Here we go. It is time to go to the beach. It is time to see if anyone can find in an even more rushed scenario than a traditional Bachelor or Bachelorette season.

If we are in the trust true, I enjoy Bachelor In Paradise the least of the three franchises. The first two weeks are always fun chaos, but once everyone gets coupled up…BORING. I have a great tradition of being invested for four episodes but then falling down the wagon of having the show on in the background

So now let us delve into the craziness that will ensue with this cast of characters on Bachelor In Paradise

Romeo Alexander of “The Bachelorette” season 18
  • I do not remember anything from Romeo on Michelle’s season. This is a clean slate for Romeo.
  • Will his introduction video clip be him holding a rose or something to hint at the William Shakespeare theme?

Michael Allio of “The Bachelorette” season 17
  • We are so happy to have him back. He is going to be a huge voice of reason.
  • I want all the Wells and Michael conversations
  • Are there enough elder people on this show to swoon him?
  • Is Michael going to be a shirt on guy on the beach? He is not as ripped as the rest, and that is because he is normal.

Shanae Ankney of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • She is back. The ultimate villain is back. Genevieve is back as well, so I really hope they get into it.
  • I do not want to see the whole personality turnaround. Give me someone to hate unconditionally.
  • I think she may be the favorite for most blurred person on the beach. Skimpy bathing suits are the only bathing suits that she owns.
  • Will we get a reference to shrimp in the first episode? 100% we will.

Jill Chin of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Why does Hill have a lower resolution photo than anyone else?
  • Jill was on Clayton seasons…and that is all I got.
  • Jill is very cute.

Johnny DePhillipo of “The Bachelorette” Season 19
  • Johnny is built for the beach. Straight up built for the beach.
    • He did not want to be engaged to Gabby. He wasn’t ready for it. He is ready to just date and mingle.
  • The man lived near a beach, so this is going to be like home to him
  • I think that Johnny and the women below could get along swimmingly…
  • To those who say this is too soon for Johnny (there are not many…), I boo you!!!

Brittany Galvin of “The Bachelor” season 25
  • Jill is gorgeous. It is great. I love it. Happy to have her on the beach.
  • She got screwed on Matt James season. This is a redemption tour.
  • Smart for her to take some time off and then come back to Bachelor Nation. A familiar face with a fresh start.
  • I have a hot take that Brittany is going to be hotly sought after.

Justin Glaze of “The Bachelorette” season 17
    • Editors, do you work, but please do not over do it.
  • Justin has grown a magnificent beard. It looks glorious. He is going to be hot on the beach, the beard is heavy.
  • Will be curious to see who flocks to him. He is a fan favorite, but is he a Bachelor Nation favorite?

Hunter Haag of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Hunter has a very tasteful photo.
  • Hunter looks like a girl I went to high school with. Macy Collins. Looks exactly like her. All i remember about Macy is that she liked Dean Thomas for a bit when he came into Pete’s Drive in.
  • Do we remember anything about Hunter from Clayton’s season?

Sierra Jackson of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • So Sierra and Sha-Nay-Nay get posed pictures with a full view that we can see? What is the theme?
  • Sierra was a very vocal part of Clayton’s season, and now she gets to bring that voice and such to the beach.
  • Reading up on her a little bit, and her favorite flower is a black rose? Is that why she is wearing a black bathing suit?
  • Sierra looks like she has some modeling experience.

Brandon Jones of “The Bachelorette” season 18
  • Ohh the love puppy is back!
  • Brandon Jones and Zach are of the same breed, but Brandon handled the disappointment a lot better
  • If I had to dream match Brandon with anyone, I think I would say Brittany. But I think both of them will be sought after highly.
  • Is Michelle going to appear on this season after the break-up with Nayte?

Hailey Malles of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • I have ZERO idea who you are.
  • She was eliiated in week one. She mus tbe something special to be coming back.

Kira Mengistu of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • I will tell you, I don’t know Kira just by her name. I purposely have not looked up her picture yet
    • So I do remember her face! Wasn’t she the one who walked in with the lingerie?
      • Alright, that says something about myself and I apologize
  • From what I do remember about Kira on Clayton’s season is that she was calm and collected when she threw barbs.

Lace Morris of “The Bachelor” season 20
  • The only hold over from Ben Higgins season making an appearance on Bachelor In Paradise
    • I did not watch that season., but I guess she left in week three on her own volition?
  • This is her second stint on Bachelor in Paradise

Logan Palmer of “The Bachelorette” season 19
  • Hmm, a whick return.
  • Will we finally learn why he left Gabby/Rachel’s season? Was it really COVID?? I am skeptical.
  • Will the flip-flopping he had during the latest season of The Bachelorette affect anyone?
    • For the record, Logan was on the right side of the switch
  • I do wish that Logan would change his hair style

Genevieve Parisi of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes. All of the Yeses!
  • Genevieve is gorgeous, but she looked best in blue jeans and a tank top. This is going to be different, not complaining.
  • I am bonking myself.
  • I hope that she and Sha-Nay-Nay do not become friends. I hope that they really dislike each other.
  • Genevieve. Please stay around. Last a long time.

Jacob Rapini of “The Bachelorette” season 19
  • If there is a man who belongs on Bachelor In Paradise, it is Jacob.
  • Will he address the his tough break-up with Gabby?
  • Will he come in wearing his Adam costume that he had to wear on The Bachelorette.
  • My patience wore out with Jacob quickly, so he has to earn it back

Serene Russell of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Serene made it far on Clayton’s season, and she has said that she is very close friends with many other people from Clayton’s season.
    • She has said on the record that Genevieve, Hunter, Susie, Rachel, and Teddi were all good friends of hrs.
      • Genevieve, Hunter, and Teddi are all here. It is a bit of reunion
  • Serene from what I remember was very soft spoken and classy, but she handled moments of stress well when she needed to speak up
  • I don’t think anyone is going to be upset that Serene is on the beach.

Andrew Spencer  of “The Bachelorette” season 17
  • Give me Andrew’s mile all day long.
  • Is Andrew still playing football?
  • Is this a jumping point for him to be The Bachelor? I could see it.
  • Supposedly Andrew had some tweets and such in the past that weren’t the best. But he was younger. I love him still.
  • Please don’t be a dick Andrew.

Teddi Wright of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Back-to-back beautiful smiles!
  • Teddi was a virgin when we last saw her right? I wonder if she is still waiting or no?
  • Teddi loves massages, and the beach seems prime for that.
  • I wonder if Teddi is going to date someone her age, or an older soul?

Casey Woods of “The Bachelorette” season 18
  • Casey is an elder soul like Michael A. I think they can be fast friends.
  • Casey Woods on Michelle Young’s season.
    • Casey was 36 years old when he was on Michelle’s season. He is ever older now.
      • He has to be the silver fox on the beach? At least the conventional silver fox look
  • Casey enjoys traveling so being in an exotic places. He may be looking for a new travel partner.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Monday, Sept. 27 on ABC.

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