This conversation came up in the office today.

It stemmed from the video online yesterday about little leaguer’s hugging it out after a hit by pitch. I came out that I would not hug it out after. I was balked at. I then brought this story up.

When I was 13 years old, I was playing travel baseball. I was on the mound in New Milford. I still remember this game as clear as day. We had the dugout on the third baseline. I remember where the warmup mounds were. I remember the green that New Milford was wearing. I remember the pitcher that our team went up against. His name was Brady. He was very good.

On this team I played kind of every position except the outfield because I was super duper slow and I could not cover any ground at all. The head coach was Mr. Corbett. His son Brian Corbett played on the team. My dad was an assistant coach.

I started this game on the mound for my home town of Southbury. New Milford was a better team than us, and we were going up against Brady on the mound so we were outmatched. I was pitching well, I think i recall keeping us in the game but we were losing.

Around the middle innings, my teammate Brian gets spiked while playing third base. This was one of the first times metal cleats where a thing I think. Brian is bleeding from the leg. I remember my coach FUMING at this. He got really angry. I remember this because I didn’t like seeing my teammate bleed.

Nobody makes me teammate bleed his own blood.

The next time that this player came up to bat, I drilled him. Yes, I drilled him on purpose. He was a righty batter. I remember aiming for around his legs or butt, but I hit him square in the back. I did it on purpose, 100%.

I remember the head coaches screaming at each other after this happened. I just got the ball back and walked to the back of the mound as the yelling was happening across the field.

Am I a psychopath for doing this?

Some coworkers of mine would say that “yes, you could have killed him.” Others say that I am in the right. Polling the crowd, it is split fairly 50/50. Some are saying it is because I did not watch Even Stevens as a kid. Or any show with a moral compass really. I did not have cable. All I watched was sports. I guess that poisoned me with toxic competitive masculinity.

I see nothing wrong with this. Looking back on it now, I would still do it. I don’t think it is crazy that a 13 year old would think that way.

I asked my dad about this. He had a great response.

That is a good father right there. He knows I was just defending my teammate’s honor.

Later in this game I hit a triple off of Brady down the right field line. It was an awesome hit. Also an awesome accomplishment for me because I was slower than grass growing or a sloth on marijuana.

I think I am normal. That is not psychopath behavior. I have plenty of other psychopath behaviors.

Look at me in this photo. I am about 10/11 (I think). I look adorable. I would never have psychopath behavior.

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