• We begin hometowns with Brandon, which means that he is going to survive. Those are the rules.
  • His skateboarding date portion was the kind of awkward cute. Not like the awkward talking date that Nayte and Michelle shared. We will get to that.
  • Brandon really can not skateboard. He forgot quite a bit.
  • Brandon did say that he would be a teacher for Michelle with it, which she mentioned that she liked when she went on the one-on-one date with Jamie and the rock climbing.
  • Getting to the meeting the family portion of the date; Brandon’s brother is adorable. But can you actually push off you deployment date for the military?
  • There was not a ton of important stuff or talks with Brandon’s family. It was very meh. That is why it was first. Ease the audience in.
  • Rodney, oh Rodney. You are doing the apple thing too much dude. It was fine as a one-time thing.
  • Do we think that Rodney got sent home because his mom was the only one not to get the memo about the red hair?
  • We have to also raise the very obvious point that every single one of the parents for the four remaining contestants are mixed couples. Like Michelle. Has to be just a bonkers coincidence!
  • My girlfriend really likes Rodney more than me. I am not too upset about him getting sent home.
  • The behind the scenes credits video of Rodney with Michelle is maybe a reason why I could see it not working. Rodney is just a bumbling good time, but he deems to get a little overzealous with it at times? It is not a bad thing. It is who he is. But Michelle seems the type who likes to have fun but then take it off right now.
  • Joe fucking dominated his hometown date…you know, because he is in his hometown.
  • Sure, Joe went the high school route, which Michelle did with him…but there is a reason for it. For both Joe and Michelle, high school was their peak time playing the sport that they love. They were Mr. and Mrs. Basketball. They are soon going to be Mr. and Mrs. *in a couple together*
  • Then there is the prom. Was it a sad prom set up? Yes. Was it adorable because of Michelle’s poem reference to not being brought to prom? Yes.
  • Joe looks better in pictures than he does in real life. It is nuts.
  • JOE AND HIS DAD ARE THE BEST! Their lack of a convo while having a convo was the real deal. It was how my parents would talk to me. They would just nod, trust, and move on.
  • The last one of the bunch was Nayte, and Nayte lost points for me with this episode. (Maybe it also have been that I wasn’t playing as close attention because I was tired and slightly Stoner Stanko…yes.)
  • I do not think that Michelle’s and Nayte’s talks were smooth. Sure he said that he is falling in love with her or falling for her, but it was not fluid. It seemed like they were stretching themselves out to make those conversations happen.
  • Then we get to Nayte’s family…who don’t have the utmost confidence that he is going to be ready to be engaged. Nayte doesn’t know if he is going to be ready either.
  • The rose ceremony was the least suspenseful thing of all time when Nayte got the second rose. Everyone knew that Joe was staying. No need for the drama there. Makes me think that There was an original edit that got redone and the order of the roses is for what they thought might have the most drama.
  • Next episode is on Monday, December 6. Why? Don’t really know and don’t really care because the Patriots are playing on Monday Night Football.


3. Nayte

(Last Week 3)

Nayte is smooth, but it is worrisome how this is his first relationship he is bringing home and the lack of faith his close confidants have in him getting ready for marriage. Is he the only one with these doubts? Probably not. However, his are the most prevalent.

2. Brandon J.

(Last Week 2)

Brandon is adorable and that is scoring him the brownie points. He is the safety net. You know you can be content with him and his optimism in your life. He made a comment about how if he shaved he would look 12. Sir, you look 12 already.

1. Joe

(Last Week 1)

Reason number one that Joe is my number one is because 1.) he is best and 2.) Michelle likes him the most. Joe is also in first because Michelle went up and hugged him like normal. There was no jumping and leg wrap around. It was a normal scamper and hug. It is the most normal of the crazy relationships on this show.

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