Week 14 Recap

Straight Up: 11-3
Against The Spread: 9-5
Mortal Lock: 1-0 (Seattle -7.0)

Thursday, December 16

Kansas City Chiefs (-4.0) vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Straight Up: Los Angeles Chargers
Against The Spread: Los Angeles Chargers (+4.0)

Saturday, December 18

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns (-6.0)

Straight Up: Las Vegas Raiders
Against The Spread: Las Vegas Raiders (+6.0)

New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts (-2.0)

Straight Up: New England Patriots
Against The Spread: New England Patriots (+2.0)

Sunday, December 19

Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-5.0)

Straight Up: Philadelphia Eagles
Against The Spread: Philadelphia Eagles (-5.0)

Dallas Cowboys (-10.5) vs. New York Giants

Straight Up: Dallas Cowboys
Against The Spread: Dallas Cowboys (-10.5)

New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins (-8.5)

Straight Up: Miami Dolphins
Against The Spread: New York Jets (+8.5)

Arizona Cardinals (-13.5) vs. Detroit Lions

Straight Up: Arizona Cardinals
*Against The Spread: Arizona Cardinals (-13.5)*

*Mortal Lock*

Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5)

Straight Up: Houston Texans
Against The Spread: Houston Texans (+2.5)

Carolina Panthers vs. Buffalo Bills (-10.5)

Straight Up: Buffalo Bills
Against The Spread: Buffalo Bills (-10.5)

Tennessee Titans (-2.0) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Straight Up: Tennessee Titans
Against The Spread: Tennessee Titans (-2.0)

Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers (-8.5)

Straight Up: San Francisco 49ers
Against The Spread: Atlanta Falcons (+8.5)

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Denver Broncos (-1.0)

Straight Up: Cincinnati Bengals
Against The Spread: Cincinnati Bengals (+1.0)

Green Bay Packers (-5.5) vs. Baltimore ravens

Straight Up: Green Bay Packers
Against The Spread: Green Bay Packers (-5.5)

Seattle seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams (-5.0)

Straight Up: Los Angeles Rams
Against The Spread: Los Angeles Rams (-5.0)

New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-11.5)

Straight Up: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Against The Spread: New Orleans Saints (+11.5)

Monday, December 13

Minnesota Vikings (-3.5) vs. Chicago BEars

Straight Up: Minnesota Vikings
Against The Spread: Minnesota Vikings (-3.5)

Last Week

Straight Up: 11-3
Against The Spread: 9-5
Mortal Lock: 1-0 (Seattle -7.0)

Straight Up: 122-85-1 (.587)
Against The Spread: 98-108-2 (.471)
Mortal Locks: 6-6-1 (.500) (One short because forgot to pick week 11)

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