Notable Week 5 Nuggets

  • Ronan with a great nugget in the slack about Ritz’s quarterback situation this season.
    • Week 1: Dak Prescott with 4.46 points
    • Week 2: Matt Ryan with 1.8 points
    • Week 3: Justin Fields 4.94
    • Week 4: Marcus Mariota with 3.96 points
    • Week 5: Teddy Bridgewater with 0.0 points
    • Mike Ritz’s quarterbacks are averaging 3.032 points per game thus far this season and naturally his lowest output of the season gets him his first win…AUDIBLE!!!!!
      • Oh Ritz. Oh Michael. Oh the pain. Oh the sorrow.
      • The lead heading into Monday night, but Ronan said NO, NO, NO and swatted away the fleeting hopes of a season revival.
      • **AMENDMENT** – I did not see the Slack messages of McGinnity sentencing Ritz to doom. Burying a man who is already stuck in quicksand. Matt just back up the cement truck, honking the horn, and screaming JOSH JACOBS!
  • Massive win for me over Lobo. We were literally dead-locked and separated by less than half a point in terms of points scored heading into this week.
  • The bell cow runnings backs really came through this week. Overall running backs are happening. There were 26 touchdowns scored by running backs this week which is the highest this season.
  • One thing I really did not expect…McGinnity has the third best scoring compared to projected this season through five weeks. At 2-3, Matt can have a bit of confidence that his team is good. He did have the worst point differential besides Ritz heading into last week. No more. It was a drubbing.
  • There are two top teams. Buzzi and McLaughlin. They are the only teams to have scored over 600 points. Tom, who is second in points scored, is 62.18 points more than Ronan, who has the third most points.
    • For reference, that difference of 62.18 points is more than the spread between Ronan and Lobo’s 550.64 points…which is the second fewest points in the league.
      • Teams three through nine are battling…and the top two are just waiting.
  • Very interesting that Jimmy is in third place but his has only 41% to make playoffs according to ESPN.
  • Something to note heading into week six. It is the first week of byes. Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, and Tennessee are all off next week. Plan accordingly.
  • Lobo has dropped from first to ninth in terms of draft day to current day prognostications.
  • Buzzi has moved up a smidge from three to one, but Ronan and Tom have the biggest move going up six spots from the start of the season.
Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week FIVE
  1. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (+59.82)
  2. My Glockz Out (+24.56)
  3. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (+23.66)
  4. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (-0.24)
  5. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (-7.796)
  6. Country Roads Take Mahomes (-20.68)
  7. The Bourne Supremacy (-36.18)
  8. My Own Worst Etiennemy (-37.84)
  9. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (-59.96)
  10. Dirty Mike And The Boys (-94.44)

Week 5 Matchup Recap

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (152.28) defeats Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (105.78)

Tough day for Tommy. In London he watches his team fall to the New York Giants in heart breaking fashion. He also falls in fantasy to McGinnity.

You look down the matchup and the quarterbacks and runnings backs play out evenly. Joe Burrow’s average depth of target is only 3.4 yards. That is not great for Tommy’s starting quarterback Joe Burrow. The super bowl hangover seems to be real for the Bengals and the Rams. However it wasn’t the quarterback position that swung this matchup in McGinnity’s favor. Aaron Rodgers didn’t light it up either in London with 16.88 points.

Question for Tommy. He has three quarterbacks on his roster: Joe Burrow, Kirk Cousins and Matthew Stafford. Who does he play going forward? Is it crazy to say Kirk Cousins is the best option? Ritz could use a quarterback. Perhaps a trade?

Leonard Fournette had 30.9 points with two receiving touchdowns (very beneficial for me selfishly who went up against Chris Godwin and Mike Evans) but J.K. Dobbins has only 4.4 points. Tommy can not be disappointed with 19.9 points from Christian McCaffrey and 25.4 points from Nick Chubb.

Listen. Baker Mayfield is really bad. Imagine how good McCaffrey would be if he had a good quarterback and not a lame duck head coach in Matt Rhule?. Well, no longer head coach. McCaffrey is averaging 16.4 points per game and has 16 (SIXTEEN!!??) receptions over the last two weeks. Just imagine if he was on the Buffalo Bills…

The differentiating in this final score came from the wide receiver position.

The winds truly gusted in McGinnity’s favor in Buffalo. He knew he was in good shape about two minutes into the game. Gabriel Davis caught a 98 yard touchdown pass to give himself 16.3 points right off the bat. (I think that is right, right? 9.8+6+0.5). He then added onto it with another touchdown. Davis also ended up with 171 yards receiving. Davis had 16.8 points in week one, then missed a game and had a combined seven points in weeks three and four. Week five was a volcanic eruption, and he is the winner of McGinnity’s MVP.

McGinnity ends his two game losing streak and improves to 2-3 while breaking Tommy’s three game win streak.

Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (173.52) defeats My Own Worst Etiennemy (112.26)

How in the flying fuck does a tight end have seven receptions. FOUR touchdowns, and only 25 receiving yards?? I would have thought that impossible.

The ironic part is that Buzzi did not need this 30 points from Travis Kelce. He had this game in hand against Steve.

Buzzi has won two straight and has put up over 170 points in each of the last two weeks. That is called domination. This week his preposterous score was aided by Monday Night Football with the aforementioned Kelce and Davante Adams scoring 25.9 points. As I am typing this, I am seeing reports that Adams is facing a possible suspension from the NFL for shoving a patron unprompted during Monday’s contest. With the Raiders on a bye week next week, Buzzi does not want to lose him two weeks in a row.

Austin Ekeler has also awoken from his slumber with back-to-back 30+ point performances. Seems like a direct correlation between Buzzi’s destructive path and Ekeler’s reemergence. That is why he is going to get the MVP for me. Ekeler made up for Justin Herbert not having that good of a game with only 14.42 points.

Moving over to Steve, his two-game winning streak to get back to .500 came to an end and you can look squarely at his wide receiving corp for that. Brandin Cooks, Garrett Wilson and Curtis Samuel had a combined 17.4 points between them. Not great Bob.

Steve did get a little bit of bad luck with Damien Harris hurting his hamstring and scoring only 1.7 points. That is just bad luck.

The good news for Steve appears to be that Derrick Henry has arisen from his slumber, much like Ekeler. Henry’s yard per carry is not going to blow anyone away, but when you are carrying the game 20+ times per game, that is going to lead to good things. Volume is the play in fantasy. Skill is not the best asset.

This week Steve is in a bit of pickle with Henry, Cooks and kicker Daniel Carlson all on a bye. And one of his backup receivers Hunter Renfrow is on a bye as well. Steve is playing to top team in the league this week, owned by the one and only Tom McLaughlin. He only has Darren Waller out, but with no tight end on his roster currently.

Buzzi improves to 4-1 and is hitting his stride early and Steve will look to rebound and get back to .500 next week.

The Bourne SupremAcy (121.74) defeats Keke, Coutee Luv Me (93.36)

Heading into this matchup, Lobo and I were both 2-2. Lobo had scored 0.50 more points than I this season. We were very even teams. I needed to stop the bleeding with my two straight loses and Lobo is trying to stay on his W-L-W-L trend.

Things started off rough for Lobo when Jonathan Taylor was ruled out of Thursday night’s 12-9 barn burner. He also had Jerry Jeudy who scored only 6.8 points. He is only averaged 8.5 points per game, which is crazy for a team’s number one receiver.

The running back position is what swung this matchup. Rhamondre Stevenson surpassed projections with 18.5 points and Jeff Wilson Jr. had 19.7 points as well. Always nice when two patrol running backs get over 100 yards each. Meanwhile for Lobo, Aaron Jones continues his tough season with 9.0 points in London. Jones has three games with single digit points this season. The Packers backfield, even with Rodgers struggling to connect with his wide receivers, is still underwhelming.

Side note here, I need to take a poll. Who the hell do I play on a week-by-week basis? Do I play Ezekiel Elliot who is averaging 8.3 points or Tony Pollard who averages 9.5 points. What scares me is that Pollard comes it bursts while Elliot is plotting. It confounds me!

Can an MVP be injuries? Is that a faux pas? Lobo was without Jonathan Taylor and Kyle Pitts, forcing him to play Tyler Allgeier and RB2 and Will Dissly at tight end. Sure, Dissly had scored double-digit points three of the four weeks leading into week five, but the ceiling of this players is much lower. Also perhaps the two week injured Jakobi Myers snuck into Lobo’s head so he didn’t play him and the Patriots receiver had 20.6 points on his bench.

Also, in terms of injury playing a part in this game…I had Stevenson and he played 54 snaps against Detroit after Damien Harris left with a hamstring. As a fan of the Patriots I hope that Harris is healthy, but no denying that him missing almost the entire game helped my case this season.

The MVP award has been corrupted by the internet gods in this matchup.

In a battle of two teams neck and neck in the standings, I come out on top to improve to 3-2 while Lobo drops below .500.

Lights, Kamara, Jackson (125.86) defeats Dirty Mike And THe Boys (117.0)

It all came down to Monday night. Ritz entered the final game of the week with 117.0 – 98.06 lead over Ronan, but the world-traveling Irishman still had Josh Jacobs to play.

It proved enough.

In a bonkers Monday night game that totaled 59 points between Kansas City and Las Vegas, Josh Jacobs had a second straight monster week putting up 27.8 fantasy points with 154 rushing yards and five receptions for 39 yards. Ritz, who probably went to bed responsibly because he had work this morning, woke up to see the horror that the RAIDDEEERRRRSSSS (Chris Berman) running back stole away his chance at victory.

Before we go any further, it is obvious that Ronan must kiss the feet of his running back. His MVP. Jacobs has scored 59.8 points over the last two weeks. That is an average of 29.9 points per game. In the firs tthree weeks of the season, Jacobs had a total of 28.6 points, and was averaging only 9.5 points per game. Jacobs had no touchdowns in his first three weeks, but now three in his past two.

*AMENDMENT* – McGinnity gets the co-MVP. Ronan, you owe Matt a five-buck Venmo for a drink. You owe that at the least.

Selfishly…very happy that Jacobs is on a bye next week.

You already ready about Ritz’s quarterback problems in the opening nuggets. Shake my head. I feel bad.

The one position that did not let Ritz down were his running backs. Dalvin Cook had his best game of the season with 25.1 points. Dameon Pierce had his third straight 17+ point game. The rookie had the only touchdown of the game between the Texans and the Jaguars, and it is his third in as many weeks.

Even the running back on his bench did great things. We are ignoring Cam Akers because he is bad a fantasy football, but Bryce Hall on the other had…what a day for the Jet. He had 26.7 points against the Dolphins. He has four games of 12.2 points or more. He has touchdowns in back-to-back games. Somehow he is only rostered in 93.7% of leagues when he is a clear RB1. With double-digit carries in each game since Zach Wilson came back, Hall may be making more permanent visits to RItz’s starting lineup.

Ronan improves his status to 2-3 with a massive come from behind win while Ritz remains on the hunt for W1

My GLockz Out (120.42) defeats Country Roads Take Mahomes (86.68)

Look at this scoreboard, I think that Jimmy has to be kicking himself. Or rather his team. Tom had his second worst game of the season scoring just 120.42 points (some people would kill for that), but he was still able to take home the win because Jimmy put up his dumpster week with 86.68 points. Just a bad time for your worst performance.

Najee Harris continues his struggles and had just 5.1 points. He has three single-digit scoring outputs this season. James Robinson also struggled for Jimmy with only 4.9 points. Over the past two weeks he has a combined 7.8 points after averaging over 17 points per game in his first three weeks.

Can the Jaguars figure out their running back performance issues? Between Robinson and Travis Etienne, things are not going great in Jacksonville.

Tee Higgins being a scratch, don’t know if that is Jimmy’s fault or not? I really didn’t hear much doubt that he was going to play Sunday night, but I guess that i am just not up to date either? Jimmy could have used him, and so could have the Bengals.

Amon-Ra St. Brown was really banged up and you could tell against the Patriots. He was on a snap-count and when he was out there he was struggling. New England also kept T.J. Hockenson to only one catch and it came late in the fourth quarter.

Really, Just a back week for Jimmy.

Tom didn’t get tragically terrible games from anyone besides the big fat goose egg from Darren Waller who had zero points. He exited Monday Night Football with an injury, and with a bye next week, it may have been at the most ideal time to heal up.

This is going to be an out of left field MVP, but I am going to go with Amari Cooper. This was just a great draft pick. He had 17.1 points in Tom’s flex spot today. This season he is averaging 12.4 points per game and has had one 20+ scoring week. He was on my do not draft list, but he has proven me wrong. He is putting up these numbers with Jacoby Brissett. Imagine when they have what’s his face back at quarterback.

I don’t like Deshaun Watson, so I don’t like admitting he is a good quarterback.

Is Tom the team to beat in the Reeeeeem? He is 4-1 while Jimmy falls to 3-2 but is still in contention for the playoffs.

Week 6 Matchups

Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (4-1) vs. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (2-3)
Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (3-2) vs. Dirty Mike And The Boys (0-5)
The Bourne Supremacy (3-2) vs. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (2-3)
Keke, Coutee Luv Me (2-3) vs. Country Roads Take Mahomes (3-2)
My Own Worst Etiennemy (2-3) vs. My Glockz Out (4-1)

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