Okay, we have reached the end. Finally.

Love Is Blind | Episode Ten

    • Alright, opening up the weddings
      • Omg this silence is deafinf
      • I’ve never heard silence quite this loud
    • We have a runaway bride!!!
      • She is going to fall, 100%
        • Oh she fell, after she stopped running
      • Mom wanted her to say “No too”
      • Giannani was all in on her wedding day…of course she said yes on a day all about here…
      • Their “sit down” was Giannani pacing the entire time
      • Damian is far too optimistic
    • Oh good, Barnett and Amber off to a tough start before they even get to the venue
      • Atleast Barnett is honest over the text
    • Barnett is worried about the real life problems
    • I’ve never seen Amber in this much make up before and she looks like a porcelain doll
      • BUT she looks stunning in that wedding dress
        • In all seriousness, how long does that take to get everything together
    • Barnett has done the biggest 180-degree swing in my mind
      • Didn’t like him in the beginning but now he seems actually fairly well put together
    • Ohh mother said “Amber Lynn” came out from mother, that is toughhhhh love from Mama
    • I wonder who the host asks first this time
        • This is so much undo pressure
      • Amber says Yes and mother is smiling
        • She has to know that a “No” is coming right…
          • Well color me shocked
    • Kelly is NOT attracted to Kenny
    • Kelly isn’t going to say yes, that is my prediction
    • Advice is to ask god for advice…NOPE
    • I am probably least excited for this wedding just because Kelly has shown more doubts over the last two episodes than almost anyone
    • All the families talking about emotions and I’m thinking in my family how that’d be so awkward
    • Do they pick who officiates the wedding? That’d probably make most sense
    • Kelly said “I love you” and not “I am in love with you”
      • Not a good sign Ken-dog
    • Kelly’s sister is a ROCK and super good listener
    • Kenny deserves to upset but credit to the producer for doing his job
    • I do agree with Kelly that you learn lessons from everyone
      • Disagree that right decision for you is also right for everyone; that just seems like a blatant lie
    • I honestly forgot to put this couple down among the people taking part in this episode
    • Jessica are you excited? = HUGE GULP
    • I am like Mark’s friend for the most part
    • Oh I love Mark’s dad doing the pout face, he is the absolute best
    • Is Jessica walking in alone? That is actually kind of sad. Wish she had someone
    • Mark looks insanely happy – like over the moon
      • Mark said quick so fast
    • Jessica is taking so long
      • This has to be an editing trick, no way she paused this much
    • Okayyy the Bridesmaid saying “so embarrassing for her” is RUDE
    • Have some empathy woman
    • Oh we have a dramatic Mark being at the alter
    • Cameron is going to be disappointed
      • He knows he is going to be disappointed
    • Cameron and Damian are two most normal people from the onset
    • If you are one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen, this has to be one of the best little set ups of all time
      • Get the make up and just getting to look dapper for no cost
    • I wonder what age my parents think of me permanently as?
    • Lauren’s dad carries himself like a superbly confident dude
    • A black officiator for this wedding, as to be expected with Lauren and her values
    • There is nothing better than chuckle on the alter to ease the tension
    • Lauren SPEED is still an awesome last name
    • Oh snap, Lauren said yes. That took my by surprise
    • The slow motion of them dancing is cute

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