We had 20 minutes to kill at work, so what better thing to do as a Control Room than to take a very in-depth 16 question hypothetical test to determine what Game Of Thrones character you are? If you can think of a better way, feel free to let me know.

The questionnaire we took was at https://mygotcharacter.com/, and it does not pull punches. Will you leave a dying man on the street? Will you enact vengeance when your child is accused of rape and dropped off at your doorstep dead without proof? Oh, did that take a massive leap? Yea, this quiz did not pull any punches.

The coolest part about this quiz is that it broken down into a fuck ton of characteristics. There are 14 traits that are judged from the 16 questions, and each character has its own web of analytics that are then compared to your own.

MY TRAITS (Scaled Of 0 to 12)
  • Loyalty: 7 out of 12
    • I think this is kinda right.
  • Powerlust: 0 out of 12
    • I thought I would be at like a three or a four…zero makes me feel like a huge push over
  • Bravery: 10 out of 12
    • I think the lack for powerlust got put into this category
  • Honor: 3 out of 12
    • I thought I was an honorable man! I guess I am not. Hang my head in shame.
  • Leadership: 3 out of 12
    • I guess this makes sense seeing how I don’t have powerlust
  • Traditionality: 1 out of 12
    • I would agree with this. I don’t like adhering to things that don’t make sense
  • Family Loyalty: 10 out of 12
    • Does this come from growing up with three young sisters?
  • Sanity: 9 out of 12
    • I am a sane man. I am not insane. I think this means I am more logical and rational?
  • Generosity: 10 out of 12
    • I am generous with time and acts, but not fiscal things.
  • Compassion: 10 out of 12
    • In the trust tree…this is a bit too high. I can empathize, but that does not mean I always have compassion
  • Intelligence: 10 out of 12
    • How do you define intelligence?
  • Honesty: 0 out of 12
    • GOOD LORD. WTF??
  • Cautiousness: 10 out of 12
    • This tracks with my logical and rational brain
  • Seriousness: 6 out of 12
    • I kinda wish all mine were in mid-range, just like a generic video game character



  • The statement “You are uncomplaining and adapt easily to new situations” is very true. Specially the uncomplaining part.
  • I would quietly agree with the second statement about having a tough exterior, but I don’t think I only learn to be compassionate to those who rely on me. I don’t like knowing that people rely on me all that much.
  • “You’re both cautious and brave, an unusual combination that allows you to choose your battles and means you usually survive to fight another day.” – Yes random AI generator that determined this. Yes. Know when to fight and know when to go with the flow.
  • I don’t think I am that slow to trust people. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • I am very protective of those I do care about. But I keep who I care about a lot a little close to the chest.
It is interesting that my top match has only one direct match in terms of the analytics, and that is a zero on the Powerlust scale. Biggest difference was Family Loyalty where I am a 10 and Osha is a six. Osha is not very honest either…but she isn’t a zero.

Secondary Character Match


  • I don’t know if I agree with the trait “Arrogant”, but “Sarcastic” I can understand. “Apathetic” depends on the context.
  • “You are charming and capable of impeccable politeness in the right circumstances.” – This is true. I am a big proponent of Kill Them With Kindness
  • “In the wrong circumstances, others perceive you to be disdainful, sarcastic and arrogant.” – Interesting here because I don’t think I am disdainful towards many people. I can understand some people in terms of the arrogance, specially during competitive situations.
  • This summation notes that my arrogance may just be confidence. I think I carry some confidence but I like to carry it quietly and surprise people. I do not know if intelligence is one of my traits I feel confident in. It depends if how you define intelligence; do you consider it an expect in one area or knowing a little in a lot of areas?
  • “You don’t mock others over minor failings but you are usually very blunt.” – This is all dependent on what the mistakes are; I am more blunt when it comes to things that are easily actionable
  • This statement I whole heartedly disagree with: “You typically just say what you are thinking without regard to the feelings of those that you perceive as incompetent”. I do not say these things to these people’s faces. I never have and I never will. This is where I give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • I would not say I am ruthless, but I am relentless.
  • “You’re not politically ambitious and sly maneuvering is not your way” – This is true in terms of not having the ambition, but I do not mind playing the political game if necessary.
Ser Jamie Lannister and I have the same exact measure of Loyalty with seven, and Honor with three. This biggest differences comes in honesty where Jamie is a six and I am a…zero. Also leadership is a six for Jamie but I am a one.

Tertiary Character


  • “You are known as secretive and mysterious” – YUP. I like to live in my own world and with my own bubble. This is 100% true. To paraphrase my own therapist, I am hard to get a read on.
  • “You prefer to learn to secrets and vulnerabilities of others rather than to reveal much about yourself.” – Also 100% true. I want to know what everyone’s cards are. I like to konw a little bit of everything and think for myself what is important and what is not.
  • Okay, I am more like Varys than anyone else. “You have good intentions, but this is not clear to the people around you who distrust you because of your enigmatic behavior.” Uh, yes. I am tough nut to crack. I know this is true. But just because I don’t talk a lot or emote a lot doesn’t mean I am not a bad guy.
  • This one might not be entirely true. “You’re an expert diplomat, with.a keen sense of how to use your knowledge to influence other people and situations.” I would say I am good at brainstorming ideas about situations but I don’t have the courage to implement them a lot.
Varys and I are exactly aligned with Loyalty, and Intelligence. I love being on the same level of Varys intelligence because he knows everything. We are also alligned on Honor as well. So why is Varys my tertiary character? It may be because I somehow am rated high on Bravery and Varys is not. Same goes for Family Loyalty…I mean I am at a team and he is a three. And i mean Varys has higher honesty than me? That is a problem.

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