Here we are. Another season of The Bachelorette and we have the confident and lovely Katie in the lead. People who know me and read my power rankings last year know that I am a huge fan of Katie. Yes, I have a crush on her. Now it is her chance go through the journey (I love how a contestant said quest during the show) and find love.

Just some initial thoughts before going into my power rankings of the REMAINING (she did not get rid of a lot did she?) men.

  • So many gimmicks. So so many. So many different vehicles.
  • They went over the top with the sexual jokes and puns. Both the show and the men arriving. The most GROANNNNING one was the “not dry bushes here” said by Katie herself.
  • Really shoutout to the producers to creating a truly random fight and beef between Cody and Aaron. Like WTF, where did that come from?
  • Smart of the producers and nice of Tayshia to where a simple black dress. Just opening night of bachelorette when Tayshia first met the men and looked STUNNING.
  • Katie’s dress was fine. Just good. It was not bad, it was not great. Right down the road. I wonder if it was her choice or producer’s choice put her in red since she is open about sex and red is the color for passion.
  • The diversity on the show this season seems great. This is a topic with the show continuously so just props to them for keeping up with that and trying to improve.
  • Didn’t love a lot of the fashion choices of the guys. Not a lot of people stood out, except for box guy, which is hilarious because we didn’t meet him to 30 minutes left in the episode.


Bro. Why are you fighting Cody? Where the hell did that come from?

22. KARL

I don’t like Karl. He has a ton of alpha energy and loves to navigate a room and steer the direction of a conversation. He enjoyed hearing himself talk a lot in episode one. I do think he will be a good narrator for the show but that’s about all the positives I have now. I think this may be part of a bias for me against motivational speakers.


His hair style is from the 90s boy bands and his complaining wore on me. You didn’t get to see Katie but I didn’t see you making any moves!

20. MIKE

A Christian virgin and he is going to mesh well with Katie? In all seriousness of reality, I just don’t get how they would be romantically compatible. The virgin storyline died many moons ago in this show, but with this season being so sexually prevalent, it had to be a part of it.

19. JOHN

I really like his smile and his face. Want to know the bar he works at where he is a bartender. In terms of other stuff, don’t think he stuck out on the show a lot.


I think that David was the one that was SUPER talkative and stressed out at the rose ceremony and he HUSTLED to get that rose.


He exists. That’s all I got for Connor C. I do not remember him at all from the episode.

16. CODY

Cody got in the random beef with Aaron and I just don’t know how in the hell it even started. I guess that Cody did something to piss Aaron off…but what exactly…I have no idea. I do get kinda quiet evil vibe from Cody, but only time can tell.


I say this only because it is fact, but he is the palest on there, and I hope he brought a lot of sunscreen for the desert. Again, didn’t get much from him at all in week one’s episode.

14. JOSH

A very formal looking man, we did not get too much from Josh in episode one. Seems to be a theme with quiet a few guys.


BOSTON. They poked fun at the accent in his short appearance. Not a surprise.

12. KYLE

Who are you? They showed your face a lot but I don’t remember a thing you did in the episode. My bet is that he is in the show for the long haul.


He is Johnny Bravo but Canadian. He also says he doesn’t love hockey but somehow everything about him week one was hockey related? Why is his hair so tall?


Thomas smiles a lot. A lot lot. He also sweats. A lot. Thomas is like the over eager dog who is going to eventually nip someone and get one someone’s nerves.


We did not get a ton from Andrew M., but based off his job as a district attorney and the short little snippets we got of him, I think he has his head on his shoulders. He is going to try and be the doc joe (even if he doesn’t try, America will.

8. TRE

This dude had a TONNNN of energy. The ball pit in the truck is a statement…one that I could not relate to because I was never allowed to go into them as kids. I think Tre is going to shine bright but for a short amount of time.


The only real contribution I have for Justin comes from my girlfriend is that he belongs in Netflix’s “Bridgerton” with his eyebrows.


This is a strange name and admittedly a different looking dude than the rest of the crew. Slender man, he is, but he has a strong presence.


James COMMITTED to the box bit and I have to admit that it worked much better for him than expected. He is handsome and he looked GREATTTT in the tux or suit he was wearing. Also it looks like the gang took a liking to him right away.


Well the cat costume was a choice, a gamble for sure. Luckily it all seemed to pay off in the end and he left a lasting impact. I like Connor B. because he has confidence; the type of confidence where doesn’t need to be better than other people but just be confident enough not to be embarrassed of self.


Michael was cute as hell. He brought up his kids early which is important and smart because now it is not going to be a bombshell later. It is hard to see him winning, but he put his best foot forward.


FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE GREG. One of my sister’s has him as her favorite right from the jump. The thing with Greg is that he is attainably hot. At the bar, anyone can feel like they can get with him. He was adorably nervous with Katie, which is interesting because I don’t think he gave off the most confident vibes but Katie said that was big for her.


Andrew was awesome. Good looking dude but an even better sense of humor. The fake accent thing worked really well and Katie was able to participate with it later. He was not afraid to laugh at himself and the whole situation. He is a positive vibes guy.

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