• We have two one-on-one’s this week and a group date. Everything I have heard dis that the group date does not go great.
  • Martin gets the first one-on-one, and it would appear that Olu and Michelle are on the same page. In separate interviews they each mention how Martin was close with Jamie and they don’t know if the trust is there.
  • Martin’s one-on-one is in cars because he is an adrenalin junky…because he did a backflip when he got out of the limo? That is a little weird.
  • Martin and Michelle’s one-on-one did not go great. It is weird to be driving in different cars even though they have walkie talkies, then when they got in the hot tub it was nothing to write home about either. It was meh. Martin didn’t answer Michelle’s questions about Jamie well at all.
  • The dinner portion of the one-on-one date went better, but still not shocking well. Was a little surprised that she gave him a rose? Yes.
  • Also, Marin, you look so much better when you are dressed up and with glasses on. The difference in attraction and retention is palatable between the two vibes he puts one.
  • Okay, so this group date. Michelle is upset she is not getting attention, which is fair…to a point. A lot of these activities are not duo activities per say, and frankly they look fun as hell. The one thing that made me officially go over to Michelle’s side is when they did this stupid ab punching challenge. So so dumb. Olu was a bit too cavalier with his buffness…but they he actually showed it off and hot damn.
  • Oh I forgot to mention how the guys were in pajamas! No wonder they were comfy and didn’t wanna put in extra effort! Also Chris S. complaining about the whitey tighties then doing the Risky Business…I mean puck a lane dude.
  • Brendan vs. Olu was a very funny visual. I give credit to Brendan.
  • Michelle when she kind of sort of snapped at Taysha and Bristow for asking…that was real. She was legit pissed. I am shocked how none of the guys noticed how angry she looked. Based solely off her body language, Michelle was straight up NOT having a good time.
  • Cotton Candy is underrated. I love pure sugar.
  • Rick gets the second one-on-one date, and one thing we can all agree on is that Michelle is not afraid of heights. She went rock climbing with Jamie and then there is this gondola ride. Rick is like me, staying away from the edges of whatever heights are there.
  • Rick having the story about his father when going through the different wishes on the hike was a heart breaker.
  • Rick’s one-on-one put Martin’s to shame in terms of connection and entertainment.
  • I have not liked Chris S. from the beginning and I am oh-so-happy that his evilness is now being shown. For Chris S. to say Nayte is acting cocky when he himself came in as brash as he did is oh-so-rich.
  • I am SHOCKED that Will got sent home. He looked like a broken man at the rose ceremony. It is like he knew his time was up. After Pete threw his jacket into the pool, Will was nowhere to be seen. Did Peter actually win in the discourse?
  • We are heading to Minnesota!!! We have some traveling!!! We are back to normal…a little!!!


11. Chris S.

(Last Week 14)

A slimy, annoying little snake. That is what Chris S. is, indeed. Whomever said that Chris S. was falling behind so this was his last stand…well I think that is right. People can be confident and sure Chris can not like them for that, but there is ZERO need to put them all on blast.

10. Leroy

(Last Week 13)

I have been wrong about Leroy for two weeks. I have thought he was going home, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case at all. What am I missing with Leroy?

9. Clayton

(Last Week 8)

Ohh Clayton struggled this week. No memorable positive moments and in his interview during the play-date group date he mentioned the boys a bunch of times before mentioning Michelle.

8. Martin

(Last Week 6)

Martin…you have to learn what works well for you! When Martin dresses up with the glasses and such, he looks really good. When Martin dresses in the cut-off sleeves flannel, he does not. I don’t think Michelle and he’s one-on-one date was that great, but he still survives another week.

7. Rick

(Last Week 11)

Rick’s one-on-one date was really sweet and it really put Martin’s to shame. Rick is a bit of a wierdo, and not in a bad way. Michelle seems to be digging his quirkiness and add in the heartfelt story about his date…it was all positives for Rick this episode.

6. Casey

(Last Week 7)

He is still hanging around! How about this guy! The old-man of the crew has been steadily getting more screen time and it has been working for him. I was surprised he didn’t get axed, but am happy to see him still donning the rose.

5. Olumide

(Last Week 9)

First thing first. Olumide is RIPPED. Very, very muscular. Buttt the ab punching thing was a really weird. Then Olu had the genuine tears during the second portion of the group date following Michelle’s speech. Up and down episode for Olu, but more positive’s than negative.

4. Rodney

(Last Week 5)

The big cuddly bear did his thing…and that was about it. Not much happened for Rodney, only that he got to wear a onesie and seemed upset about it.

3. Nayte

(Last Week 1)

Nayte was doing his Nayte thing and all things were fine…but maybe he got a little bit too confident? Nayte is going to get a one-on-one at some point, he isn’t wrong for thinking that. The points are really docked for Nayte when you look at the fight with Chris S. and Nayte really didn’t come off well either.

2. Brandon J.

(Last Week 2)

Brandon is adorable and Michelle likes him a lot. He is the opposite of Casey. Brandon is doughie-eyed for Michelle. Just look at the rose ceremony when he couldn’t contain his smile. ADORABLE.

1. Joe

(Last Week 3)

Joe is still hot. Joe is going to get to go on a one-on-one in the hometown that he and Michelle share. Joe has all arrows pointed upward. When they play basketball on their one-on-one date (as we saw in the previews), the rest of the men should go home.

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