I saw this tweet this morning and I got fucking devastated.

First of all, how did I not get the invite to attend Highlander’s 30th anniversary screening in 2016? That would arguably been the ultimate highlight of my life to that point and I would have ensured that this man, Kurgan, more formally known as Clancy Brown, gets his proper respect.

Another fucking question is why are Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert not at this event?? They are the two main fucking draws on poster, and they are not here to celebrate their most crowning achievement? Connery can take his one Oscar and shove it off a cliff and let it lie in the ocean with his Bond credits and knighthood. Lambert, I mean come on man. Your career has been nothing to-to crazy, so you couldn’t take one night out to appreciate your biggest movie?

Just double checking the dates…Connery (RIP, I respect him), stopped acting pretty much in 2003 with the cinematic wonder A League Of Extraordinary Gentleman (2003). What was happening to him in 2016? He was in Hail, Caesar! (2016), but that came out in early 2016 so he wasn’t still filming that. Was he doing the show Mata Hari on which he appeared in five episodes. Oh, and this show is about “A sex icon becomes a spy during one of the most important wars of the 20th century.”

Watching this clip back from 2016, it is heartbreaking to hear how Clancy Brown was treated. He was left stranded at a train station at midnight and was treated like bottom rung talent compared to Connery and Lambert. I am not surprised that Connery simply asked him “Do You Golf?” In terms of getting direction on the job, it appears like Russell Mulcahy just didn’t care about giving Brown any direction at all.

It is honestly depressing to see Brown like this. He is down in the dumps and trying to lift himself up for this event. He is struggling to be excited for something that he is being honored at. That is absolutely brutal. It has to be like you were the ninth hitter on a championship team but you lost in the final and now at the high school reunion you are the only one showing up. He didn’t, and still doesn’t get the support for the director and his fellow cast members. It is sad. I don’t like to see it.

But you know what? That makes the character of Kurgan even more remarkable. Brown’s over-the-top bombastic bad guy lives on in flory, and I plan on being at the 40th anniversary and 50th anniversary of the all-time classic, Highlander.

I am sending you out with the best clips of Kurgan begin a mad man. One of the best characters to ever do it.

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