• Is being in bed together weird for girls? I thought that was just normal?
  • Night vision also definitely helps with the self-gratification aspect?
  • Sharron is going to shower and just invites Rhonda to join?
    • Is sex really like brushing teeth? That seems agressive
    • Sharron is a “sex icon”?
    • I wonder if the producers DO or DO NOT want to have the late night duty of patrolling the cameras
  • NONE of these people are going to be trustworthy in a relationship
  • Okay, the show directly referencing the producers intrusion is a nice touch of self reliance
  • So tying people in sexual positions is going to help them NOT think about sex?
  • Matt has done Shibari before. Should have know. Part of his “spread my seed” mentality
  • Rhonda’s fingernails are STILL the most dangerous thing on this show
  • Shibari working wonders for her and Harry…UH OH HALEY!!!
  • Sharron’s ex left him for his best friend. GOOD FOR HER.
  • Didn’t Chloe literally say last episode that she had genuine interest in David and now 24 hours later it has all changed?
    • That bathing suit DID look supremely uncomfortable
  • Francesca SUCKS AT pretending
    • BUT, her bug eyes when Haley called out Sharron was hilarious
      • The Sharron literally dug himself the deepest and darkest graves
        • Rhonda has a massive right to be upset
  • “If I knew how to rebuild, I wouldn’t be here.” – Rather profound and revealing line from Rhonda
  • How many bathing suits do they have? In all seriousness.
  • Ah. The friend zone. Lovely. I know it well Harry. Just embrace it.
    • Harry has no idea he has been friend zoned
  • Alright, the cowboy Matt this is nice. He is producer gold.
  • THE SHAGGY SCOOBY-DOO LINE. That was nice by the voice over narrator
    • Alright, brought it back down to what I expect with the reality TV dumbing us down line?
  • Matt bringing Lana into it
      • “I don’t regret doing it, I regret getting caught.” – Yea of course Francesca
  • Haley is the most childish person in the world
  • David leading a workout is actually kind of fun
  • Bryce has entered the chat and he is a DOUCHE!!!
    • He has had sex everyday? Is he a sex addict?
      • Are they all sex addicts?
  • Kelz is going to break the rules
    • Bahahahahahaha Bryce getting the villain music and laugh to end the episode

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