Notable Week 2 Nuggets

  • Tom McLaughlin just continues to strut his stuff and dominate. Another dominant win.
  • Tom is one of three times that are undefeated after three weeks
    • My Glockz Out – 331.4 points for
    • Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya – 240.72 points for
    • The Bourne Supremacy – 22.7 points for
  • Speaking personally, I am incredibly lucky to be 2-0
    • I also is going to be in a pickle now with my gamble on Trey Lance. He is out for the year…so I have Carson Wentz on my roster right now. Ouchy mama.
      • I can’t really say anything because RItz is again bitten by the quarterback injury bug. He has had it before, and now it happens again with Dak Prescott.
  • McGinnity picks up with win with another player scoring zero
  • Ronan does not get the win while he is in Ireland
  • It was cool to have two matches come down to Monday night, well kinda three
    • Jimmy vs. myself…but that was last exciting of the bunch
    • Ritz tried a momentous crazy comeback against McGinnity but couldn’t get it done
    • Buzzi survives against Lobo because the bills are too good
Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week 2
  1. My Glockz Out (+80.80)
  2. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (+30.16)
  3. Country Roads Take Mahomes (+23.5)
  4. Team Lobo (-6.84)
  5. -The Bourne Supremacy (-8.66)
  6. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (-10.18)
  7. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (-20.26)
  8. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (-21.62)
  9. Dirty Mike And The Boys (-33.04)
  10. My Own Worst Etiennemy (-40.16)

Week 2 Matchup Recap

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (116.16) defeats Dirty Mike And The Boys (110.4)

A random little fun tid-bit. Ritz scored literally exactly on his projected points mark. ESPN projected 110.4, and that is what Ritz came in at. He did so with Matt Ryan putting up an absolute stinker. He was saved by Stefon Diggs being a fucking monster with 38.8 points, but the zero points from Albert Okwuegbunam of Denver may leave a sinking feeling…specailly with Mike Gesicki on his bench with 12.1 points. Hard to blame Ritz when Gesicki only had 0.6 in week one, but still has to hurt to look at.

McGinnity sends RItz to 0-2 and improves to 1-1 himself behind the depth of his wide receivers. All of them scored double-digit points, and Rashod Bateman looks to be an emerging weapon for Lamar Jackson with a second straight game with a touchdown. McGinnity has depth at the wide receiver position with Jahan Dotson on his bench, and he has arguably looked like the best rookie wide receiver of the season thus far. Ritz may have the other with Drake London of Atlanta….he was also on RItz’s bench.

Buffalo’s defense has to be the MVP for McGinnity. Them scoring 22 points made up for JK Dobbins and Gabe Davis both getting zero being inactive. He still managed to overcome his projection by over 20 points thanks to them. Sure Cooper Kupp could be an option, but this is me zagging on the zig. Let’s go with the lesser sought out position for MVP.

McGinnity improves to 1-1 while Ritz falls to 0-2.

Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (115.96) defeats My Own Worst Etiennemy (90.02)

Steve may have given a little bit of a scare to Tommy on Monday night with Jalen Hurts going Godzilla in the first half, but the brief moment of hope was shattered with a second half that lacked any offensive fire power from anyone. Steve only had two players score double-figures: Hurts, and Daniel Carlson…who is kicker for the Las Vegas Raiders if you didn’t know. Derrick Henry has back-to-back weeks of less than nine points. Last night he only had 13 carries because of a blowout, but still a dangerous trend.

To Steve’s dismay, his bench of six players outscored his roster of 10 players. His beloved New York Get Garrett Wilson had 26 points on his bench, and New England Patriots running back Damien Harris found the end zone with 15.7 points as well. Steve has an empty bench if Keenan Allen doesn’t come off the IR this week.

Tommy picks up his first win of the season and holds Steve winless due in large part to Nick Chubb scoring 30.8 fantasy points. One could say T-Si’s score got Chubby on Chub.

Tommy is in a bit of a predicament at the tight end position with Cole Kmet not being viable at all, and Robert Tonyan have 7.2 combined points over two weeks.

Somehow Justin Fields completed more passes in week one in a monsoon than he did in week two in normal weather. Does not bode well for Kmet.

The Michael Thomas late round pick for Tommy has been fruitful through two weeks with him averaging 17.9 points per game. And that is with Jameis Winston reverting back to his three interception, oh my god I can not see, quality of play.

There is no other option than Mr. Sir. Nicholas Chubb. 87 yards, three touchdowns, also three receptions. Nick Chubb putting in the work as Cleveland’s number one back. Tommy is happy that Chubb scored that last touchdown…and Steve has to be happy as well. Chubb is the reason the New York Jets won the game. Chubb is the reason he lost fantasy. T-Si’s MVP puts Steve in a pretzel.

It is a .500 start for Tommy while Steve is still looking for his first win.

My Glockz Out (158.18) defeats Lights, Kamara, Action (118.22)

How you know things are not going great for Ronan in fantasy football. He lost this game having Lamar Jackson who scored 42.62 points. Ouchy mama. Hope he is enjoying Ireland.

I suppose we can excuse Ronan for allowing Julio Jones to remain in his lineup despite being inactive because he is in a foreign country. Not that one switch would have really made a difference. It is tough to win a game when your opponent has the top scoring wide receiver in Tyreek Hill, and the top scoring defense in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Between them two Tom got 51.5 points. I mean sheesh.

Tom also has to be happy that Jimmy Garoppolo is in at quarterback because not Brandon Aiyuk becomes so much more valuable. There is a much more dependable passing game. That may be needed if Michael Pittman Jr. is going to be on an offense that doesn’t score anything, ever.

The MVP for Tom has to be Tyreek Hill.

Tyreek Hill is not a good person, but he is a good football player. 190 yards on 11 catches with two touchdowns. He caught a pass on all but two targets. Absolutely bonkers. And Tom has Tua Tagovailoa on his bench.

Ronan falls to 0-2 while Tom improves to 2-0 with a second dominant win.

Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (125.46) defeats Team lobo (120.28)

Lobo, please chance your team name. Little originality please!

But we have a bit of a barn-burner here. It came down to Monday night and Josh Allen. Lobo needed a massive game from Allen to stand any chance, and for three quarters he got that game. All had nearly 30 fantasy points with 317 yards passing and four touchdowns, through 45 minutes, but because he led this team to such a large lead, Allen say on the Bills bench for the fourth quarter. Buzzi was the happiest to see Case Keenum get into the game.

Lobo has to be fuming a little at the Indianapolis Colts. His number one pick Jonathan Taylor only got him 6.8 points, and that is not going to get it done any week. Sure, Aaron Jones had 30.5, but he is a rockier base to lean on every week than Taylor…or at least that is what we thought.

Buzzi may have to deal with a Justin Herbert injury, but that is a problem for week three and now a week two recap. You look at Kareem Hunt, Davante Adams and DK Metcalf all having single-digit points and you wonder how Buzzi pulled out this game. It all comes back to his third wide receiver spot, Christian Kirk of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The newly rich wide receiver scored 22.8 points when he was only projected for 10. He is getting a massive target share, and that is a positive thing for a team that will be involved in interesting game throughout the season. Is Kirk a slightly lesser version than Detroit’s Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Buzzi improves to 2-0 and Lobo slips to 1-1

The Bourne Supremacy (131.38) defeats COUNTRY ROADS TAKE MAHOMES (126.8)

Well, this one was a bit closer than I would have liked. It came down to Monday night with Jimmy having Miles Sanders and myself having Minnesota Greg Joseph. I had a solid cushion, but the Vikings absolutely sucking the air out of quality football let to only one point. I am just thankful that Miles Sanders didn’t find the end zone, otherwise it was curtains for me.

Amon-Ra St. Brown is a monster, and a big problem. He had 34.9 points in a win over the Commanders. His performance also nullified a crazy scoring game from one of my own receivers. I will say that St. Brown’s teammate T.J. Hockenson dropped two passes that I saw on Sunday, so appreciate him doing that. Jimmy also has Lions running back D’Andre Swift. Jimmy was sipping the Lions Kool-Aid when drafting.

Jimmy is detesting the prime time unders trench because that meant that both Miles Sanders on Monday and Patrick Mahomes on Thursday didn’t put up their projected point value. The both fell below the mark.

Selfishly, I am very happy Najee Harris didn’t do anything because it helped me in fantasy…and also helped the Patriots.

Carson Wentz had less than five points at halftime against Detroit but carried on a massive second half (fantasy wise) to get me some massive 27.78 points. He is the number two fantasy quarterback right now, which is rather unbelievable. Unfortunately I may need to rely on him because Trey Lance broke his ankle.

Someone who was breaking ankles on Sunday was Miami’s Jaylen Waddle. I was terrified on him last year when he torched New England, and now he is even better. This week he had 34.6 points with 11 receptions for 171 yards and two touchdowns. He helped pick up the slack for both my running backs totaling only 14.4 points. That RB1 and RB2 slots for me are going to be trouble.

For the MVP of this matchup…I am going to go with the New York Jets. Yes, you read that right. The Jets scoring 31 points and not turning the ball over a ton meant that Cleveland’s defense got zero points. A normal day for a defense, or ever then projected point value of 6.9, would have sunken me. This pained me to write…but it is true.

I am the first to admit that I am fortunate to be 2-0.

I somehow improve to 2-0 and Jimmy shrinks to 1-1

Week 3 Matchups

My Own Worst Etiennemy (0-2) vs. The Bourne Supremacy (2-0)
My Glockz Out (2-0) vs. Team Lobo (1-1)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (0-2) vs. Country Roads Take Mahomes (1-1)
Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (1-1) vs. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (2-0)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (1-1) vs. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (0-2)

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