“Something has changed, Geralt”

Geralt is back. Ciri is back. Yennefer is back. Dandelion is back. We are back on The Continent.

This second full trailer for The Witcher season two begins with an ominous voiceover dictating how the beasts of The Continent have begun a reawakening. I don’t mean just the monsters, but also the humans, elves and all the violent folks of the North and South.

After seeing Geralt afflicted by a potion and the aftermath of the Nilgaard’s temporary defeat, we get a final visual with this foreboding voiceover. It is a tree (seemingly magical) that has numerous necklaces of befallen Witchers hanging from its branches. We saw one witcher bite the dust in season one. Will there be others who are bested by a blade or beast?

You know what Geralt says to all of this ‘end of days’ stuff? “It’s all horseshit.” He utters this confidence to a two-horned husky character known as Nivellen. We will learn more about him during the season. Speaking frankly, I don’t remember him from the books.

Next noticeable screenshot can come at the 40 second mark where Yennefer and Fringilla are in custody of what appear to be elves. The two sorceresses each trained with one another at Aretuza during season one, but have since had a falling out when Fringilla aligned herself with the Nilfgaard kingdom. After showing Yennefer and Fringilla in captivity together, the trailer brings us to Aretuza and Tissaia (MyAnna Buring).

A few clips later we get to see Yennefer warning Fringilla about the dangerous leader of Nilfgaard. What is the kingdom and it’s ruler after? It would appear from the editing of this preview that Fringilla does not heed the warning and she is preaching how Nilfgaard will rebuild its forces because it is an empire. It won’t be denied.

As Fringilla continues her solo about how no one stands a chance against her kingdom, we see Geralt come face-to-face with a fiery hands foe that appears to have a lot of magical power. That fight of magical foes (who is said to be Rience) is just one of many Geralt will have this season. At the 1:20 mark we see the Witcher battling against some thugs and an awesome camera moment highlight the agility and fighting prowess of the Butcher of Blaviken.

We get to hear the sultery sounds of Henry Cavill’s voice at the 90 second mark, and his message is eeriely similiar to something that is preached in Dune (2021). “Fear is an illness that can consume you.” is very similar to “Fear is the mind killer.” Fear can cripple you.

As the hip-hop beats of Kayne’s Monster begin to flow in the second half of the trailer, we get an AWESOME shot of various witcher’s at Kaer Morhen getting ready for battle. Is it Rience coming to take out Ciri? Is this clip before or after Geralt sees Rience?

Coën, Vesemir, Lambert, and two other witchers getting ready for battle against…something?

Among the new witchers we meet, there are a couple other new characters to keep an eye one. According to Screenrant we get our introduction to Francesca Findabair, who is the leader of the Lodge of Sorceresses, which is a group that’s considered the most beautiful women in the world. She is an elf. Yennefer and Fringilla are captured by elves. Findabair is a sorceress. Yennefer and Fringilla are magical as well. I am sensing a connection.

Anyone who played The Witcher 3 may have freaked out when they saw the moving house and its glowing eyes windows. It can be assumed that this is the home of the Crones, some truly evil baddies who eat and consume children. Not good folks. Let me tell you. That should be a very violent and magical battle. We see Ciri and Geralt have to fight a Leshen, a forest creature. We also see Geralt talking to someone in front of a forest asking “Are you ready?” Do all these scenes connect? I hope so!

Amongst the introduction of new characters, both good and bad, we get looks at Cahir, Stregobor, and Triss.

One thing that is obvious from this latest trailer is that Ciri is going to be a fighter. Through the final nearly two minutes of the trailer we get Ciri training to be a Witcher and training to earn the trust of Geralt.

We can not forget about Dandelion (Joey Batey)! With the voiceover coming up “Man, Myth, Legend.” rolling as the broken lyre depressingly lies, we have Geralt coming to the lyricist asking for his help. In his wonderfully sassy characterure voice, Dandelion pretends to not want to do it and we are blessed with his presence again.

The Witcher season two comes out on December 17, 2021 on Netflix.

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