“Six strangers wake up trapped in an endless cornfield only to discover something mysterious is hunting them.”

Director: Emerson Moore
Writers: Emerson Moore, Joshua Dobkin, Sean Wathen
Staring: Jordan Claire Robbins, Theo Rossi, Shane West
Release Date: May 6, 2022

This is going to be a short reaction.

Escape The Field (2022) is a very bad movie. The Peacock original thriller delivers on none of its promises. Instead the movie plots along boringly for 90 minutes, making would should feel like a quick breeze actually a medieval torture rack of patience. Escape The Field feels and looks like a mid-tier made for television movie. Peacock’s stock is already down compared to the other streaming services, and original movies of this caliber have to be part of its problem. If this is the original content it is peddling, then it is far below the pecking order of its competitors.

Emerson Moore’s first feature length directorial project follows six strangers who wake up trapped in what appears to be an endless cornfield. Each awakes from their induced slumber with an object or random significance, and together these six people must come together in order to escape something that is preying on them.

Escape The Field plays will all the genre tropes you would expect. You have the fear of isolation, distrust, desperation, problem solving and a renewed sense of stubborn resolve in the face of unknown scariness. When all of these ingredients are mixed well in a bag, you get an enjoyable adventure like Predators (2010) or Exam (2009). Hell, we don’t need 12 Angry Men (1957) level of one-setting excellence, but at least get me to Devil (2010) levels. Escape The Field had my searching for an exit from my completionism, because if I had any sense of freedom from my subconscious, I would have abandoned ship before it ever left the port.

I am a sucker for a good thriller and genre movie, and seeing Theo Rossi on the cover got me even more intrigued. My question to Theo is this; did they kidnap you and put you in the corn field and make you film this movie? Even if the movies or television shows he partakes in are not absolute show stoppers, they are at least entertaining; i.e. Army Of The Dead (2021), Sons Of Anarchy (which was actually good) or Luke Cage. Escape The Field is a step below the rest.

Rossi plays the charismatic and empathetic group leader…however nothing about this group of six is exciting. There is little sense of community or emotional connecting to them. When a character dies, they die, and everything just moves on. None of the scenes where other characters accidentally kill another one (spoiler, sorry) have the shock value the script desired.

I guess we need to talk about the ending? But do we? Fair warning to anyone who presses play on Escape The Field but the ending is incredibly anti-climactic. It bursts onto the scene and then it dies with a sad barely smoldering whimpering pile of embers.

Escape The Field is impressively boring and bad. That is its greatest feat. I feel bad ripping on a movie because god knows I would love to be in the position to know more and make movies myself, but honesty is the best policy. Escape The Field is a pure swing and a miss.

STANKO RATING: F (1.0/5 Stars)

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