Playoff Semifinals – Part One

Notable Season Nuggets
  • Regular Season Average Scoring Per Week
    • Week One: 113.47
    • Week Two: 121.29
    • Week Three: 103.11 (Least)
    • Week Four: 123.08
    • Week Five: 121.19
    • Week Six: 103.326 (First Week Of Byes)
    • Week Seven: 110.51
    • Week Eight: 126.35 (Most)
    • Week Nine: 120.08
    • Week Ten: 110.92
    • Week Eleven: 108.56
    • Week Twelve: 115.09
    • Week Thirteen: 113.626
    • Average Scoring Per Week Is 116.66
  • Regular Season Margin Of Victory By Week:
    • Week 1: 35.156
    • Week 2: 16.284
    • Week 3: 23.216
    • Week 4: 35.84
    • Week 5: 35.748
    • Week 6: 12.756
    • Week 7: 23.792
    • Week 8: 37.552
    • Week 9: 34.488
    • Week 10: 23.484
    • Week 11: 47.44
    • Week 12: 28.02
    • Week 13: 36.25
    • Average Margin Of Victory This Season Is 30.03
  • The coveted 160+ threshold does not get any new members this week.
    • Ronan has the highest scoring week of the season, but otherwise this is the Tom McLaughlin and Matthew Buzzi show as each have three games with over 160 points.
      • Ronan McClorey 174.12 (Week 8)
      • Matthew Buzzi 173.52 (Week 5)
      • Tom McLaughlin 173.22 (Week 1)
      • Tom McLaughlin 173.02 (Week 11)
      • Matthew Buzzi 172.7 Week 4)
      • Tom McLaughlin 162.74 (Week 8)
      • Matthew Buzzi 160.54 (Week 11)
  • Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week Thirteen
    • My Glockz Out (+127.76)
    • Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (+58.78)
    • Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (+44.23)
    • My Own Worst Etiennemy (+34.58)
    • Lights, Kamara, Jackson (-1.22)
    • Country Roads Take Mahomes (-10.28)
    • The Bourne Supremacy (-49.45)
    • Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (-88.44)
    • Dirty Mike And The Boys (-144.74)
    • Keke, Coutee Luv Me (-221.82)
  • No more byes for the remainder of the season.
  • Notable injuries that occurred during week 14: Tyler Huntley (BAL), Tyler Boyd (CIN), Tee Higgins (CIN), Russell Wilson (DEN), Tyreek Hill (MIA), Jeff Wilson Jr. (MIA), Mike White (NYJ), Corey Davis (NYJ)Kenny Pickett (PIT), Deebo Samuel (SF), Dontrell Hilliard (TEN), Mike Boone (DEN), Dameon Pierce (HOU).

Semifinal Matchup Recaps

Lights, Kamara, Jackson (128.54) Leads My Glockz Out (127.1)

What do we have here…a little upset brewing? Is the sub .500 Ronan McClorey going to pull off the David and Goliath take down of the 10-3 Tom McLuaghlin? After one week…he has set himself up very nicely.

Tom avoided an even bigger pitfall by choosing to play Tua Tagovailoa over Kyler Murray. Tua has been shit the past two weeks, or really since his bye week, but his 12.6 points is better than the 0.66 points Kyler put up in his shortened outing against the Patriots. Over the past three weeks he has averaged only 14.12 points since week 11, and two of those games were against sub par defenses in Houston and Los Angles (Chargers). Next week Tua has Buffalo. In Buffalo. With snow. And Tom has no Kyler.

Dare I say. Is it time for Tom to pick up Mike White against the Detroit Lions this week?

Alright, let’s move on, for Tom’s sake.

The stellar performances of Justin Jefferson is the only reason Tom is still in the game against Ronan because Saquon Barkley struggled as well with 5.8 points. After being a top five fantasy running back for the first eight to ten weeks of the season, Barkley is averaging only 10.025 points per game. That is barely flex position level.

Dare I mention that Tyreek Hill was also banged up this week in the loss to the Chargers…and Amari Cooper almost didn’t play as well.

Tom’s team is all in the emergency ward.

The winning team was steady. Steady, Eddy. The bad person Deshaun Watson still played horribly but came away with 16.34 points. The only players who didn’t get in double figures for Ronan were DeAndre Hopkins (9.4 points), D’Onta Foreman (8.0 points) and the Steelers defense (3.0 points). No way Ronan could have expected Foreman or the Steelers to get to that mark.

The question now is whether or not Ronan sticks with Deshaun Watson, or does he go with Jared Goff? Watson since coming back is averaging 10.8 points, and in those two weeks, Goff is averaging 23.85 points. Goff has the New York Jets, but Watson has Baltimore. Ronan can pray that Lamar Jackson is coming back, but I am not confident in that and you can not rely on it.

The MVP of the matchup for this first week is Mike Williams. Dude scored over 20 points and reminded everyone how good he is, and how good Herbert is when he is all together. It is these lesser name players that make up the big moments and help you raised the RJR Memorial trophy.

Ronan is begging me to change to rules so it is a one week playoff

Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (131.08) Leads Hotel, Motel, Holladay Inn (124.96)

We have a very competitive first week between Buzzi and Tommy! We love to see it! Both combatants had huge numbers from their respective running backs, and each had their quarterbacks put up respectable numbers. The difference came down to the margins, the littlest of decisions and scores made the difference in Buzzi getting the edge.

Justin Herbert tossed around 19.48 points on Sunday night, and many of his dump offs went to Austin Ekeler who finished with 20.4 points. Answering on the other side with for Tommy was Joe Burrow scoring 16.56 points, and Christian McCaffrey being the dominant ass with 28.3 points.

Tommy was hoping that Herbert would toss some touchdowns to tight end Gerald Everett, but he eneded up with only 5.3 points. T-Si also had Isaiah Pacheco, the other running back for Kansas City. He put forth a respectful 10.8 points. but imagine if McKinnon didn’t kill the world of fantasy? More of those could have went. to Pacheco.

Okay, now that I am typing it out, these guys just had a ton of Kansas City action. Buzzi had Travis Kelce, who only score 9.1 points. I say only 9.1 when in reality that would be a great week for a normal tight end. This is just his second straight single-digit week, and third of the season. A bad trend? Meanwhile Tommy has JuJu Smith-Schuster who scored 17.9 points. That was his highest scoring week since week seven, and his third highest scoring output. ofthe season.

So where did the difference between the two teams? Honestly, is it bad to look at the kickers? Buzzi just stuck with the Butker Kansas City train and it benefited him with 11.0 points. And then we have to talk about the unexpected scorers…

What a fucking wavier wire movie picking up Jerrick McKinnon. The Kansas City Chiefs running back had not scored double figures in any game heading into week 13. He had 13.0 points against the Bengals, then topped it off with 28.9 points this week against the Denver Broncos. He had seven receptions, a season high, and a 112 total yards. We also have to talk about the fucking toss that Mahomes had to him for one of his two touchdown. The no look rugby thing? That is just not very fair.

Competitive game on our hands. All comes down to next week between Buzzi and Tommy

Matchups That Didn’t Matter

  • Dirty Mike And The Boys (63.46) leads Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (58.8)
  • My Own Worst Etiennemy (121.68) leads Country Roads Take Mahomes (116.78)
  • The Bourne Supremacy (76.52) leads Keke, Coutee Luv Me (42.48)

Semifinals Playoff Matchups

  • #1 My Glockz Out (127.1) vs. #4 Lights, Kamara, Jackson (128.54)
  • #2 Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (131.08) vs. #3 Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (124.96)

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