Standings at the end of week four.

  • Parody! We have parody! Even those teams with the fewest points scored are still not knocked out this season.
  • While I say parody…maybe Ritz just has the best team. He has 607.92 points…most in the league. I have the second most points…at 515.9!? That is INSANE!
  • Point Differential Per Contest (to show the parody…and where Ritz is thriving)
    • Tommy: 1.5 points
    • McGlaughlin: 3.58 points
    • Jimmy: 4.62 points
    • Lobo: -5.26 points
    • Ronan: 7.19 points
    • Stanko: 7.75 points
    • Kultzow: -18.27 points
    • McGinnity: -24.43 points
    • Buzzi: -19.06
    • Ritz: 42.03 points
  • Jimmy Simon is the lucky one thus far with the fewest points against (448.98). Buzzi is still the unlucky one with 562.7 points against. That would rank second for an individual team in terms of points scored.

Week 4 Matchup Recap

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (103.78) Defeats Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (93.02)

Ronan was hoping for a miracle from Austin Ekeler last night and damn if he at least made it interesting with his 28.0 points.

To the victor go the spoils, but can we call a spade a spade and say that Jimmy got lucky here? He was able to win despite Tom Brady putting up only 11.06 points because Kirk Cousins dropped 10.12 points. ALSO, this mother fucker played DJ Chark Jr. despite him having a fractured ankle and being out. That is laziness! Shame on you Jimmy!

The MVP of the matchups has to be the Buffalo defense saving the hide of the younger Simon brother. The Bills got 21.0 points thanks to Houston’s woeful performance.

You should feel ashamed for winning Jimmy. SMH.


So it would appear that I misjudged the DJ Chark Jr. situation. Chark Jr. got hurt at the start of the game, so I owe Jimmy an apology. He is not a fool and he should not be ashamed. However, he should still consider himself very lucky. I suppose from this I should learn to do more research into these recaps, but I am not going to promise you guys something I can not deliver on a weekly basis. *insert shrug*

My Glockz Out (106.62) Defeats Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (95.12)

Matthew McGinnity, you poor soul. Two zeroes on your team, both from players that were late scratches. Chase Claypool and Logan Thomas…if either one played that Matt would have been all set. If Matt subbed in Kadarius Toney and Austin Hooper, He would have have won the matchup. Also McGinnity had to deal with A.J. Brown just being out, but that one he accounted for.

We have a second straight lucky winner in the Reeeeeem fantasy football league. McLaughlin picks up the win to move into second place with a 3-1 record. Dalvin Cook only got him 5.4 points but Justin Jefferson, Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper surpassed expectations.

Glockz is also stocking his IR spots…Jarvis Landry, Antonio Brown and Michael Gallup are all on there.

The MVP of this matchup is Sienna. Obviously Matt has his priorities on higher and more important things, so Tom should send Matt and his new child a lovely edible arrangement for the charity they provided.

Get McCaffreinated (126.02) defeats Deus Ex Mac (106.38)

Matthew Buzzi gets the monkey off his back picking up his first win of the season over yours truly. Patrick Mahomes did his thing scoring 31.72 points. The Chiefs collectively fucked me because in the other league I am in, I got railroaded by Tyreek Hill. Anywho, enough about me.

Buzzi picks up the win despite the New Orleans Saints defense getting -3.0 points. Deebo Samuel exploded to more than double his projected total and he has to be the MVP of the matchup with 31.7 points. Samuel has been feast of relative famine this season: 27.4 points week one, 13.1 points week two, 7.7 points week three and 31.7 points this week.

Selfishly I was really excited at the idea of using Chuba Hubbard to beat Buzzi. Using the backup to McCaffrey to beat a team named after him would have bene great, but it was not to be.

Team Lobo (130.24) defeats Ja’Marr The Merrier (114.0)

The NFC settled this matchup between Team Lobo and Ja’Marr The Merrier. Ezekiel Elliot had a strong 20.3 points for T-Si, however Saquon Barkley netted 27.1 points for Lobo. Each were the two highest scorers for their respective teams.

Being honest, just looking at this box score…it really is not that exciting. Lobo was just eking out some categories and frankly Tommy just has to be pissed that his bench scored nearly 80 points. The low scoring Browns game really trashed OBJ’s potential with 4.1 points.

Should also note that Clyde Edwards-Helaire has awoken from his slumber in the first two weeks and now has 34.3 points in the past two.

MVP of this matchup is the a joint MVP of Lobo and Tommy themselves for being the only ones captivated by this.

DIrty Mike And The Boys (184.02) defeats ESPNFan 12319776 (120.82)

Ritz, I hope you at least paid for Steve’s dinner before taking him home and dumping 184.02 points on him. Just monster, monster, BBC numbers. Steve was just trying to get home from his little mini honeymoon trip but found himself sitting in the back of a fake taxi. I mean good lord.

Okay, I went over the top there, but seeing 184.02 points in outrageous. Tyreek Hill scored 42.1 points, Terry McLaurin scored 27.3 points and DJ Moore contributed 27.9 from the Panthers. Ritz did this with Mike Williams only scoring 1.6 points after he had 18.2 or more points in each of his first three games.

For Steve, you can take solace in the fact that you put together a solid performance and had the fourth most points this week. Corey Davis got 19.1 points and the Jets won so maybe he will take that trade off?

The MVP of this contest is Ritz’s scouting ability with the wide receivers during the draft. He is ready and loaded in that position. He has many, many movable parts. Ritz also could have scored more if he played Matt Ryan who scored 29.02 points. You can never fault him for starting Kyler Murray, but damn.

Week Five Matchups

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (2-2) vs. My Glockz Out (3-1)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (2-2) vs. Ja’Marr The Merrier (2-2)
Deus Ex Mac (2-2) vs. Team Lobo (2-2)
Get McCaffreinated (1-3) vs. ESPNFan 12319776 (1-3)
Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (2-2) vs. Dirty Mike And The Boys (3-1)

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