Bullying, bullying, bullying. There was a lot of that this episode. It was not healthy. It was tough to watch. Katie was a saving grace and Michelle is incredibly lovable. Kimberly and that dress she arrived in was…a choice. Brittany is the girl every other girl hates: confident and hot. Anna takes a down turn, and MJ follows suit. If you look at my rankings…almost everyone of my favorites stayed above the fray.

Also can we agree that they are framing Katie to be the bachelorette at some point?


Victoria may be the meanest person I have ever seen on TV. She is terrible. Her taking the crown directly off of Catalina’s head is the most savage thing I have ever seen.

19. ANNA

JUST SHUT UP ANNA. Last week was the u-turn to the dark side, and this week was her driving off the cliff of demon worship. WHY ARE YOU SPREADING VICIOUS RUMORS BASED OFF A DM??


Well between Serena C. and Anna, both narrators are not great. She said her “daddy” line so don’t think she’ll be back for a long time.

17. MJ

Oh, MJ. What happened. You were so cool, but now you are just cold. The show has taken the warmth of your blonde hair and instead turned your aura into one of manic. What a fall from grace in my own liking.


I think Lauren is the most introverted of those left on this show.


The only thing I truly remember about her is how ruthless Victoria was taking her crown. I don’t love the banking on Miss Puerto Rico idea, but I am glad she advanced in Victoria’s face.


Was SHOCKED she made it through the rose ceremony. I imagine her voice sounds like Lilly from Pitch Perfect.

13. KIT

Kit showed some spunk this week and she has been slowly (every so slowly) making me forget the fact she is so young. But much to the disagreement of my GF, I don’t find her exceptionally attractive. Nor do I understand the fashion (not that I get any of it at all).

12. RYAN

To steal a grandma phrase, Ryan is cute as a button. We don’t know much about her, but it’s really hard not to just smile when she does.

11. MAGI



Brittany came in and made a statement…and then everything snowballed. Anna was a bitch accusing her of being an escort, and now she is on her heels. Brittany will be around for a few weeks and I hope she gets revenge! Also it has to be said that Brittany is gorgeous.


Mari dominated the “Fall In Love” race, and she won…what exactly? We didn’t get to know her prize? I am confused. Also it has to be said that her blue dress with the ruffles…was not flattering.


Oh the perils of getting all the early attention…we kind of forget about you. Abigail has done nothing wrong, but her spotlight is waning. She needs a new spark.


I was SHOCKED that Serena P. did not fair better in her boxing match. I know she is short and doesn’t have the long reach, but she seemed spunky. I did like how she didn’t fawn being extra hurt; she was trying to tough it out.


I said I wanted more Pieper in last weeks ranking, and WE GOT IT! YES. She means it when she says she doesn’t care about what people think of her; Pieper is Pieper and she dances to her dance and hopes people (Matt) follow.


A quiet episode for Rachael, but she again stayed above the fray. I still bank that Rachael makes it far into the show because they are rationing out her time.


We did not see whatever group date they went on, but we did see Chelsea get the rose at the cocktail party! Her talk about her hair was eye-opening and Matt seemed to genuinely appreciate it. Graceful and elegant; we need Chelsea to stay above the fray.

3. BRI

Not much done this episode…but she is still lurking. Still think she has my money as the winner of the season. She is like the lioness watching her man hunt knowing that he’ll find nothing and return to her.


Michelle was a new arrival and her connection with Matt is undeniable. The one-on-one date was unexpected for a newcomer, but she made the most of it. She has a great smile and damn if she won’t win over the “OG” crew.


Katie is the moral compass of this season and without her it’d be even more of a toxic environment. Katie absolutely dominated Victoria in their sit down, and she looked damn good doing it. It will be very curious to see how Matt handles the conversation Katie had with her; will the house turn on her or will it lead to some positive thoughts (for a nice change…)?

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