Hey Karl.

Alright. Now that Karl is gone, let’s carry on.

  • This guy was shadowing boxing like he was actually going to get into a fight. I mean dude. Be more unlikable. I dare you.
  • Mike giving that little speech to Katie and sharing the way the group felt against Karl…that was good stuff. He was a good choice to speak up but I wish we saw the decision process for him to be the one.
  • I am slightly worried that now the men on the show are beginning to flex this muscle too much about who is right for Katie or not. Now…they are right about Thomas, but they have to trust Katie will find her way.
  • The group date was a cry fest. I mean just emotions running all over the place. I like the idea of being open and honest…but to that degree? In public? That early?
  • Nick Viall is amazing on TV. He knows how to command his own presence.
  • Katie speaking up like that is very brave. If you have anything bad to say about it then you gotta check yourself.
  • What would your deep dark secret be if you were in that group date?
  • Thomas is a weasel.
  • Michael A. IS A SWEETHEART. I MEAN MY GAWD JUST MELT MY SOUL INTO THE EARTH AND BERTH A FOREST FROM MY LOINS. He has his head on his shoulders and he was dropping MEANINGFUL lines non-stop that were melting the audiences and Katie’s heart.
  • Katie look shook that she was falling that hard for Michael A. She wasn’t expecting it. But it is there and it is real.
  • Also I was Oh So Wrong about Kyle. I apologize.


(Last Week #14)

I mean, what a villain turn. And it seems justified. He OPENLY ADMITTED TO COMING ON THE SHOW FOR FAME AND A PLATFORM.


(Last Week #21)

I really don’t think that we have seen anything close to a meaningful interaction between him and Katie.


(Last Week #16)

The same problem as Brendan, but I think Christian is prettier than Brendan and he is from Boston. Also Christian had a line that was memorable that was memorable: “He is spreading all these facts” when talking about Karl when he obviously talking about the list.


(Last Week #11)

He has really kinda taken a dive after the box thing? I mean he is still handsome as all hell but he has inserted him into the fray sometimes but there doesn’t seem to be a lot there to build upon.


(Last Week #9)

Connor C. is hot. However, the only thing I remember him doing is being there for Michael A. to give his story. Nobody has anything bad to say about him.

13. JOSH

(Last Week #13)

I think Josh’s fashion sense may be the best on the show? He also is super quiet like David, but we saw how on opened up so maybe Josh is on the horizon as well.


(Last Week #18)

He does talk!!! And more importantly, Katie acknowledged that David has a hard time opening up and him speaking up during that first group date was a big step. He didn’t get the one-on-one time because of the drama with Thomas, but his stock is rising.


(Last Week #19)

To open up the therapy group date with his story takes some big big stones. He has a HORRENDOUS arm sleeve tattoo, but his willingness to speak up for the group and for himself has made him move up my rankings.


(Last Week #12)

Andrew has done nothing wrong. He also has done nothing in particular to stand out. I like him. He is going to get one chance to sign and I hope he nails it .

9. TRE

(Last Week #10)

Tre had to be the loudest kid at the lunch table. His vocal reactions are equivalent to Justin’s facial reactions.


(Last Week #8)

Quartney is charismatic whenever he gets screen time. I think I am higher on Quartney than most, but I get the vibe he is very intellectual.


(Last Week #4)

I am conflicted by Aaron. On one hand, he stands up for Katie and that is good. He has been right about Cody and Thomas. However, I think he is getting a little bit too high and mighty for his role. It is like he is not deeming himself the night in shining armor. He needs to down that down a bit.


(Last Week #15)

He is purely this high because of his amazing facial expressions. He emotes so well. He shows exactly what we want to see.


(Last Week #5)

Not a ton of facetime for Mike, but the fact the group asked him to be the one to speak up on behalf of getting rid of Karl speaks volumes. He is incredibly well spoken. He and Michael should be giving public speaking lessons to some of the others.


(Last Week #3)

Connor B. can melt the heart of anyone. He has puppy dog eyes. Not afraid to poke fun at himself, I am still banking on the fact that he is going far. It also seems like he enjoys to hear the gossip and comment on it in groups…but not when the whole crew is together.


(Last Week #1)

Andrew S. still strikes me as someone I would love to be friends with. For the most part he has stayed away from the fray in the house, specially with the latest Thomas drama. His foreign lifestyle has not yet been explored yet either!


(Last Week #2)

Status quo for the true front-runner. Not a lot of airtime this episode, but the one time we did see him it was when he was the first (shown) to comfort Katie in the rose ceremony at the start of the episode.


(Last Week #6)

GREG WHOOO??? I don’t care if this is spur of the moment or being captured in the moment. No one has made me cry more watching the show that Michael and his story and outlook on life. I hope to be that level-headed and understanding as I grow older. He is too good for this show and too good for this earth.

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