• Greg got the one-on-one date, his second of the season. It is amazing how the women on The Bachelorette know who is the winner or the front-runner right from the start.
  • Most natural and best part of the one-on-one was the lights breaking. That was the most real thing for a couple to have wreckless fun.
  • The kiss in the rain was hot and romantic but also just so bachelorette/bachelor. I want to know how they a got the water to down pour like that.
  • Brendan’s goodbye was expected but maybe not to Brendan? It seemed like he was going in asking for a one-on-one but instead was sent home. Also the emergency chapstick application was a relatable funny moment.
  • The Internet had a field day that Katie didn’t say Brendan’s name during the break-up. Like she didn’t know anything about him, not even his name.
  • The question has to be asked as to why Katie kept Brendan at the rose ceremony. Did she need to deliberate who to give that one-on-one to?
  • The group date was really bad. They are recycling the dates from past COVID seasons. Blake played his role and Justin painted on pretty rose before time was running out. Michael A. seemed to pander a bit with his sculpting.
  • Oh Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike. It is not good to compare a woman you are cuddling to your mom while dressed in the innocent color of white.
  • There was just too much mom talk. Just far too much.
  • Can we retire the cuddle teacher dates? This is not the first time they have done one and I think it is always brutal.
  • Katie looked STUNNING in the pink dress. Best she has looked in a long long time. I love that she can rock that casual skinny jean and tee-shirt as well as the dress. She is just beautiful.
  • I did not like that Katie and Andrew made out on their goodbye. That is not how mutual breakups work. I would be legit pissed off if I was one of the four guys that such a thing happened.
  • So Andrew said he would wait for Katie but then when she offers him to stay a couple days…he says no? I kind of get his reasoning about wanting to get away from an unhappy place, but still seems a bit hypocritical.
  • Greg’s credit scene with the olive joke was great. I was far too invested in the olive.

We have hometown dates next week and we have the Men Tell All. It is going to be a mooshy gushy for the most part on the Men Tell All…that is until Thomas comes on the stage. Thomas’ thoughts are shared by a lot, but he said them out loud and just didn’t prioritize right.

America is just waiting with bated breath for when Michael A. and Katie have their break-up. Heads up viewers are waiting for the Greg bombshell to drop. Everyone loves Justin but secretly everyone knows he has no shot. Then there is Blake, who the audience are reluctantly starting to like and trying to come to grips with that.


(Last Week #4)

Was surprised to see him move on but am not disappointed to see where he gets his creating artsy from. His facial expressions during the group art date were very funny.


(Last Week #5)

I think Blake is going to win the show. Greg is going to well. Chemistry with Justin is not as strong as the others and Michael A. is leaving early. That leaves Blake.

Have to give some credit to Blake for being consistent with his unique confidence. He knows he is weird but he does not shy away from it.


(Last Week #2)

The editors and producers are laying the groundwork for when Michael A. has to leave to be with his son and it is going to be devastating. I thought he was getting sent home this week but was happy to see him get the group date rose. Credit to Katie that she said all the right things to be a mom. I love Michael A. the most but he is not going to last and it is said.


(Last Week #3)

I hate how much I loved the one-on-one date during this episode. Greg’s shyness and quiet confidence balances out Katie’s extroverted nature. They are cute, they have jokes, they are able to laugh at each other.

I am skeptical that things are going too well for Greg and Katie, bus as of today, Greg is BY FAR the front runner.

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