• Gonna be honest, thought this was the last episode of the series. Realized I have to more after this. Gulp.
  • Francesca literally had her eyes fall out of his head when Harry said he didn’t want to break the rules
  • Well progress gets a green light and Kelz is very upset
  • Voiceover heavily teasing how Harry is going to mess up again
  • I think that personal growth sleep talk thing was all faked
    • Sidenote, how is his hair already done up when he gets up from bed?
    • This was actually a nice little development that there are stakes and she isn’t getting a free vacation.
  • Oh snap! New arrivals!? This is exciting and a good little slip up.
  • Okay, new eye candy
    • Okay, they know the rules already
    • Lydia
      • Her eyes are nuts
    • Kori
      • Another UK accent
      • He has a nipple piercing
    • Madison
      • LA Girl for Bryce finally
    • Are they the wildcards meant to bring more madness?
  • Madison and Matt; producers well done. Make him talk. Let’s see how this goes
    • Matt struggles at talking. The whole talking thing. Madison is not taking it well
  • Kori doesn’t know what chivalrous means?
  • Why are they all covered in glitter? Did i miss this?
  • Harry and Francesca going into the private suite.
    • Francesca was wearing straight lingerie in the interview post getting the suite
    • ANNDDDD it took them like 2 minutes to break the rules
  • Is Matt going to leave voluntarily?
  • Kelz not in the room when Harry came back is a strategic move. And a smart on.
  • I think that $50,000 will be deducted
    • Well I was wrong. Only $20,000
  • Yup, Matt is leaving. The most wholesome and easy going guy is now leaving.
  • Does anyone have a good “oh” face? I don’t think so.
  • $3,000 is gone. Kori immediately dropping the bank account.

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