Week 14 Recap

Straight Up: 11-3
Against The Spread: 9-5
Mortal Lock: 1-0 (Seattle -7.0)

Thursday, December 16

Kansas City Chiefs (-4.0) vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Straight Up: Los Angeles Chargers
Against The Spread: Los Angeles Chargers (+4.0)

Saturday, December 18

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns (-6.0)

Straight Up: Las Vegas Raiders
Against The Spread: Las Vegas Raiders (+6.0)

New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts (-2.0)

Straight Up: New England Patriots
Against The Spread: New England Patriots (+2.0)

Sunday, December 19

Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-5.0)

Straight Up: Philadelphia Eagles
Against The Spread: Philadelphia Eagles (-5.0)

Dallas Cowboys (-10.5) vs. New York Giants

Straight Up: Dallas Cowboys
Against The Spread: Dallas Cowboys (-10.5)

New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins (-8.5)

Straight Up: Miami Dolphins
Against The Spread: New York Jets (+8.5)

Arizona Cardinals (-13.5) vs. Detroit Lions

Straight Up: Arizona Cardinals
*Against The Spread: Arizona Cardinals (-13.5)*

*Mortal Lock*

Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5)

Straight Up: Houston Texans
Against The Spread: Houston Texans (+2.5)

Carolina Panthers vs. Buffalo Bills (-10.5)

Straight Up: Buffalo Bills
Against The Spread: Buffalo Bills (-10.5)

Tennessee Titans (-2.0) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Straight Up: Tennessee Titans
Against The Spread: Tennessee Titans (-2.0)

Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers (-8.5)

Straight Up: San Francisco 49ers
Against The Spread: Atlanta Falcons (+8.5)

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Denver Broncos (-1.0)

Straight Up: Cincinnati Bengals
Against The Spread: Cincinnati Bengals (+1.0)

Green Bay Packers (-5.5) vs. Baltimore ravens

Straight Up: Green Bay Packers
Against The Spread: Green Bay Packers (-5.5)

Seattle seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams (-5.0)

Straight Up: Los Angeles Rams
Against The Spread: Los Angeles Rams (-5.0)

New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-11.5)

Straight Up: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Against The Spread: New Orleans Saints (+11.5)

Monday, December 13

Minnesota Vikings (-3.5) vs. Chicago BEars

Straight Up: Minnesota Vikings
Against The Spread: Minnesota Vikings (-3.5)

Last Week

Straight Up: 11-3
Against The Spread: 9-5
Mortal Lock: 1-0 (Seattle -7.0)

Straight Up: 122-85-1 (.587)
Against The Spread: 98-108-2 (.471)
Mortal Locks: 6-6-1 (.500) (One short because forgot to pick week 11)

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“Shotgun Wedding” Is Two Beautiful People…And That’s About It

“Darcy and Tom gather their families for the ultimate destination wedding but when the entire wedding party is taken hostage the bride and groom must save their loved ones–if they don’t kill each other first.” Director: Jason MooreWriters: Mark HammerStaring: Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer CoolidgeRated: RRelease Date: January 27, 2023IMDB I know,…

“Women Talking” Leaves You Speechless. Also, Men Are The Worst.

“Do nothing. Stay and fight. Or leave. In 2010, the women of an isolated religious community grapple with reconciling a brutal reality with their faith.” Director: Sarah PolleyWriters: Sarah Polley, Miriam ToewsStaring: Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, Frances McDormand, Judith IveyRated: PG-13Release Date: January 20, 2023IMDB Taking place in the year 2010, Women Talking…

“15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bigfoot (#1 Will Blow Your Mind)” Tricked Me With Its Poster

“(#1 Will blow your mind) A clickbait journalist is sent to the Appalachian foothills to cover a Bigfoot Convention where he discovers there’s more to this listicle than meets the eye.” Director: Zach LamplughWriters: Zach Lamplugh, Brian EdmondStaring: Brian Edmond, Jeffrey Stephenson, Zach LamplughRated: NRRelease Date: April 9, 2021IMDB The only reason I downloaded 15…

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