We have a log jam. Ritz is still clear number one. I don’t feel comfortable at number two because of Hubbard now not getting the touches with McCaffrey back. Four teams at 5-4 and two at 4-5. Plenty of teams still in it.

Points For:

Dirty Mike And The Boys is the clear front runner for points scored this season. Despite losing two in a row, Ritz should still be considered the betting favorite to win it all. How the fuck is McLaughlin 5-4 but he has the second fewest points scored?

Points Against:

Simon Jr. is the still the most fortunate in terms of points scored. Again McGinnity is proving his metal having the second most points scored against him but he is still in the playoff hunt.
  • Steve Kultzow is the highest scorer this week with 140.64 points. He also had the largest margin of victory…54.1 points he beat Buzzi by. Wowzers. For Steve, it is the most points he has scored this season, with his previous being a 135.46 to 131.68 win against…Buzzi. Steve just taking it all out on Buzzi.
  • There have been seven games this season decided by 50+ points.
    • In week one Stanko beat Tommy: 156.06-98.46
    • In week two Ritz beat Ronan: 166.9-86.26 (80.64 point margin)
    • In week three Tommy beat Buzzi: 159.82-97.5
    • In week four Ritz beat Steve: 184.92-119.82
    • In week seven Tommy beat McLaughlin: 140.06-85.88
    • In week seven Lobo beat Ronan: 153.88-97.72
    • In week nine, Steve beat Buzzi: 140.64-86.54
  • Week 10 is going to feature two of the three highest scoring teams going against one another. T-Si and I are number two and three respectfully, and the winner of this week is in real good playoff positioning.
  • Speaking for myself, I am not happy with back-to-back weeks scoring less than 100 team points. That is how I am going to lose this league. NOT GOOD.
  • Ronan thus far this season: Wins two in a row, loses five in a row, wins two in a row. Still in the playoff picture.

Week 9 Matchup Recap

My Glockz Out (122.38) Defeats Dirty Mike And The Boys (105.42)

A rematch of week one and Ritz was hoping the fantasy gods that Pittsburgh tight end Pat Freiermuth wouldn’t put up any points…like at all. Meanwhile, McLaughlin is surely watching while I am typing looking to get back into the playoff conversation.

Pat Freiermuth turned in a Gronk, Kelce and Kittle performance with 18.8 points. Two touchdowns for the big fella. Freiermuth ensured that Tom sweeps the season series against Ritz. Ritz suffers his second straight loss after having won six in a row.

The only reason that Tom McLaughlin won is because of James Connor. While Jimmy Simon is cursing the heavens because of the Chase Edmonds injury, McLaughlin is on his knees kissing the fantasy gods feet. 37.8 points for the Cardinals number two running back! Are those MVP chants I hear?

Ritz may be a little concerned that Murray is banged up. It is an issue the young QB has dealt with early in his career so let’s hope it doesn’t persist.

Tom may be feeling good because he gets above .500 even when his flaunted Dallas offense can’t do anything. Dak Prescott went below projected and was atrocious till the fourth quarter and Amari Cooper had only 4.7 points. It was points from unexpected parties for both teams.

Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (101.08) Defeats Ja’Marr The Merrier (87.26)

Tommy Simon might call the principle’s office on all of his players because they really struggled. Also, he may be calling up the Green Bay front office to tell them to look for replacements for Mason Crosby. Never a good week when your kicker gets negative one points.

T-Si had the slimiest of slimy chances to pull out the win on Monday night with Najee Harris but he only scored 15.3 points.

But let’s focus on the winner. Ronan didn’t put forth a monster performance with 101.08 points, but it was enough. Nick Chubb was fully erect when he fucked up the Cincinnati Bengals defense for 29.3 fantasy points. Kirk Cousins also benefitted from his team not being able to hold a lead and he climbed up to 21.58 points.

The MVP of this matchup between the pair is Nick Chubb. I really tried to get creative with whom the MVP could be, but a running back dominates like Chubb did while nearly everyone else underperformed makes the decision really easy.

Team lobo (116.64) Defeats Deus Ex Mac (98.44)

I have only myself to blame. I chose to play Jakobi Meyers in my flex spot and that was a major mistake. I also chose to take a shot on Atlanta’s Tajae Sharpe following Calvin Ridley’s mental health absence. Those two combined for 3.0 points. Not great bob. I was limited with DeAndre Hopkins and James Robinson both hurt, but still had better options on my best to at least make it marginally closer.

For Lobo, Lamar Jackson is a monster. 30.64 points is pretty darn good and negated my 31.64 points from Justin Herbert. There is one and only one MVP of this matchup, and it is the disaster that is Sam Darnold. The Carolina Panther’s starting quarter was garbage against the Patriots and the New England’s defense took advantage scoring 19.0 fantasy points. Also with Darnold just turning the ball over to New England with the lead, the Patriots didn’t need to throw it at all so that is why Meyers didn’t get anything.

Lobo has been flip flopping wins this entire season this season. He has never lost more than one in a row but has only won two in a row once. Next week he has Steve Kultzow, who handed him a loss in week one.

ESPNFAN 12319776 (140.64) DEfeats Get McCaffreinated (86.54)

Well, how the turn tables. Yes, I just made an The Office joke despite never watching the show. Deal with it.

Elijah Moore, a player on the one and only New York Jets, helped Steve Kultzow on his way to this third win of the season. Moore scored 23.9 points. Prior to week nine, Moore had totaled 30.4 points. He scored over 66% of his total points of the season on Sunday! Before I even write more, he is the MVP of the week because he brought Steve happiness and was the team’s highest scorer.

Steve, I am writing this in this recap to see if you actually read it. I would like to discuss possible trade offers for Cordarelle Patterson. Thank you.

For Buzzi, he was projected to score 124.8 points but instead tallied only 86.4. That, is a rough week. The Patriots bottled up Christian McCaffrey in his return and Darrell Henderson Jr. was kept in check by the Tennessee Titans. Also, with the slow paced Kansas City offensive approach, Patrick Mahomes 10.44 points isn’t the surprising anymore. He had a lower QBR that Jordan Love on Sunday afternoon as crazy as that sounds.

As I am typing this, Buzzi is slacking the group about how the Rangers are winning 3-0. His priorities are on the NHL season. This week it wasn’t tough luck though. Steve and his team just found the secret sauce.

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (107.86) Defeats JOnathan Taylor Thomas Brady (107.58)

It all came down to Monday night. What would Chase Claypool do for the Pittsburgh Steelers and McGinnity…

0.26 points. 0.26 points!!! Matthew, the grandpa (and father), McGinnity improves to 5-4 with an improbable win over Jimmy Simon. Chase Claypool scored 5.8 points, which was JUST enough. Man oh man. It was a play with 5:49 left in the fourth quarter. Big Ben passed it to Chase for four yards. That is .7 points. That is all he needed.

Jimmy has to be FUMING that Chase Edmonds got hurt and scored him only 0.3 points in his flex spot. Or that Aaron Jones scored only 5.3 points because Jordan Love couldn’t have tossed him one more ball.

McGinnity is lucky to come away with the win getting only 9.56 points from his quarterback Josh Allen. He was bailed out by Joe Mixon who scored 25.5 points. Also Melvin Gordon III nearly doubled his projection.

I mean the MVP of this matchup has to be Claypool. He came up just enough. He gave McGinnity life when he had none.

This margin of victory (or defeat if your are Jimmy) is the lowest this season.

Week Ten Matchups

Dirty Mike And The Boys (6-3) vs. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (5-4)
ESPNFan 12319776 (3-6) vs. Team Lobo (5-4)
My Glockz Out (5-4) vs. Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (4-5)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (5-3) vs. Get McCaffreinated (2-7)
Ja’Marr The Merrier (4-5) vs. Deus Ex Max (6-3)

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