Clayton suddenly grew a pair of balls, huh?


  • Five people get sent home this episode. Five people. A genuinely shocking about of people. Talking about dwindling the heard really, really fast.
  • We start out with a reminder that Sarah is on mission to ruin people’s lives, in particular Mara. They pair do not like each other, and Sarah spits a ton of venom.
    • When she comes back to the women she creates a bit of a lie that “Clayton said this was a plot from someone who’s relationship is not as strong.”
    • Mara opens up and says that she is the one who spoke to Clayton about someone not being ready for an engagement. So now their rivalry is out in the open.
  • Let’s get going with the first of TWO rose ceremonies! Massive.
    • Clayton has his little jar gifting to Serene, which is cute but didn’t resonate with me personally.
    • Clayton and Susie are just adorable together and Rachel is ALLLLL about it Clayton.
    • Sara and Mara fight, and Mara calls Sara out for parading around
      • Sara makes a point that if her relationship with Clayton is strong then she shouldn’t need to hide it…which is fair. But this little rivalry is making her be a bit too braggadocios.
      • I do love how this is supposed to be a spontaneous conversation but there is a mat with candles lighting the stage
    • At the end of the day, Clayton sent home Mara and Eliza
      • Not surprised by Mara because Clayton just had better chemistry with Sarah.
      • Eliza did nothing wrong at all, she is just to normal for the show. She will be coveted on Paradise if she wants to do.
  • Susie gets a second one-on-one date and is allowed to be a Disney Princess…like she literally is one.
    • Susie gets to do a fashion show and just do a ton of shopping….which is a lot better than the therapy group tae date that is going to be happening later in the episode.
    • I am pretty sure that Susie thanks Clayton for getting her all of the dresses and stuff…I mean Susie…Clayton didn’t do that. The producers and the show did, etc.
    • Oh I should mention that they are in Vienna now, which is pretty freaking sweet
    • Susie is gorgeous. It is super duper pretty. Like let’s call it as it is.
      • She does look absolutely so good in red. All the other contestants know it too.
    • If Susie is going to be the next Bachelorette, they can do the princess theme with zero problem.
    • It is hilarious that Susie went back to the hotel with all the bags and all the women had to watch. Just hilarious.
      • Show off these red bottom shoes which are kinda a big deal, I guess?
    • Susie gets the rose at the end of the dinner portion, so all is well.
      • It was nice to have an older man be the musical guest, not a new up and comer.
  • So now we have this group date, and oh boy is this a doozy.
      • They cut out the scene of Trent bringing out Genevieve’s suitcase (spoiler, she goes home), and boy they missed out by cutting it.
  • Alright so continuing on this group date
    • Did not know that Sigmund Freud is from Vienna. That is a good fun fact.
    • It is couples counseling, and it is again forcing people to be something that perhaps they do not want to be.
      • This is where we shout out Genevieve for being true to herself and not opening up a ton. She is not comfortable with it, and Clayton sees it, and they actually make the smart decision to not keep her around.
        • Genevieve is the unsung hero of this season, both in looks and in vibes.
          • She looks better in normal clothes than in any dress.
    • The rest of the women do their best in the couples counseling, but one truly true steps up the challenge…
      • Sarah is a lying conniving bitch. She went into this therapy session and THANKED THE THERAPIST which is a known bad move number one because god that looked fake, and then she was obviously being a fucking pretender.
      • Turns out that this therapist women thought someone was being fake as well…I WONDER WHO IT COULD BE??
        • Clayton is shooketh!!
    • It is during this group that Teddi, Rachel and Gabby all begin talking how Sarah is not all she is meant to be.
    • So no we get to the cocktail party portion…and that is where the trio of girls on this date will spill all their guts about Sarah to Clayton.
      • So Sarah told the group that she and Clayton cried together…like that is a huge crowning achievement.
      • Clayton’s response to hearing this is very funny; he is shocked that she would lie like that. This results in a sit-down meeting.
        • Clayton brings it all on the table for Sarah, and she starts to cry (she is not a pretty crier). BUT CLAYTON IS NOT HAVING IT! HE JUST CALLS HER OUT. and POOF, her tears are gone! He just doesn’t believe her. Is Clayton learning? Is he finally adapting? Is this really happening?
      • Sarah tries to plead to Clayton one last time, but he isn’t having it. It is hilarious because then all of sudden when she is in the car, she is vindictive and back to being pure evil.
        • Sarah is the sorority girlfriend that you never ever want to date, ever.
  • Anddddd I forgot that Serene has a one-on-one date.
    • There are so many stationed things in this one-on-one, but the most noticeable is the dancing.
    • Guess what, there is not a lot of things happening at all on this one-on-one date.
      • She gets the group date rose and a stationed kiss in front of a famous painting called “The Kiss.”
  • The final rose ceremony before hometowns!
    • We know that Susie and Serene are safe
    • It is time to find out between Teddi, Gabby and Rachel who is going on.
      • We all know it is going to be Rachel, and from the previews…I knew it was Gabby. Teddi gets sent home and without much fanfare.
        • Teddi got to share her story about her virginity and she got the shine she really did deserve because she handled herself well.


4. Serene

(Last Week 8)

I feel bad for Serene because I have forgotten about her. She got the jars from Clayton…which was meh. Serene has done nothing wrong. She is just too normal for this show.

3. Gabby

(Last Week 3)

Gabby is the best friend of this group. Hands down. Nobody can have a bad thing to say about her. She is wonderful. Her facial reactions are again amazing thing.

2. Rachel

(Last Week 1)

Rachel is legit head-over-heels for Clayton, much more so than he is falling for her. Does he like her a lot yes…but I think that he likes for confidence that she gives him with her affection.

1. Susie

(Last Week 2)

Susie is going to be the next bachelorette, and I am for would be excited for that. She is the Disney princess of this season and she has the charm to pull it off.

The next episode of The Bachelor airs on Monday, February 28th at 8 PM ET on ABC.

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