Here is a brand new big swing from WB. The IMDB summary of Reminscene is “A scientist discovers a way to relive your past and uses the technology to search for his long lost love.”

Are we sure that Christopher Nolan didn’t make Reminscence? Anyone else get major Inception (2010) vibes from the opening shot of the trailer with the ocean and abandoned city? And you know what, it all makes sense. Director and writer Lisa Joy is the sister-in-law of Nolan, and she is married to the other Nolan brother, Jonathan. Joy is also involved with HBO’s Westworld; a show that looks phenomenal but struggles to keep its story on track.

Alright the trailer won be back a bit with the emergence of Rebecca Ferguson. Ferguson was arguably the best part of Doctor Sleep and she made a memorable appearance in Mission Impossible: Fallout; her stock seems to be rising in Hollywood.

Also, it just has to be said. Ferguson looks incredible in this trailer. Already an attractive woman, but put into high fashion dresses, that is just unfair. One can also wonder if she had a coach to teach her how ot make longing gazes that act as tracker beams.

In the trailer is Thandiwe Newton, the star of the aforementioned Westworld. It is a little funny how Ferguson’s name in Reminscene is Mae and Newton’s is Maeve in Westworld.

The old, abandoned carnival around the 1:30 mark of the trailer gives me Batman The Killing Joke vibes. We all know that Nolan was within the Batman universe, so the tangential connection is there. But wait, there is more!

At 1:40, we have Hugh Jackman (who I forgot to mention is playing the lead in this movie) screaming “Where is she!?” While it is not the EXACT same line as in The Dark Knight (2009), it is EERIELY similar to when Christian Bale is growling “Where are they!?” In fact, a lot of people think Batman says “Where is she?!” but that is a common misconception.

When Ferguson is on the bar at 1:57 with that eye level look from the presumed glass on the bar, all I can think about is Lady Gaga from A Star Is Born (2018) singing “La Vie En Rose.”

The final 30 seconds of Reminscene showcase more of the action that is sure to be in the movie, as well as some allegorical images like Jackman’s character Nick Bannister diving deep into a well of water with a light shining upon him.

Overall, this is just a man’s humble opinion, but Reminscene’s trailer is underwhelming. It is a constant reminder of other movies. This story which may be an original screenplay from Joy, seems to take a ton from inspiration from plenty of well-known movies. It looks like a blend of Inception, Westworld and Blade Runner (1982). Each of those respective things are entertaining on their own, but together it looks like a bit of a jumbled mess.

Will I still see Reminscene as soon as possible upon its release? You betcha. Am I super excited for the movie? Not in particular.

Reminscene comes out on August 20, 2021 in theaters and on HBO MAX.

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