Here we go. It is that time again!

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, July 11th on ABC. It is a duel season with Gabby and Rachel. And these are the guys who will be fighting for their hearts.

Alec (Wedding Photographer – Houston, TX – 27)
  • Don’t like Alec’s hair, nor his shirt.
  • His profession gives him a leg up on the makeshift wedding day date if he gets on it.
  • Alec admits that he loves to be the center of attention, which means I do not like him. He is going to be a problem. How are you a photographer at a wedding which is someone else’s big day?
  • Nothing makes him happier than a fresh haircut? That is my worst nightmare. Don’t like that at all.

Aven (Sales Executitve – San Diego, CA – 28)
  • Aven has a cute dorky look.
  • I do like that Aven’s love language seems to be quality time.
  • I get needy vibes from Aven. He is passionate…but he may be over so.
  • Well, Gabby or Rachel may want him to eat out more than once a week…hehehehe
  • How the fuck can you be a Yahtzee champion. Is he ready to roll the dice on love?

BRandan (Bartender – Carlsbad, CA – 23)
  • The first thing I saw of Brandon’s profile is that he goes to Disneyland every year for his birthday. That is negative points. Big-time negative points.
  • What sports did Brandan play? Basketball? Where did he play? I want details.
  • In all the bios I have read thus far, there have been three adjectives that the guys describe their ideal woman as.
  • I basketball player who likes the batting cages. Multi-sport.
  • I think woman are going to think Brandan is attractive.

Chris (Mentality Coach – Redondo Beach, CA- 30)
  • Okay. Huge forehead. Let’s get it out there.
  • Mentality coach. Is that the same of life coach? Are we going to get another Karl? That would make me unhappy.
  • His bio really seems a bit self centered. She should support Chris as he chases after his dreams…of and she can chase hims too.
  • Oh, and he doesn’t choose fear?

Colin (Sales Director – Chicago, IL – 36)
  • An older guy.
  • I like the three adjectives that Colin chose: self-aware, courteous and fun.
  • For Colin being hold, we don’t get any mention of kids. That is a bit of a surprise.
  • Oh lord they mention breakdancing in his bio. That means we might see it.
  • I get the sense Colin is not one to take his own out to experience events, and I appreciate that.

Erich (Real Estate Analyst – Bedminster, NJ – 29)
  • I can not tell if Erich has short hair or if he is balding. Also, who the hell spells it like Erich.
  • I do like quiet confidence more than obtrusive confidence.
  • Okay, if you are saying you don’t have a type, but then always fall for a type, then you have a type. How tall is he if he falls for taller women?
  • I think I like Erich with the way he is describing himself in his bio.
  • It’s weird he has to point out that he likes both red and white wine, no? isn’t that most people?

Ethan (Advertising Executive – New York, NY – 27)
  • Massive crows feet on this guy. But also has massive dimples
  • He seems like a simple man. Board games, ideal brunch breakfast and a popular show to wind down.
  • Who the fucked like going out around 4 AM in NYC?? That is my worst nightmare.
  • A believer in signs or well-time coincidences…so he believes in fate and destiny.
  • Ethan is either going home the first night, or he is lasting a really long time.

Hayden (Leisure Executive – Tampa, FL – 29)
  • Leisure executive? Does that mean he is good at leisuring or he has leisure wardrobe qualifications.
  • What is his accent?? Oh, now I see it. Southern Roots.
  • Loves golf and the grill. So he is good at just being lazy.
  • BOOOOO he loves dogs…BUT the dogs name is RAMBO! I do love that dog name. What type of dog?
  • I do love Hot tubs. But I HATE the idea of going to a music festival and a big one like Stagecoach.

Jacob (Mortage Broker – Scottsdale, AZ – 27)
  • Uhh…Noah Syndergaard? Aren’t you supposed to be pitching for the Los Angeles Angels?
  • Jacob being picky. Did he know the contestants before he agreed to go on the show?
  • So Jacob wants a hot wife. He is superficial. I bet he exercises a lot. Oh. He does. As I keep reading.
  • A muscle man in the hot Arizona sun who doesn’t eat cake and reads 30 to 40 books a years.
  • He does not seem like catch.

James (Meatball Enthusiast – Winnetka, IL – 25)
  • This dude is a bar after leaving the finance office. Stays out too late. Has the slimy oily hair, cleans out his white powder from his desk Friday morning and still some somehow thrives.
  • A fucking meatball enthusiast? Are you serious?
  • Another big Italian family. There are a bunch.
  • SIX KIDS?? How is he going to afford that with a job of a Meatball Enthusiast??
  • He is a huge Lebron James fan. I do not like James.

Jason (Investment Banker – Santa Monica, CA – 30)
  • Jason as an attainably hot fellow. Nothing too too crazy.
  • Having the quiet presence is something that I can really get behind.
  • I don’t surf or dance, but I do like tennis.
  • Authenticity is a good way to describe someone. Don’t want someone pretending.
  • Jason’s favorite past time is star gazing? That is weird.
  • Missing opportunity for “Good Vibes Only” when it could have been “Positive Vibes Only”

Joey (Twin – Brookfield, CT – 24)
  • A more attractive version of Pete Davidson?
  • So he is a twin. And that is his job. What makes this disappointing is that he is a local boy. He is from Brookfield, CT.
  • He is far too young. He unwinds by going to the clubs. That is most stressful than working. Joey and I would not be friends.
  • He says that is a good hugger. I guess that is a good one.
  • Fuck. I hate that nothing makes Joey happier than winning. He is competitive. FUCK he also can live of burgers.

John (English Teacher – Nashville, TN – 26)
  • This is my girlfriend’s type. Hands down.
  • Comes off as shy at first…but then opens up. That is my type of guy.
  • Okay, John. That is weird. Putting a suit on to go to the grocery store??
  • Why would you want to be the face a big clothing brand? That is a no from me, dude.

JOhnny (Realtor – Palm Beach Gardens, FL – 25)
  • Before even looking at his bio, this man has too much confidence and is a little smug on himself. He has the vibe and the quirk. He is attractive, but the knows it.
  • Another Italian man. So many Italians.
  • Looking for a women athletic. That is a nice thing, but don’t let it be the only thing.
  • Can’t be with someone how is hung up on past relationships. That seems like that might be his own problem.
    • Also feeds into the fact that it is all about him. All the time. And he knows it is.
  • Corny jokes are a good thing.

Jordan H. (Software Developer – Tampa, FL – 25)
  • Jordan H. has a doofy face. That is not a bad thing.
  • An adrenaline junky. Never got into it.
  • At least this bio pokes fun and plays the game with the being here for the right reasons.
  • How many kids does he want? Why do so many people want so many kids?
  • I respect the Florida hate and love. Love the place but hate the drivers.

Jordan V. (Drag Racer – Alpharetta, GA – 27)
  • Drag Racer. Is that a hobby or a real career? We need to do the research.
    • How much are they going to do the “Pedal” pun with Jordan’s racing life style?
  • I really like the color of the shirt he is wearing.
  • James Bond movies. That is nice. I Enjoy that.
  • I like Jordan. He is self-aware (comedically) I think about his old style and haircut. He is sentimental with the hand written notes. This is not a bad start for Jordan in my book.
  • There were so many puns in his bio.

Justin B. (Physical Therapist – Solana Beach, CA – 32)
  • One of the older guys in the crew. I think he would look better if he had some salt and pepper hair.
  • He is a lover and not a fighter. Which means he is going to be put in some boxing date.
  • An optimistic guy. That is either really good to have or really annoying. The latter if you are watching sports. Always expect the least!
  • Honest question, what does Jasmin smell like?
  • And we have a bunch of negative points; I do NOT wait to travel the U.S. in a van. That is not for everyone.

Justin Y. (Other Twin – Brookfield, CT – 24)
  • How did we decide which twin is “Twin” and “Other Twin”
  • These twins fucking suck.
  • He is not only the other brother, but he is also a name that needs a last letter initial. That is tough.
  • It is good that he likes the idea of opening up. That is important.
  • This made me feel old. If he wanted to live in another decade, it would be in the early 90s.

Kirk (College Football Coach – Luccock, TX – 29)
  • Kirk is a religious man and proud of it. See by his necklace.
  • Texas Tech is in Lubbock, TX. Is that who he is an assistant coach for?
  • Kirk, let me tell you. Not everyone is good to live in the college athletic schedule.
  • God all of the Sports puns are terrible. Don’t enjoy this.
  • I do not think Kirk is going to go far.
  • Hey! Loving golf and not being good at it! That is very relatable!

Logan (Videographer – San Diego, CA – 26)
  • A videographer! One of us!
  • Being witty, self-aware and goofy is a good thing!
  • Interesting he chose artsy for his ideal woman. I do like the low maintenance bit.
  • Life on crush on Elaine is funny. Good fun fact.
  • Isn’t afraid to skinny dip. That is a bit of foreshadowing.

Mario (Personal TRainer – Naperville, IL – 31)
  • Good smile from Mario. I say this before even reading the first line of his bio which mentioned his smile.
  • I like that. He has done the self-work and is now ready to be vulnerable. Gotta know yourself before you open yourself up.
  • So he is a basketball fan. Wants to raise little basketball players.
  • I do like that fitness is important to life. How many shirtless scenes from Mario?
  • A Tetris superstar. Interesting thing. That is actually a fun fact.

Matt (Shipping Executive – San Diego, CA – 25)
  • Why is his job not small business owner when it is for other Bachelorette contestants?
  • He is built an empire?? How successful is his shop??
  • Pet Betta fish. Does that mean Matt is the alpha?
  • Sweet think about buying her mom a house.
  • Why do I think this bio was a little skimpier than others?

Michael (PHARMACEUTICAL SALESMAN – Long Beach, CA – 32)
  • Michael looks older than his age. Sorry. It is true.
  • I do like the way he describes himself here: “He does not consider himself a conventional romantic and leads with logic over emotion, but his biggest ally when it comes to love is his own intuition, “when you know, you know.”
    • Logic is good and it is not used enough.
  • Always good to have parents love you.
  • Don’t love Harry Potter so negative points there.

Nate (Electrical Engineer – Chicago, IL – 33)
  • The last contestant named “Nayte” just had a break up with Michelle. Not a good omen?
  • Nate does seem like a charmer. I also like how they described him as hard working. Not an often thing I read.
  • Planning picnics is a cute idea. Should incorporate into life. Just without the cheese. You know, can’t do the cheese.
  • Favorite movie is “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days will score some brownie points.
  • I don’t like mosh pits either Nate. Good work there.

Quincey (Life Coach – Miami, FL – 25)
  • Enough with the life coaches already!
  • This is another life coach exactly from where Karl was from. Why are we repeating this?
  • I bet the uplifting people around him is a farce.
  • Admitting you are a bad texter is the right way to go.

ROby (Magician – Los Angeles, CA – 33)
  • Roby is cute! But he is a MAGICIAN?? Is he going to have the most cringe entrance?
  • I want to know he became a magician. That doesn’t seem normal.
  • He has traveled the globe? He speaks French. Interesting.
  • Okay. despite the really weird job. I like Roby. He wants to live in a house with secret tunnels which is awesome. He is fluent in French which is awesome.

RYan (Investment DIrector – Boston, MA – 36)
  • Ryan is an older fellow. He kinda looks like Jesse Palmer.
  • If you are a hopeless romantic then how and why are you on this show?
  • Ryan is referencing Nicholas Sparks. Does he now know that Sparks is not a great guy?
  • God A Walk To Remember (2002) is not a good movie.
  • I really wanted to like you Ryan, being from Boston and all.
  • What are you when you are a Botox enthusiast

Spencer (Venture Capitalst – Chicago, IL – 27)
  • Just looking at Spencer, he seems like a good guy. I don’t want any villainy from him.
  • He is a “man of service”? What does that mean?
  • I like the active, outdoorsy and adventurous type in a girl.
  • I like that he is not the “let’s grab a drink” type of guy. Neither am I.
  • Oh he is a Detroit Lions fan? This guy knows heartbreak. He will be totally fine.
  • I like Spencer a lot.

Termayne (Crypto Guy – Naperville, IL – 28)
  • STRONG JAW LINE on this guy. Also unique name
  • His job is Crypto guy. So is he unemployed now?
  • Termayne liking double dates fits for this season.
  • Another entrepreneur type not afraid to speak his mind. That spells trouble.
  • Nothing turns him off more than a girl who tacan’t take a joke. Boy, are you just disrespectful.
  • So how is he going to say no to someone who says “NFT” but he says crpyto is his thing?
    • It has been raised to my attention that this may be in a positive context. But I took it as negative. I am bamboozled.

Tino (General Contractor – Playa Del Rey, CA – 27)
  • Tino is attainably hot. Also love his shirt.
  • Another dog lover. Ugh. But I do agree with going-with-the-flow.
  • He wants four kids. That is a lot of kids for now a days. Big-time Italian vibes. Lots of those.
  • All of his fun facts begin with “Tino”. Does everyone’s do that? AM I just noticing.
  • General Contractor sounds like a normal job.

Tyler (Small Business Owner – Wildwood, NJ – 25)
  • Tyler is objectively handsome.
  • He is a family man. Italian, and mentions big family in his bio. He is a stereotypical New Jersey guy.
  • Love the dream goal of visiting every MLB stadium. That is a good goal.
  • Tyler and I differ in the multi-tasking. That is where I thrive.
  • Tyler being a family guy means he likes to feel the love around him. I think he will struggle not getting attention if he wants it.

Zach (Tech Executive – Anaheim Hills, CA – 25)
  • Zach is hot.
  • Zach loses points. He has multiple dogs.
  • Zach is excited to lay his romance on thick. Phrasing could be better there.
  • His love language is gift giving. That is sweet. Will be seeing a lot of those then on the group dates, etc.
  • Not liking breakfast or eggs is not the way to go.

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