Jinxes are so real. They are beyond real.

I swear to you. The day after I wrote about how I never lost in Baseball 9,I fucking lost.

I reached the championship round of Rookie III. I had won over 140 games in a row and I was cruising. Then I lose to a fucking team called the Reapers 5-4 in game one of the championship series like a chump.

I was pitching my best pitcher, and I let up two runs in the first inning. That was not great. Double, double. Bing bang boom. Could sac flies later and I am chasing two.

I am chasing two until the fifth inning when I tie the game. Luckily I liked to equip my players with the “play better when you are trailing” traits, and that helped the cause.

So I am leading 3-2 heading into the eighth inning. The top of the eighth inning. I bring in my closer to get a six out save because you know, I am only up two runs. That was a BAD CHOICE. How is it that my better relief pitchers have higher ERAs than my lower ones? I do not understand.

I give up two runs. Not great Bob .Not great. I have to take out my closer because he is being a bum (I know it was just me playing bad with him, but still. I am annoyed. Then I let up a single with my set-up pitcher so all of a sudden I am trailing 5-3. How did this happen. I thought I kept them at bay. I got my starting pitching surrendering two runs early then none more after that. I put in my second best pitcher and he surrenders the runs as well.

What. Is Happening.

I score no runs in the bottom of the eighth. I held the bad guys at bay in the top of the ninth…so now I am heading into the bottom of the ninth inning with a historic win streak on the line. More importantly, I have the chance to spare myself the embarrassment of losing literally less than 24 hours after I wrote about how I never lose.

First batter is a single. Good start.

Second batter is a double play. Horrendous turn of events.

I am not down to my last out. I won’t lie, my palms were sweating.

I have one of my scrubs up at the plate, but drastic times call for miraculous events. I somehow hit a screaming double down the left field line and I have hope. My next batter up is a boosted player, and I waste no time. Another double into the right center field gap and we are down one run with the tying run on second base.

You want to know the craziest part of this? The player that is on second base is a new boosted player. I literally got my seventh recruit card before the playoffs and I got a left fielder and I gassed him up and he is well above the average competitor. The downfall is that I made him a power hitter. I did not make him a speed guy. His speed is only at 48.

The batter I have up is another boosted player. Hope still springs abode from seemingly nothing.

I take some pitches. I work the count. I don’t get too antsy.

I hit a rope. I hit it to left center. Holy shit it is rolling.

Holy good lord I am sending the runner from second home. I am screaming in my head HURRY UP! HURRY UP!

It is a race. The relay of the computer versus my 48 speed made bulky new left fielder. Of course it gets hit to left field and it is my left fielder trying to run home.

You know how this story ends.

He gets thrown out at home. I lose my first game in Baseball 9 in the first championship game of the Rookie III league. I thought I would feel something like…relief? Now I can simulate games not feel terrible?

I only feel anger and pain.

Baseball 9 is taking over my brain and I can not stop it.

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