Director James Gray and super star Brad Pitt released the second trailer for their upcoming film Ad Astra on Thursday.

The opening overhead shot and then the entire set of his initial reading off the paper reminds me of Dennis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049. Can definitely feel the unique look and tone that Ad Astra is looking to portray.

The opening 1:06 of the trailer follows along Roy McBride’s testimonial to his father, Clifford McBride. The two characters and played by Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, respectively. The teaser shows Roy seemingly at different times in his life post his father disappearing.

Come the second part of the trailer the tone shifts from somberness to bleakness. Not all is well with those involved with space travel and living, and it appears that Clifford may be at the helm of the disturbances. Donald Sutherland, who plays a character not yet identified has a potent quote talking with Roy: “Exploration isn’t always a noble venture. We have to hold out the possibility that your father is hiding from us.”

We don’t know the major gear points of the plot. We haven’t been spoiled of an surprises or reunions. What this latest trailer does show is that Ad Astra looks marvelous, seems to have been written with care, and the pace is leaning to slow and deliberate. My prediction is that those who don’t enjoy the long game or more “think for yourself” movies are going to have a hard time with Ad Astra. I am willing to be it is a movie that demands your attention with its visual appeal, and rewards the viewers who truly pay attention with amazing subtleties.

Besides Lee Jones, Pitt and Sutherland, the film also stars Liv Tyler and Ruth Negga. This is going to be blasphemy to some, but I haven’t seen Tyler act since The Incredible Hulk in 2008. She was in movies and television shows following the Ed Norton rendition, but just haven’t touched my finder on her. Negga I have seen a bit in AMC’s The Preacher.

The last movie that Gray directed was 2016’s The Lost City Of Z, which was one of my major snubs of that year’s award season. His more well-known blockbuster was 2007’s We Own The Night.

Fun fact, for those curious like myself, Ad Astra is Latin for “to the stars,” which seems all too fitting.

In case you missed the first trailer…

Ad Astra will be released on September 20.

Ad Astra IMDB
Ad Astra Rotten Tomatoes

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