GIFT?????”
    • LIKE WHAT???? That is so self centered. Holy crap.
      • Why not ask her to put the bow on her wrist and say she is a gift to you and something you can’t wait to open up everyday or something like that.
    • They should NOT get engaged after that. That is crap.

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