Love Is Blind | Episode Nine

  • Okay the fire whiskey bar or whatever Jessica took her friends to look awesome
  • Jessica’s friend going BUG EYES then saying “that’s not too bad” to the age difference is hilarious
  • Jessica just blatantly lied about the having sex part: like dead fast just LIED
  • It appears that Damian is from a bit of money if he can get the dress, jewelry and helicopter
    • Giannani was ALL ABOUT IT
  • Barnett is not that excited about the wedding. Sorry Amber. He is going to break out of it
    • Doesn’t have the smile anymore when he is being sarcastic
  • Commitment is scary as hell
  • That treehouse set up that Cameron and Lauren went to is awesome
    • That is like perfect – Amenities but perfect isolation
    • Lauren is “definitely LEANING towards yes”
  • Okay will all of these dates and stuff, I think that there is a lot of producer and show help
  • Giannani admitting she was wrong…say what?!?!
  • The butterflies are back again folks. Everything is saved!!! (not really, no faith)
  • Cameron is 1000%%% in the right wanting to know an answer before walking down the aisle.
    • That is like A OKAY acceptable
  • Bachelorette party time
    • Why do I feel Kelly is not going to fit in with the vibe
    • Nope. Don’t want that at my bachelor party
  • Amber is drunk even before meeting everyone haha
  • Kenny gives Kelly the best friend vibe – I need to give Kenny advice on breaking out of the friends zone
    • He tells mark he has done everything but sex
  • The bachelor party is my type of vibe – just low key and with some low key talking and drinking
    • Expect for the poker thing – don’t like that – I am too poor
  • Jessica seems like a super light weight
    • She is talking to Amber now…
  • Why are they showcasing the Giannani “losing it” back
    • Ohh that sex line still stings so bad
  • Is Damian’s family going to show up? Are they there?
  • There is no way they each have grown their love every day. That is just not possible.
  • That note seemed a little threatening from Giannani…the sock joke kinda saved it
  • Damian is about to cry
  • A women moderator for the wedding. I like that. Progressive like this show is trying to be
  • “You can now share your thoughts?” – Rather bit a weird phrasing
  • Wonder how long it took the Love Is Blind producers to write out this phrasing for this wedding ceremony
    • I mean, where are the Lachey’s in this wedding experience?! (don’t need them but they appear to be slacking at their jobs)
  • WAIT A MINUTE. HER MIDDLE NAME IS M’LADY?! When did I miss this??

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