Notable Week 7 Nuggets

  • Would you believe that we are more than halfway though the regular season? Seven weeks down, six to go.
  • While I am happy about the Christian McCaffrey trade in terms of entertainment value…it really doesn’t help my fantasy team at all. I spent a lot of my FAB on him, and now he is pretty much just a handcuff. Now great.
    • He is going from being projected 11+ points now to under five points. So now I am relying on both Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliot. BAD NEWS.
  • The waiver wire may be very important this week with all the injuries that happened to key players.
    • Breece Hall
    • DK Metcalf
    • Ryan Tannehill
    • Mike Williams
    • Amon-Ra St. Brown (even though Matt Campbell said he didn’t have a concussion?)
    • Allen Lazard
    • David Njoku
  • Buzzi had back-to-back weeks of over 170 points, followed now by back-to-back weeks of sub par with 101.02 and 106.22 pints. Feat or famine.
    • This helps Buzzi to first place in the standings. He has the most points in the league by 36.96 points
  • I was surprised this wasn’t the lowest scoring week of the season with some of the best offenses on a bye. No Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings or Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Next week we get the brothers matchup. Tommy vs. Jimmy. Their teams are close in the standings so the stakes are high. Is there going to be a friendly wager between the two? There should be.
  • We have a battle for first place in week eight! Buzzi vs. McLaughlin. Both teams at 5-2. The two top scoring teams in the league. One team is going to get the upper hand.
  • Biggest movers on the projected standings predictions from ESPN are McGinnity falling from second at the start of the season tie ninth now. There are two fellas who moved up seven spot; Tom McLaughlin went from eighth to first, and Ronan McClorey…went from ninth to second.
    • As of right now…Ronan is not even in the playoffs. ESPN calling their shot. Their basis must be the fact that Ronan has the third most points in the league despite their 3-4 record.
    • Ronan also has the second most points against him. Only Ritz has more by less than five points.
  • How is my playoff chances at 64%, but my projected final standings is seventh place. THAT MAKES ZERO SENSE.
  • When do we look at who plays who as the regular season winds down?
  • Only one team is not in true contention for the playoffs. Ritz wants to play spoiler.
Average Team Totals Per Week
  • Week One: 113.47
  • Week Two: 121.29
  • Week Three: 103.11
  • Week Four: 123.08
  • Week Five: 121.19
  • Week Six: 103.326 (First Week Of Byes)
  • Week Seven: 110.51
Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week Six
  1. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (+19.42)
  2. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (+7.56)
  3. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (+1.24)
  4. My Glockz Out (-12.68)
  5. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (-15.74)
  6. My Own Worst Etiennemy (-41.42)
  7. Country Roads Take Mahomes (-58.24)
  8. The Bourne Supremacy (-62.63)
  9. Dirty Mike And The Boys (-98.44)
  10. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (-105.18)

Week Seven Matchup Recaps

The Bourne Supremacy (111.3) defeats Ooooo Jeudy James jeudy (98.76)

McGinnity and I battled tis week in a matchup of washed up quarterbacks. Matt with Aaron Rodgers (15.76) and myself with Tom Brady (11.7); neither one of us had banner quarterback days. For McGinnity, the Tampa Bay struggles extended to his running back slot with Leonard Fournette scoring only 3.6 points. It is his third single-digit scoring output of the season and his lowest single-game total this season.

Yet again, a matchup of mine came down to Monday night. I needed a bit over nine points to get the win and I had Rhamondre Stevenson and Nick Folk. While the Patriots themselves looked like absolute dog shit, Stevenson got the job done with 19.8 points. He is good, but the Patriots are not.

The best performer for McGinnity was running back Raheem Morsert of the Miami Dolphins. He is averaging 9.5 points her game, heavily affected by two of the last three weeks where he has 18.7 and 18,9 points. He seems to have taken over the RB1 role from Chase Edmonds so this looks to be a solid season-long trend continuing for McGinnity.

I must also mention that I myself was very lucky that Cooper Kupp and Gabe Davis were on the bye this week. Their upside is way better than Rashod Bateman (6.2), Robert Woods (4.1) or Kenyan Drake (0.5), all of whom McGinnity played this week. It was a mis calculation on Matt’s part because on his bench is Tyler Boyd with 25.5 points. If Boyd was in the game and not Drake, McGinnity easily gets the win by double-digits.

I would like to thank the Atlanta Falcons secondary for deciding not to stop the LSU connection of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. The dup was unstoppable on Sunday. Chase get the MVP vote from me with 29.0 points. Back-to-back weeks not with 28.7 points and 29,0 points. The Bengals are beginning to heat up and my first round pick is starting to look like the price I paid for.

Another random note. On tight end day, Mark Andrews scores only 0.5 points? What is that?

McGinnity has an uphill climb at 3-4 while I improve to 5-2.

Lights, Karama, Jackson (144.1) defeats Keke, Coutee Luve Me (117.0)

Mr. Ronan McClorey with the highest scoring output of the week, even with Lamar Jackson putting up a dud 10.7 points. Even with Alvin Kamara literally doing absolutely nothing in the second half against Arizona on Thursday night. Even with Mike Williams leaving the game early for the Chargers.

The majority of Ronan’s points came from Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders. 35 points on the nose for the silver & black running back. Jacobs currently ranks No. 4 among all running backs in fantasy football. The bye last week did not hurt his momentum at all as he went for 155 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns. For weeks four through seven, Jacobs is the number two running back in total points but number one in points per game with 39.4

Lobo did not have a bad week by his projection standards. With Josh Allen on a bye, Lobo had to go with Trever Lawrence at QB, and he was not terrible. Things could have gone very differently if Mike Evans caught that first touchdown pass. That would have been at least a 20 points day for Evans. Chris Godwin didn’t do much, but neither did Tampa Bay as a whole.

Credit to lobo for playing Eno Benjamin in his flex spot. The Arizona Cardinals running back had 92 yards rushing, 21 yards receiving and a touchdown against the Saints. This may have been only a one week thing with James Connor expected back next week, but Lobo can sleep well knowing he made the right call.

I am going to think out my MVP while typing. It has to do something with timing because McClorey got enough points from Mike Williams and David Njoku before they got hurt. The injury gods are the MVPs for smiling down upon Ronan this week? It is a week MVP, I do admit. But who wants to do a player every single time.

Also, Ronan putting up this many points with A.J. Brown on a bye…and new RB1 in Carolina D’Onta Foreman on his bench.

Ronan’s team is 3-4, but they are built to be a wagon.

Ronan and Lobo now have identical records at 3-4.

My Own Worst Etiennemy (110.72) defeats Country Roads Take Mahomes (90.72)

Jimmy’s may want to toss his running backs into the sun. With no D’Andre Swift, Jimmy is trying to muster anything from ball carriers. This week his running backs got him a total of 9.5 points. That is not good. Jimmy also get nearly zero points from Amon-Ra St. Brown who left the game incredibly early with a concussion…even though after the game it was reported he was just taken out because he was wobbly.

Fun fact, Steve made a trade with Emily in a different league to get Amon-Ra St. Brown. I think the wife took the edge on that trade to start.

26.92 points from Patrick Mahomes was not enough for Jimmy, and that stings.

Steve’s team won’t die.

Looking at this box score, I am shocked that Jimmy Garappolo scored 16.32 fantasy points with the terrible game that he played. Classic quantity of quality fantasy football right there. It is strange, but Steve won’t need him again now that Jalen Hurts’ bye is gone.

The MVP of Steve is his namesake! Travis Etienne Jr. finally made the My Own Worst Etiennemy name worth it! Jacksonville’s versatile offensive weapon had a career-high 114 yards rushing and one catch for five yards. Why not add a touchdown to that? He put up a season high 18.4 points and now has three straight weeks of over 11 points. Etienne’s role in the Jaguars offense is only going to go up because James Robinson just got traded to the New York Jets…filling a role on Steve’s favorite team with the loss of Breece Hall. Oh, and James Robinson scored zero points for Jimmy this week against Steve in this matchup. This is an easy MVP pick.

Yes I took this screen shot even with Steve having two bench players on Monday…but he won’t care because he is now 3-4, tied with Jimmy in the standings.

Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (139.74) defeats My Glockz Out (93.06)

Three platers held T-Si aloft in week seven. Two of them are Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals and Juju-Smith Schuster of the Kansas City Chiefs. Burrow had a ridiculous day with 39.24 fantasy points. He was on pace to break the all-time passing record before he took his foot off the gas in the fourth quarter.

Burrow now has two straight weeks of going over 30 points. He ranks third in the quarterback position this season. All of a sudden the Bengals are starting to look like the team that made it to the Super Bowl last year.

It is also bonkers that Marcus Mariota didn’t even throw the ball 14 times on Sunday.

Smith-Schuster has over 40 points combined in his last two weeks thanks to a 21.9 points effort against a good defense in San Francisco. Smith-Schuster has five games where he was targeted eight times by Patrick Mahomes, but this is is only the second time he scored double-digit points with that much attention. Also ESPN had him at a 27% bust rate…that was wrong.

Tom McLaughlin can point out that he did not have Justin Jefferson in his lineup this week, but even if he did, it would have mattered that much. He only had three players score over their projected totals: Braon Aiyuk, Hayden Hurst and Jason Sanders. Not exactly three blow the doors of scorers.

Kyler Murray only had 17.16 points in Thursday Night Football where his team scored 42 points. That seems like an anomaly. Saquon Barkley had his second lowest scoring effort of the season and A.J. Dillion has just taken a bad seat in the Green Bay Packers offense.

Tommy, are we feeling about Green Bay?

The Tennessee Titans rattled Matt Ryan so Michael Pittman Jr. didn’t get much going. The Browns Jacoby Brissett fandom has dissipated to nothing so Amari Cooper scored just 8,9 points. Maybe the craziest thing is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, which was thought to be one of the best in the league, has simply been…bad. Like, real bad.They are averaging 3.6 points per game over the last five weeks. The only week they dominated was week two against New Orleans when they had 25 points. They have not forced a turnover in three weeks.

The MVP of this matchup and maybe the best position filler for the entire season goes to Kenneth Walker II of the Seattle Seahawks. Walker was not supposed to be the number one man in Seattle, but now he is leading the team that is first place in the NFC West. The Michigan State man scored 28.8 points, which is clearly his season-high this season. Walker now has three straight games with 14+ points, and his numbers continue to grow. He carried the ball for 168 yards and scored a TD. He also scored a major upset for Tommy Simon over Tom McLaughlin.

Tommy gets to 4-3 with a massive win over the first tom “My Glockz Out”. Tommy falls to 5-2.

Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (106.22) defeats Dirty Mike And The Boys (93.48)

Buzzi puts the buzz saw to Ritz’s attempt at a season resurgence.

Ritz has to be furious that this week he had Stefon Diggs, Dalvin Cook and DaVonta Smith on a bye. This was the third lowest out of the season for Buzzi and his second straight week going below 110 points.

Austin Ekeler has been King Kong over the last few weeks. Another week and another 30.7 points for the versatile Chargers running back. He is the best running back in fantasy right now, and Buzzi is extra thankfully because so much of his success is Justin Herbert just dumping it off to him. The Chargers inability to push the ball down the field well has been greatly influential in Buzzi’s success.

DaVante Adams has been disappointing this season, but he still got 13.5 points. Rondale Moore’s timeshare seems to be chopped into with the reemergence of DeAndre Hopkins.

It is a tad surprising that Travis Kelce had only 12.8 fantasy points with his team scoring 42 points.

Buzzi’s MVP of this contest is Breece Hall…and yes he is on Ritz’s team. If breece Hall did not get hurt, I think this entire matchup is far closer. Breece Hall has the ability to break any play and Ritz didn’t get a full game with him…and now he is out for the season as well.

The hits just keep on coming for Mike Ritz.

Buzzi could rebuttal that he didn’t get a full game of DK Metcalf and he might be done for the year as well, which would be a very valid point. However, based on Buzzi’s roster, he can plug in Christian Kirk into the WR slot and he will still have a viable option.

Side note. Ritz is going to need a new backup quarterback with Sam Ehlinger taking over the starting role in Indianapolis.

Buzzi stays atop the table at 5-2 and Ritz falls to 1-6.

Week Eight Matchups

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (3-4) vs. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (3-4)
Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (5-2) vs. My Glockz Out (5-2)
Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (4-3) vs. Country Roads Take Mahomes (3-4)
My Own Worst Etiennemy (3-4) vs. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (3-4)
The Bourne Supremacy (5-2) vs. Dirty Mikes And The Boys (1-5)

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