• Folks we are going international! We are heading to the Bahamas!
    • The girls all got really excited about that heading to this paradise haven. It is not that crazy exotic though. How many people do we think have been there before already?
    • Jesse Palmer being in the way while they all swarmed him was rather hilarious.
  • Turns out we should have had cameras rolling the entire time they were travelling…even at 3 AM.
    • I have a question about this. Jesse said that they were leaving right away in what appeared the morning…so then why where they in an airport at 3 AM? I feel like they would have been in the Bahamas by then?
  • We are officially in the Bahamas, and we officially have this episode underway.
  • Kat gets the one-on-one date and really nobody is happy. Greer starts crying…which is really a tough look. This is the youngest that Greer has seemed this entire week.
    • Kat comforts her. Makes her look good.


  • So Katherine has the one-on-one. I was low on Catherine heading into the week. I did not see the major appeal. But it would appear that Zach is INFATUATED.
  • Zach compares Kat to a model multiple times. I am sorry, but she is not in the top half of the women remaining if we are just going based off looks. I know that is incredibly shallow. That is why we do not judge strictly off looks.
  • So this one-on-one is a lot of time in the sun. That is good for Kat who is the dermatologist who loves to apply sun screen. Zach and Kat play along with it a lot and Zach is really, really, really awkward about it. He is rubbing the shoulders and doing everything to make it not sexual…until it is.
  • The swimsuit choice by Kat is a bold one. Emma said she would never wear it because of the chance for really bad tan lines.
  • The pair go snorkeling, which is something that has never really really appealed to me? Is that crazy? Perhaps it is something I just need to do.
  • While on this group date, we get the first signs of Anastasia being a whiny jerk face.
    • She notes how Zach has a favorite group of girls and that she is not in it. Hmmm, perhaps this annoyance goes into a bit of her turmoil later.
  • The date on the boat and in the water goes great. It is really smooth. I don’t really have any critiques at all. Like, I get why Zach was so happy. I still don’t love Kat that much, but now I can see her getting much further on the show than I first presumed.
  • On the dinner portion, Kat gets really, really vulnerable. She talks about she did not come from a stable family life and how she feels judged for that at times. She talks about how she feels the pressure from Zach (though she knows he isn’t applying it) because his family life seems to smooth.
    • Zach, again, like a fucking pro, handles this far better than I would have expected: “I want to love my person for who they are, not for what they came from.” I mean this is good. This is good feedback and good constructive words for Kat.
  • This is an INCREDIBLY easy rose to give for Zach. I don’t think he could have picked it up and given it away faster.
  • The fireworks put the exclamation point on the end of the one-on-one date. The rest of the girls notice and the frolic to the windows and balconies to watch. They are both infatuated and jealous.


  • So we have Aly, Kaity, Ariel, Davia, Genevie, Anastasia, Kylee, Mercedes, Charity, Gabi, Jess, and Greer on this group date. It is a fish fry. Hopefully things can be fun? Maybe? No drama?
  • Well Gabi is in the shit spot because she is allergic to shell fish. She says that she can not even kiss Zach, which is traumatically funny. She is in the background of a lot of these activities…and she is in the background in terms of trying to understand whatever fucking drama begins taking place.
  • Jess said in an interview that all the girls agreed to share time with Zach on this group date because things are starting to get tense. Need to give everyone ample opportunity.
    • Anastasia did not get the memo. At the limbo bar she asks for a kiss of good luck, which Zach doesn’t really love. Then once everyone begins chilling and having drinks…she pulls Zach aside. The women are very annoyed at Anastasia’s brazenness. She does not have a lot of regard for anyone else there. She wants the time, so she is going to take it and equal opportunity agreements don’t hold any weight for her.
  • The person who took the most offense with Anastasia is Kylee. She wants to make sure she has enough time with Zach because if we are being honest…she is on the outside looking in. Kylee awkwardly works her way over to where Anastasia and Zach are sitting and asks to steal him away. Anastasia asks for more time, to which she ends her insistence with “I don’t like to fight, but…”. Anastasia did not take this well. She did not take it well at all. Anastasia begins telling people that Kylee wanted to fight her…physically. This is where I would like to chime in and say you are going Anastasia.
    • Did Kylee handle approaching awkwardly and maybe not the best way? Yes, I could agree with that. Did Anastasia blow it all completely out of proportion? Yes, 100%. That is undeniable.
    • Zach had to feel so awkward being in the middle of it. He did not help the situation when he said “I will see you later tonight.” Yikes.
    • The editors did a fantastic job of pinning two sides against one-another. I disappointed me that Greer is 100% on the side of Anastasia. She didn’t waiver one bit.
    • I would say the majority of the women are on Kylee’s side. She herself makes a great point saying why would she threaten to fight Anastasia right in front of Zach?
    • Gabi, the one is in the background this entire afternoon portion of the group date, agrees that Kylee was just trying to defuse the situation. Seeing how she is the most objective observer, I would trust her take on the situation.
  • Alright, now we head to the night portion of the group date, and naturally things are only going to get worse for everyone involved.
    • Before all the drama kicks off, Kaity reminds everyone that she is awesome and her and Zach have a I missed you make out session.
    • Zach himself pulls Jess aside and tells her that he likes her and to trust what they have.
      • This is huge for myself…the Jess is going to make it far bandwagon. If this is Zach learning to take the lead in their relationship then I am even more confident.
    • Gabi and Charity get some affection. Gabi kisses Zach, even though she said she couldn’t earlier in the episode?
    • Alright, Kylee and Anastasia. Let’s get after it.
      • Anastasia kinda sorta tries to own up about blowing things up? In a really half-hearted way. Kyle isn’t buying it so she goes to Zach and lets him know that Anastasia has been talking about Instagram followers everyone will be getting from going on the show. She is a social media content manager…sooo…but Zach still doesn’t like that.
        • The HUGE part of this is that Kylee has backup with Charity. In fact, it was Charity that was the one that actually heard it from the horses mouth. She confirms what Kylee told Zach, and now Zach has a really big problem on his hands. How does he handle it? Well…pulling Anastasia aside in front of everyone. Maybe not the best tactic to avoid the most drama.
          • I think that Kylee made Charity look really good here. Charity was the one that knew the drama but didn’t say anything. She kept it from Zach because she wanted to focus on just them. But she has the honest answers he can trust when he needs it. Charity comes out looking like a million bucks.
      • Anastasia’s argument is that she has talked about Instagram and brands on the media app before because the girls were talking about it. I mean her job is Content Marketing Manager so this is a plausible thing. However, this is a show where if you mention social media in any controversial way then you will be DOOMED.
    • Zach decides that he needs time to think over this whole situation. He needs to take a break. When Anastasia gets back to the group, Kylee owns up to bringing it up, and Anastasia says that any talk about followers was taken out of context but Charity chimes in saying why would you ever want to talk about something like that?
      • This seems a tad high-and-mighty for Charity. Have to see how active she is on social media.
    • Ariel ends up getting the group date rose at the end of all this drama because they blew conch shells together? It might just be because Ariel is stunningly beautiful. Who knows. But everyone just wants to get one.


  • Brooklyn gets the one-on-one date. We have liked Brooklyn from the start, but haven’t really gotten to see her shine. Will this be her element?
  • The first thing they do is ATVing, and Brooklyn is perfectly fine at that because she is used to being down and dirty in the mud. I would say she is more comfortable with it than Zach. I thought for sure when Brooklyn came out in that outfit she was going to be riding horses so she could show off.
  • Then we get to the dinner portion. I mean, this is some grown-up real life stuff here. When you get the Viewer Discretion Warning for domestic violence talk, then you know you are going to be in for a world of hurt.
    • Brooklyn opens up to Zach and tells him that she once dated a man who was incredibly abusive, and not just emotionally, but it also turned physical. She talks about how she became a shell of a person and how this lasted for six years. Damn, Brooklyn.
      • I mean props to Brooklyn about opening up like this. She gathered herself to get out of that relationship on her own and then she has enough courage to talk about it on national TV for everyone to see. I mean sheesh. That takes some balls and self confidence.
      • Also, according to ET: “(And she didn’t even tell him about the time she woke up to the cops shaking her awake, because she’d been knocked out by her abuser. Ugh. Toxic masculinity can f— allllll the way off.)” I mean good lord!
      • Brooklyn is tough. Tough as nails.
  • Brooklyn gets the rose. Of course she does. She deserves it.


  • So this cocktail party is huge. Ariel, Brooklyn and Cat are free. We know that Kaity, Ali and Jess are going to get roses too. That leaves a handful of people in the danger zone.
  • One of those in danger is Anastasia…but she doesn’t even get the chance to put the positive foot forward. Zach immedially asks to talk to Anastasia in a one-on-one setting…and then the last thing that we see is her saying goodbye.
    • Kylee starts fucking crying. Are you serious Kylee? What did you think would happen when you brought up the Instagram thing? Also, if you are going to cry then don’t worry so much about your make-up and holding you hands weird. This shit really, really, annoyed me. This reaction was all an acting job in my mind.
    • Side note, Anastasia and Christina are going to wreak havoc on Bachelor in Paradise.
  • Davia knows she is doomed when Zach pulls aside Kat for a chat the rose ceremony when she already has a rose. Davia is talking with Kaity and says that she and Zach made eye contact…as he pulled aside a different women. It was personal, and it hurt her.
    • Things don’t get better for Davia when she talks to Zach and he uses the word “had” to describe their relationship. Zach tries to smooth it over, but both know the writing is on the wall.
  • So the three that went home this week were Anastasia, Genevie and Davia. I am not upset about Davia going home and that is the one I was least surprised about. I do have a really bad stretch of liking people one week and then them going home the next. Christina I liked after the one-on-one as the rest of the country did…until she went a bit loco in the following episode. I liked Anastasia last episode…before creating a shit ton of drama this episode. And I have loved Genevie since the start, but I knew she would not have stood a chance if she stayed any longer.
  • The SHOCKING ONE that stayed was Mercedes staying…thought I kind of expected Kylee too because we need that drama.


No. 11

(Last Week No. 11)

We know why she is here in the worst spot.

No. 10

(Last Week No. 12)

Shocked she is still around, but it must be for a reason.

No. 9

(Last Week No. 5)

What a fall from grace (in my power rankings). She will be going home soon unless she turns up the hot flirtation vibes.

No. 8

(Last Week No. 10)

Gabi is allergic to shellfish. More seafood for me.

No. 7

(Last Week No. 7)

Aly didn’t really do much this episode, so she stays put.

No. 6

(Last Week No. 13)

I am still not as all in as everyone else…

No. 5

(Last Week No. 6)

When the man of the hour pulls you aside and tells you that you are good, then you have some confidence.

No. 4

(Last Week No. 9)

Charity climbs up with the assist from Kylee for painting her in a good light.

No. 3

(Last Week No. 8)

Have to give her props for telling her story.

No. 2

(Last Week No. 4)

If she doesn’t win, she will be the new Victoria Fuller of BIP.

No. 1

(Last Week No. 1)

Kaity is giving off fantastic Bachelorette vibes.
ELIMINATED: Anastasia, Davia, Genevie

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