When you are slightly tipsy on vacation, you take a love language quiz. Everyone does, don’t they? Emma and I were talking with our friends in Florida and the topic of love languages came up. It is a silly thing, but it is a real thing to an extent as well. The quizzes may feel ridiculous. but they do have a bit of merit to them.

The website we took our quizzes on was https://5lovelanguages.com/quizzes. Really, a very clever title indeed. They have four quizzes on there; but for this little bit of self reflection I’lll only commend on my love language results. It is probably for the best. Can only be so vulnerable so many times and so frequently.

The prompt before the quiz is pretty simple: “Take this quiz to discover your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to better connect with your loved ones.”

So where my results. Let’s take a gander.

Going to be honest. I think that this is pretty spot on. I knew my number one for sure would be quality time. I am slightly surprised that Words of Affirmation was that high, but seeing how Emma is really at giving compliments, there is something about such that appeals to me.

Acts of service being 23%, I thought that would be higher than Words of Affirmation. Physical Touch being 10% is right for my current place in life. There was a time that was much higher back in my more adventurous days, but as priorities shift and life happens, we all adjust consciously or subconsciously.

Receiving gifts being seven percent is absolutely right. That is lowest and has always bene lowest for me. Just not a big gifts guy here.

This is the pie chart breakdown. Just putting a bit more of the visual touch.

Quality Time

I don’t even need undivided attention. There is a great bit or phrase from a comedian. It is a well known thing. The idea that men like being alone, but don’t like being lonely. This is me. We could just be sitting on the couch together with a bad movie on the TV doing a crossword book and I’d be happy.

I do wholly agree with the quality activities though. I like sharing things that I enjoy with Emma and seeing if she enjoys them as well. She doesn’t even need to like them. it is just her being willing to take a shot at something new I like that I really appreciate it.

Words Of Affirmation

Here is the thing. Hearing I Love You is really nice, but hearing words like I Appreciate You or having someone pointing out something little I did does hit my right where it hurts. I don’t like receiving compliments because it makes me feel uncomfortable, but there are other things that can make me feel good.

The part about the insults. Yes, they can shatter me, but also they are massive motivation. When I do something wrong and someone points it out, it clicks in my head and makes me want to not fuck up any more.

Acts Of Service

Totally agree about doing the chores. It is doing the little things while nobody is watching that matters. It is emptying the dishwasher in the morning just when you wake up at 5 AM.

I mean this whole thing is just about being a kind and considerate person. When a friend needs help, you help them out. When extra work shifts come up, you take them to help out your company and your co-workers. When your significant other needs you to do the laundry because they are overwhelmed, you do it and you don’s ask for a thank you.

Physical Touch

Emma fucking loves hugs, so that is where the physical touch comes in. Hug every morning before she goes to work. Hug every evening when I get home from work.

The biggest bit of physical touch that I really do is that whenever Emma and I fall asleep next to each other. I make sure that I touch her in a little way at least. Whether it be my foot on her calf, my hand on her hand, or my finger touching her elbow. I do this even when I come home at like 1 AM. It is the thing I do.

Receiving gifts

I am not a big gift guy. The best gifts I can get are experiences, which really does go back to quality time being a great thing.

I can go through birthdays and have nobody remember it was mine. This bleeds into life though and I am bad a remembering birthdays as well.

I am better at giving gifts than receiving them. Maybe that goes back to me not being good at receiving compliments.

The most eye-opening part of this whole experience is how it can change with time. Like I have taken the 16personalities quiz twice now and those results have not changed much. However, I can personally attest to the fact that love languages change. It changes with the personality that you grow and cultivate as you grow older. It is okay for it to change too.

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