Have you all seen or heard of the story Old Yeller? What Katie did to Thomas at the end of that episode is the equivalent. She took his personna and smooshed it like a grape and now his hopes and being the leading man on a TV show are bamboozled (until he gets on Paradise).

Episode four had some big swings and turns. I got to watch this episode with my parents which was an absolute blast because my mom hates the show and she did not disappoint in her commentary. She had some mighty evil things to say, and to be fair, most of them were directed at Thomas.

Other things of note:

  • That group date where they had to eat all of the food was gross. That many Twinkies and calories in a sitting would have me ruined for days upon days upon days.
  • Tre and Andrew S. just vehemently disagree on how to approach Katie on the Thomas scenario; Tre wants to be honest and speak for everyone and Andrew S. wants to just focus on himself and and not bring the mood down.
    • The crazy part with this is that Tre’s strategy worked and he got the group rose which infuriated me.
  • So we have Blake Moynes. He has reappeared on the show as the horny newcomer. He is going after his third bachelorette in a year…and that doesn’t ring any alarm bells?
    • The producers timed his arrival to the house well. They are just replacing drama with drama. Out goes Thomas…in comes Blake. It does appear that Blake at least know that he is going to be walking into a shit storm.
  • Thomas was the only one to be wearing a brightly colored jacket at the Rose ceremony; I find it really hard to believe that was just a coincidence.
  • Was Thomas’ exit at the rose ceremony the best send off since I have been watching the show? I think so.
  • The slight little head nod that Tayshia did towards Katie after she send Thomas packing was one all friends know.
  • The incredibly weird commercial break right before Thomas got sent home was a choice. I have to think that there was a better break opportunity where the drama would have been able to build and the pay off had been more natural…but that commercial break had everyone on Twitter talking out it and Thomas seemingly getting the rose.


(Last Week #17)

How is he still on the show? After all the Thomas drama…he opened up his convo with Katie ABOUT Thomas!


(Last Week #15)

James has done nothing since coming out of the box. His hair is always perfectly quaffed as well. He must hate to look at the chaos that is Hunter’s hair.


(Last Week #11)

Can’t get over how bad his tattoo is. Maybe this ranking is shadowed by the “what’s coming up next week” segment where he goes all crazy, but Hunter is becoming unhinged. I don’t know if this is my bias against him, but his stares are glares are getting more ominous.


(Last Week N/A)

So Blake is back. Was not a huge fan of him with the Clayshia season, but will admit that he warmed on me a little when he became a bit self aware after the airing of the show. Still don’t like him coming in late…but at least he didn’t who up in a wedding gown.


(Last Week #10)

I will say what I said last week. Andrew has done nothing wrong…but he also hasn’t done anything to stand out either. I don’t see him having a lot of chemistry with Katie, but the fact he is still here and kicking with his normal vibe speaks to him.

10. TRE

(Last Week #9)

Tre may only be moving down one spot but my opinion of him is dropping more. He is very loud and fun…but he is also loud and whiney. He does not know how to be above the fray when it comes to the Thomas stuff. I don’t know a lot about Tre the person, only what Tre thinks of other people.


(Last Week #8)

Not a lot of screen time from Quartney this episode. His sense of style is great, but in terms of personality, he is a quiet one and tough to figure out.


(Last Week #7)

Aaron has the same problem as Tre; that being that he is incredibly loud and sometimes about the wrong topics. Not saying his opinions are wrong…just the ones he chooses to discuss. The one thing Aaron has over Tre is that Katie actually vibes with him. Now it may be in the friend zone variety…but that is still better than what Tre has.


(Last Week #13)

Josh is just sneaky always around but never doing the wrong thing. He LOVES his turtle necks, and to be fair he can rock them. Like Andrew M., Josh has been very quiet, but I do think he may have the best smile on the show of any of the guys. He is foxy.


(Last Week #6)

The reaction GOAT. He did not disappoint again this week.


(Last Week #4)

Barely ANY screen time for Connor B. on Monday. He is a case for the need of “Previously on the Bachelorette” because I forgot that he had a rose. He did NOT have a good tie at the rose ceremony.


(Last Week #5)

Mike had the best line of the episode: “Dude, I haven’t had a carb in seven years.” Mike is endearing and he must truly care about Katie if he ATE THAT MANY FREAKING TWINKIESSS??? They can’t possibly ask them to eat them all right?


(Last Week #2)

Status quo for the true front-runner. Katie still loves Greg and is going to end up with Greg and that seems inevitable. I never would have thought the most non-dramatic guys would be on top this long…but Greg, and the remainder of the top three are all in their own tier.


(Last Week #1)

The biggest compliment he could have had this episode was that Katie was still thinking about their one-on-one…which is exactly what she gave him! He has done no wrong.


(Last Week #3)

He is back on top baby. This maybe purely because of screen time and the fact that Michael and Greg didn’t have a ton…but so be it. I like the way he approached the Thomas conversation on the group date…which was not to mention it. His Taco Bell date may have included some Lunchables but he still makes Katie smile.

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