“Nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation’s dark secrets. Based on the horror franchise.”

Directors: Rachel Goldberg, Bronwen Hughes, Rob Seidenglanz, Batan Silva
Writers: Andrew Dabb, Jeff Howard, Tara Knight, Garett Pereda, Mary Leah Sutton, Shane Tortolani, Lindsey Villarreal, Kerry Williamson
Staring: Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, Paola Nuñez, Lance Reddick
Release Date: July 14, 2022

Where to begin with Resident Evil?

This show was a staple on Netflix’s top-10 list for over a week. How, I am not entirely sure. Resident Evil has a rating of 3.8 on IMDB, 53% rotten tomatoes score on rotten tomatoes and 23% audience score. Nobody seems to like this show, but everyone seemed to be watching it.

In what seems to be a running trend in the television space now a days, Resident Evil takes the approach of two timelines. One follows a young Jade (Tamara Smart) and Billie Wesker (Siena Agudong), daughters to Albert Wesker (Lance Riddick) around the year 2022. THey have just moved into an established company community that is nothing but a way for the Umbrella Company to hold all of its major assets accountable under surveillance. During this timeline, the sister duo learn traumatizing things about what their father does, about the Umbrella Corporation and about what happens when one is infected by the T-Virus. Their main foil in this plot is Evelyn (Paola Nuñez), the leader Umbrella.

The second timeline is 36 years after the discovery of the T-Virus, and it focuses on an adult Jade (Ella Balinska). Jade works for a university as a scientist. She considers herself an academic, but she is a hard-fought survivor when it comes to living in the world of infected. Jade must live through mutated animals, an evil group called the brotherhood, the still rampant Umbrella Corporation and some unwanted family reunions. Jade has a tough life, but in all fairness, she makes a lot of stupid decisions that put herself in truly sticky situations.

Resident Evil is a bad television show. The acting is all bad, the special effects, practical effects and whatever type of effects are all terrible. The vibe of the show is terrible; this is not a horror show or anything of the variety. This version of Resident Evil is a television show that could be aired on the CW late at night. It is like CW after dark. How is it that Resident Evil became less about the T-Virus and the horrors it can create, and it instead is a teenage drama with tons of family infighting?

Spoiler alert from here on out. If you are going to watch Resident Evil, then skip now. But I will tell you this; I don’t recommend it, so just some of the craziness and have enough for the water cooler talk if it comes up.

How the hell is it that the end of Resident Evil was more about family squabbles then fighting off hordes of evil flesh eating monsters?

I fucking DESPISED the western verbal showdown between adult Jade and Billie. I fucking despised it. On the same level is the truly unneeded attempt at a family reunion between Albert Wesker…and his clone, Bert. Oh yea, clones are in this show. And now just in passing, but a major, major part. It is a throw in plot twist in the final third of the season, and it makes an already messy shy even more unwatchable. I don’t like seeing Lance Riddick have to try and spin this story into something entertaining and emotional. He already had a nurtured part, and then it was divided into different personalities. Not great.

A couple other minor things that are not norm for shows but irk the hell out of me.

  • Love it how characters can be fleeing from crazy monsters but still manage to be in the perfect place at the perfect time. Hate that. You should not be escaping a giant crocodile but then be walking toward your sister just minutes later for a showdown.
  • Resident Evil left so many unanswered questions and cliffhangers. They did not have a purpose in ending this season besides wanting to make another one. Very little closure. Very little change from where the show started. They only add on more problems for the future.
  • No sense of location of whereabouts with this show. No sense of identity as to where we are. Everything looks the exact same. Nothing is very unique.

Now with all the things that are bad about Resident Evil, of which there is many, there are some things that I did enjoy. And the majority of them revolve around Evelyn. She was the best character in this show. She is ruthless. Evelyn is the only one who seems to understand that the world of Resident Evil is absurd and you need over-the-top schticks to make people care about the people rather than the world. Evelyn kills her son after he is bitten by Billie. That was ruthless. I loved that a lot. She truly does not care for anything except for the company. Evelyn also drugged her wife as a way to keep her around.

Ah yes, the Joy drug. That was another terrible aspect of this season. This is the way the Umbrella Company was staying around and staying afloat, and it is also the way to keep the T-Virus in the conversation.

There is no word whether or not there will be a second season of Resident Evil. I can not imagine that this show brought in new streamers to the platform, and that is a major problem for Netflix now-a-days. I can not imagine that Resident Evil cost THAT much money to make. Most of it was probably on the limited special effects and the hiring of talent. What Resident Evil did bring in was eyeballs, and supposedly a lot of them. We don’t get to see the actual numbers, but with a built in audience regarding this IP, I would be willing to bet that Resident Evil does get another season with less of a budget.

With that said, HBO Max just cancelled Batgirl, so perhaps there is a chance. The world would not miss this rendition of Resident Evil. What would happen if HBO made this show, perhaps instead of their Last Of Us project that is eventually coming down road?

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