If there was ever nostalgia porn, this is it. I cannot for the life of me think of any movie trailer that has excited the male demographic as quickly and fervently as this.

Top Gun: Maverick

It is happening!!!

Step 1) Establish Maverick’s bad-ass attitude and ability to succeed at anything only he sets his mind to.

Step 2) Give Maverick a clever one-liner.

Step 3) Get the adrenalin going. THE NEED FOR SPEED!


Step 5) Is that the motorcycle…holy shit it is. CAN THE NOSTALGIA GET ANY HIGHER???

Step 6) Smoldering Jon Hamm and then the mandatory shirtless beach scene to test a men’s leanings, followed by the Jennifer Connolly “don’t forget me” look.

Step 7) ANOTHER BAR PIANO SCENE…this is getting too much.

Step 8) Bad ass shots of fighter planes doing fight planes things…

Step 9) Tom Cruise heroic shot staring into the abyss of amazingness (and money he is about to make).

Step 10) AND ONE FINAL ONE-LINER FROM MAVERICK DENYING THE MAN. INJECT IT ALL INTO MY VEINS! (Then drain my blood, mix it with this magical concoction and re-inject it into me.)

Deep breaths…deep breaths…

Can we walk about how no one else besides Tom Cruise is billed in this trailer? No Jon Hamm. Mo Miles Teller.  No Jennifer Connolly. No Glen Powell. No Ed Harris. It’s just Cruise. And you know what, that is perfectly fine with me. I mean literally on Rotten Tomatoes as of this posting, Cruise is the only one listed on the cast.


Directed by Joseph Kosinski, who previously worked with Cruise on Oblivion in 2013, and written by collection of people, Top Gun: Maverick comes to theaters in 2020.

Top Gun: Maverick IMDB
Top Gun: Rotten Tomatoes

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