It is happening! I am so in on It Chapter 2. Take my money, in fact take it twice. It: Chapter 2 is among the most highly anticipated movies for myself in all of 2019.

I am currently listening to Stephen King’s book (huge proponent of audio books) and the horrors that are depicted are atrocious. When It dropped in 2017, I saw it alone by myself opening weekend then went for a re-watch a week later with my friends just to experience it again.

Now with It Chapter 2 dropping on September 6 (just three days before my birthday no less!), I cannot wait for this conclusion.

This sequel is directed by Andy Muschietti and written by Gary Dauberman, the same duo behind the original. Taking place 27 years after the original, Pennywise has returned to wreak horrendous terror Derry, Maine. It is up to the Losers’ Club to bring closure to It, if it is at all possible.

The latest trailer seems to show zero signs of depletion in terms of the horror, gore and incredibly disturbing images. If anything, this second trailer makes me think that It Chapter 2 only cranks it up!

The trailer starts with the voiceover of Mike Hanlon, the lone soul to stay in Derry in the years following the initial terror. Then there is no time wasted in getting to Pennywise and that nightmare inducing giggle.

There are major hints within the trailer that reveal fairly significant plot points for fans who are not aware of what happens next. The one bullet point everyone is keyed to is that the Losers’ Club is back to uphold its hold that was swore upon at the end of chapter one.

“If It ever comes back, we’ll come back too.”
-Bill Denbrough

Once that exposition is done…cue to horror.

Penny Wise 2.PNG

Pennywise’s antics in the mirror fun house is terrifying. And imagine if you are Billy, already knowing what happens to the victims of It, but being unable to stop it from his caged prison of self-reflection. I think this scene can be in symbolism with aspects of the book where the leader of Losers’ Club is constantly blaming himself for Georgie’s death and therefore dragging his friends into his nightmare.

“For 27 years. I’ve dreampt of you. I craved you. I missed you”

Other hints the plots from the book include the quick cut Beverly walking down the street, Richie and Paul Buynan, the finger dripping blood, the looney bin, the clubhouse…

One of the most underappreciated aspects of It the book and the movie is how evil the grown-ups are. They are pedestals for terror, elevating it with a lack of care of understanding. I am fascinated to see what It Chapter 2 does to further accent this point while incorporating its own twist on the story.

Also, there is no surprise that Henry Bowers is in this movie. Henry in the book It is one of the most diabolical evil characters I’ve ever encountered in a book…and if they tap into more of his psychotic nature here, then oh-boy-oh-boy. Let alone the evil that Tom Rogan has… he eats malevolence for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Can you tell I am excited for this movie? BECAUSE I AM PUMPED FOR THIS MOVIE. I mean have you seen this cast? It is insane!


Bill Skarsgård, I want you to terrorize me with your portrayal of Pennywise. Make me scared to sleep.

In case you missed the first trailer…

IT CHAPTER 2 Rotten Tomatoes

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