Remind me why we are delving back into the movie world of G.I. Joe?

Because the world was begging for it, Snake Eyes (2021) is a new movie coming out in about a month that is a G.I. Joe spin-off centered around the (I guess) well known and liked character of Snake Eyes. It is the origin story for the hero. Again, the birth of a character we have all been clamoring to see…

Snake Eyes stars Henry Golding as the titular character and other recognizable names are Samara Weaving, Iko Uwais and Peter Mensah. Golding is on a bit of a hot streak since going mainstream in in 2018 for Crazy Rich Asians. She had the romantic comedy of Last Christmas (2019), the action comedy in The Gentleman (2019) and now Snake Eyes (2021) for the action thrill ride. All blockbuster movie genres.

So let’s get to this trailer.

We start off with a prison fight, or an unsanctioned fight of some sort. Snake Eyes is taking punishment and how much you bet it’s something where he needs to feel pain to feel anything.

In the next sequence we got a pair of friends/brothers who are in deep together and have some sort of bond against the baddies. Does Snake Eyes lose his friend and go to prison and feel nothing because he has failed to protect his brother?

And we will have a training montage!!! We have a dojo, sharp swords and a reason to continue with your future after a sad past. The training is hard, and there is a classic “if you survive drop.”

COBRAAAAAA. No denying that the cool logo and name is cool for bad guys. The ending of the Snake Eyes trailer is just a collage of action sequences with swords clashes, things blowing up and Golding being dashing. We have a badass women fight and a version of the hero riding off into the sunset with his motorcycle.

Snake Eyes really is going to bite into every action movie apple it can, but whether or not it can shed the skin of bad origins movies is yet to be seen.

Snake Eyes is slated for release on July 23, 2021.

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