• We have reached the finale!!!
  • 56 hours left for the contestants…and for once Bryce is right about thinking about the Money again,
    • Lana picks the winner…if they are all winners then I am going to hate it.
  • Gotta think that David, Rhonda and Sharron are the three front runners
  • “Would you be my girlfriend?”
    • A question I hate asking. Props to Sharron. Pulled that trigger.
  • A white party…I remember those failed attempt from college days
  • How can one party with just like 10 people? Hard to get that engaged.
  • How does everyone have white clothes?
  • Lana giving the people with the least amount of restraint the chance to win money for everyone…there is NO WAY this happens.
    • $32,000 would be back in the pot…
  • What if Harry and Francesca just didn’t accept the private suite? Is that a possibility.
  • Now there are BDSM materials in the room.
  • Boob jobs is a way to determine intervals on money?
  • No small talk what so ever. And Harry is just dancing around the topic
  • Okay, let’s be real…I like that little text tone from Lana. I would not mind that as a notification sound
  • No physical contact between them. Well I be damned. Prize fun back up to $75,000.
  • Madison has been irrelevant since arriving at the resort
  • Kori has learned NOTHING since arriving at the resort
  • Season finale workshop
    • I have actually heard of this writing on body thing. Emotional graffiti. This one makes sense.
    • Kori, Bryce and Madison are together…don’t think they are there with the rest of them.
      • Coincidence that they are all the newcomers who weren’t there as long?
    • Is it bad I don’t believe in Bryce for one second?
  • Lana out of nowhere with 24 hours left.
    • People are leaving! That is a good thing!
      • Kori and Madison are both gone. GTFO
        • Easiest predictions of all time. The easiest of all time.
  • Here we go. The moving questions. This is reality check.
    • To be fair. I would love Vancouver. Have always wanted to be.
  • Rhonda introducing Sharron to Amare…
    • That is really tough over FaceTime
    • Seemed to go okay…but again over FaceTime is tough
  • One hour till winner is announced
  • Drumroll pleaseeeeeee
  • “Congrats you never need to work again”
    • Bryce, $75,000 is not nearly enough to live off of.
  • To be fair, I would be more than happy with $7,500 extra in my bank account
  • The ending stunk. Don’t like any of it.
  • Overall the show was much more entertaining than I thought, but the last two episodes went off like a whoopee cushion.

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