Is it bad the first reactions from the opening 12 seconds of the trailer were “going onto a rich-esq building being an unknown…like Iron First,” and “Lara Croft is not really pulling that string as tight as the sound would indicated?

Not a good start.

Everyone knows that making a successful movie adaption from a video game is a task that’s incredibly troubled. Some may say: “But Stanko, it has an Oscar caliber actress Alicia Vikander in it! That’s something that’ll elevate it!”

To those I pull a Lee Corso and NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. Two-time Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender could not save the deplorable vision that was Assassins Creed.

Ok, enough of the bad.

The second half of the trailer is far superior to the first. The final minute brings forth the suspension of disbelief that is needed to at least enjoy a video game adaption. You see Croft leaping, falling, battling, climbing and escaping life in a myriad of ways; all of which look at least visually appealing.

I am very excited to see Walton Goggins as the villain Mathias Vogel. I discovered him on the HBO show Vice Principals and the FX staple Justified, and his character work in both is fantastic. Looking forward to see what he can bring here.

This rendition of Tomb Raider is based off the rebooted video franchise that put forth its first re-branding with a very good game in 2013. Vikander’s look is a mirror image of the video game visage, and if the movie can match the entertainment value the game brought me, then the ticket will be worth the purchase.

Check out the YouTube link below for all the direct parallels between the video game and movie.

Tomb Raider will be in theaters in March of 2018.


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