Finally we get to leave the the pods!!! Love Is Blind episode three at least broke the boredom that was being to set in at the end of episode 2.

So now comes a lot of the physical attraction debates and how to approach it. It seems like the girls talk about it the most. Probably a little taboo for the guys to talk about sex You can have Amber and Gianina speaking about it openly about and wanting to do it, but otherwise people are taking the slow approach to it (for the most part I think).

I was just happy for the change of scenery, but that doesn’t change the awkwardness that unfolds.

Love Is Blind: Episode 2

  • Mark and Barnett still talking despite Jessica arguments
  • Are we getting proposal from Mark right now?
    • Yup he is dressed for it
    • Mark is wayyy to convinced of his ideals
    • He is proposing after being “dumped” like 2/3 days ago?
  • To be fair, the long pauses before these people are saying yes would be excruciating to wait for
  • These people say “I love you” like its breathing. Just nonstop, every other word.
  • I resonate with Barnett’s fear of initial spark dying out
  • LC went from praising Barnett and being super confident to “you were never who I really thought you were”
    • Zero percent chance that they make it
  • Damian is a red-head, that’s really the only possible concern that I see on that front in terms of his self doubt with looks
    • Gianina’s hair has to be fake right? Extensions for days?
  • Oh Damian with the stupid bow. Reminder of worst proposal ever.
  • The laughs by the girls when the couples first see each other seem very genuine
  • Barnett and Amber and superbly physically attracted
    • They are going to have sex the first night alone
      • And there is the physical comments about the hotel room.
        • Literally right on cue Amber haha
    • Giving the flowers back was pretty cute
  • I am being really nice generating my comments for this episode for the most part I think
  • I really just don’t like Mark and Nicole; One is way to earnest and one is just an actress
  • Ok I would like the show to go outside these Pods now. This is getting a bit repetitive
    • Right on cue!
  • Oh wow Nick and Vanessa Lachey are back. Forgot about them.
    • They are not good at this hosting thing.
  • It’s been 435 days…that’s very very blunt
    • He is so uncomfortable
    • That’s a good line though regarding “dessert” and the way she said it
  • Good kissing is equivalent to talent elsewhere (Said by Kelly)
    • I forgot who the guy she is engaged to
  • It’d be SHOCKING if one of the contestants had a kid and that was a twist
  • I don’t think Lauren finds Cameron sexy at all…that’s the vibe that I get
  • Diamond and Carlton are not vibing at all
    • You make “Daddy” Feel good? LIKE WHAT???
    • Get rid of that hat
    • OMG…I need to fast forward
    • I’m gonna get you a pogo stick so you can hop out of your feelings
    • Jessica is just NOT attracted to Mark
      • Mark is doing the “paint me like a french lady” pose very aggressively
      • He is very sexual and physical he says. GULP
    • Barnett and Amber and going to have so much sex
    • Back to Diamond and Carlton
      • Oh he is going to tell her about the bisexual stuff
      • This is going to be ugly
        • Seriously like the movie bug eyes
      • Ok that hat toss was very dramatic

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