• So here are the things, these relationships, they are all from places ACROSS the globe? Like are any of them going to last after this show (money is on no)
  • Harry telling Kori to have fun…that is anti growth so Lana should take back the green he gave to Francesca
    • He should freak out. That is a MAJOR MAJOR THING
  • Kori dresses hot? All they do is where shorts or swim trunks. THERE IS NO FASHION THERE.
    • Francesca about to risk it all
  • Kori gets to go on a date…and he picks Francesca. HOMEWRECKER INDEED
    • Having Kelz in the room (who was also “burned” by her) was a smart choice
  • Francesca is going to turn it down! Love it! Actually rooting for it, how about them apples.
    • Or not. Because she is the worst. Ready for a test? Like what do you need a test for?
    • This is like the time I had an ex-girlfriend who went to a concert with another guy…she said it wasn’t a date…then came back and was like “wow it was like date.”
    • Chloe is going to be devastated.
    • Francesca can’t make up her mind at all
  • Kori is smooth AF, but I mean it can’t be that hard to realize that he is playing a game?
    • He literally is trying to break them up and HOW would he know any of this for real.
    • Francesca eventually turns down Kori
      • In talking with Harry…he says that “they passed a test” but what did he do to pass it?
  • Side note, did the new people get watches?
    • This was answered a bit later…and yes they do.
  • Chloe getting a bit of anger out in Francesca but to be fair she actually handled it kind of nicely.
  • Forgot about David and Lydia. They are a thing.
  • Alright, female empowerment. Let’s see how this goes
    • Shan is back for Yoni Puja
    • I do not want to see these paintings.
    • I hate all of this.
  • Kori and Chloe going to have a chat
    • Chloe is going to give him a piece of his mind
    • Kori can’t make eye contact at all
  • Sharron and Rhonda now talking. Rhonda about to reveal the son
    • What a way to bring that up…just slipping that into a conversation
    • Sharron seemed to handle it well.
  • David wearing his white shirt to take her on a subtle trip FIVE steps away. Voice over lady had that line from me
  • Kelz has been absent from this episode. He would be upset about David and Lydia spending that money.
  • Francesca and Harry costing money all over again with everyone i the room.
  • I wonder what time wake up call is for all of these folks?
  • Lana just letting the drama build…
    • I don’t like this because it means that all the interviews with the producers were even MORE staged than before leading up to that moment.

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