Going to preface this by saying I am in a foul mood watching tonight’s episode. I am going to get very frustrated very easily. And Julia & Brandon, you are in my cross hairs.

  • We have dreams being had about people. I don’t believe half the people that say they have dreams about people
  • Brandon woke up with a lot of gratitude…BULLSHITTTTT (say it louder in the back)
  • I think Sheridan is having cranberry juice in a wine glass for breakfast. Strong move.
  • Going on dates with people who you are not partnered with
    • Entire the friend zone mindset. Take on the mantra of the best friends
    • Jamie with Ryan
    • Chris with Rudi
    • Julia and Brandon
      • Sheridan just immediately touching his cheek in an awkward touch
  • Julia did not even wave goodbye to Sheridan as he was on the couch writing a song (probably about her)
  • Rudi is not going to handle this well at all but Chris is going to be the perfect little best friend
  • Rudi and Chris are treating it like play date. This is totally fine
  • Jamie and Ryan and just having a spa date as friends too
  • Julia and Brandon are the only ones treating this more in a romantic setting
    • It is also the only one in a dark dim lit room
    • “It is make it or break it” for Julia with Brandon date
      • Julia wants to make it so bad
    • I really do appreciate the producers doing the comparison of the song-writing between the date and Julia/Brandon and Sheridan on his lonesome
  • Sheridan is really my mood haha. Brooding, pessimist, scared
  • Sheridan song of “coming back” as the dates are returning to the mansion BUT naturally Brandon and Julia are not back yet
  • Did we not see all of the date? Because it is PITCH black out when the “couples” return…well all but Julia and Brandon
  • Let the record and tape show that Brandon leaned in first to kiss Julia
  • Sheridan has 100% approval rating, and Julia has 0%
  • Sheridan has a reason to be mean…also he wasn’t even being that mean
    • Sheridan wanted Julia to say the hurtful words which she should have to do
    • Julia is being a little whiny bitch. She doesn’t like not being wanted even through she is the one to do the bad thing
  • I am upset that Sheridan is leaving. Whelp.
  • He will be back in Bachelor Universe. I have no doubt. He is going to ride this good-will to many, many a TV appearances
  • How do the other ladies sit down with Julia and listen to her intently?
  • Savannah and Brandon conversation
    • Brandon putting this on Savannah with that 5% comment?!
    • This is just insane.
    • Savannah needs to walk away from this spineless playboy
      • Brandon. You sir are the worst.
      • “Can we talk like adults?” – Brandon. Act like an adult.
    • Savannah will not be a “second choice” scream being heard by the other girls is wonderful little “fly on a wall” drama
  • Bye bye Savannah
  • Brandon changes his mind more than a little toy opening toys on Christmas: “Oh that one is pretty! Oh WAIT, I like this one now! But wait…what’s in this bag?!”
  • The gangs are all performing again, bigger venue and bigger audience and new judges
  • TAYLOR SWIFT SONG!!! And I love Tennessee Whiske
  • Brandon literally saying in front of Julia that he’d have picked Savannah if she said something different. Like, what the bloody hell.
    • Brandon is like an old school bastard, the old howty-towty English upper class bastard who gets slapped with a glove
  • Natascha dropping that bomb before performing is not cool
  • Celebrity judges…
    • Rachel and Bryan
    • Andy Grammer
    • Toni Braxton
  • Rudi and Matt
    • Love this song. So solid start there
    • Rudi can really sing
    • This seemed like a balanced performance with both performers doing very well
    • Not sure if I like Rudi’s pink sequence pants
    • They all get rave reviews
  • Jamie and Trevor
    • Jamie just is not a performer. I mean that in a bad way, she is just not as comfortable on a stage compared to the others
    • This is awkward. Everyone wants them to do well but its like…eeek
    • Jamie is nervous as all hell.
    • Toni needs to be Jamie’s life coach
  • Chris and Bri
    • I am singing along to this song. I love LOVER by Taylor Swift
    • Bri and Chris are killing it. Naturally. They are just killing it.
    • Guys. This song is so good. Like so good
    • Toni is splendid on the microphone
    • I guess they love each other. It is a little early for that still. But hey, you do you.
  • Julia and Brandon
    • Surprised they are not going last
    • Julia is trying to will this performance along
    • Brandon does not sound that good
    • Chris Harrison: “Why has it been a tough week?”
      • This guy giving them a chance to save that performance
    • A karaoke performance!! That is a BURN!!!
  • Natascha and Ryan
    • A throwback song. I haven’t heard this ages
    • They have great stage chemistry
    • Natascha is killing it with this song
    • They are NAILING this
    • Like my god wow that intimacy. Good lord
    • They got the best reviews of the entire night
  • Julia and Natascha going after it post performances
  • Jamie is on Julia’s shoulder like a younger sister trying to defend her
  • Natascha spitting fire and telling the truth about Julia!
  • Rose Ceremony
    • I think that Jamie and Trevor are going home because they need to keep the drama alive
    • Bye bye Julia and Brandon

To Brandon & Julia


Sheridan right now


  1. Chris & Bri
  2. Natascha & Ryan
  3. Rudi & Matt
  4. Trevor & Jamie

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