“Prequel series to Star Wars’ ‘Rogue One’. In an era filled with danger, deception and intrigue, Cassian will embark on the path that is destined to turn him into a Rebel hero.”

Directors: Benjamin Caron, Susanne White, Toby Haynes
Writers: Tony Gilroy, George Lucas, Dan Gilroy, Beau Willimon, Stephen Schiff
Staring: Diego Luna, Genevieve O’Rielly, Alex Ferns, Wilf Scolding, Stellan Skarsgard
Release Date: September 21, 2022

Just like the first Andor trailer, this second preview dismisses happy optimism and doubles down on desperation. Within this 90 second sneak peek, the editing snips together a story of trounced upon individuals becoming strained enough to try something both brave and stupid. Andor is doing things dangerous thing called giving me hope. I love the vibe that this spy thriller is going for because, probably to the shagrin of parents of children, it looks to be a unapologetic mature story.

By mature I don’t mean super deep, sexual or incredibly layered. What I mean by mature is that the visuals and tone is mirroring the theme of the story. These are rebels going up against an evil force and this is not a time to joke around, dance in a cantina or dally with potential romance.

Luthen Rael gets the majority of the speaking time in this trailer and that should suite everyone’s ears because he is being played by Stellan Skarsgard. He was fantastic as the plotting overlord Baron Vladimir Harkonnenin in Dune (2021) and in Andor he seems to be scheming again…but for the good guys. He is convincing Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) to take part in this massive quest for an upheaval and then branches out to even further when he makes a pact with Saw Gerrara (Forest Whitaker).

Andor is not going to be a pretty movie, and by that I mean the scenes, sets and atmospheres of the real world are not going be shined and dusted. In this trailer the Empire appears clean and spotless, and that is because they are living in their ivory tower and are blind to the dirt underneath its oppressive foot. Cassian, Luthen, Saw and other rebels are making it their quest to dirty the Empire’s boots with as much mud as possible. Let’s dirty things up.

Andor premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, September 21 with three episodes. According to three different sources, the first season of Andor is going to be 12 episodes long and it is safe to say that the second season will come fairly quickly after the first. The big-wigs of Star Wars announced that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is no longer on its release calendar, so that is a massive audience pull removed after being expected in December of 2023. The Star Wars universe is heavy into TV now, for better or for worse. Andor is part of this business move to streaming, and it needs to be a big hit to avoid the ire of the most toxic fanbase on the Internet.

(For the record, I do think it will be good).

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