Director: Nick Broomfield, Barney Broomfield, Marc Hoeferlin
Writers: Nick Broomfield, Barney Broomfield, Marc Hoeferlin

Release Date: January 30, 2015 (UK)

Speaking strictly on a personal level, I was hoping so much more from a movie that has a bad guy by the name of “Grim Sleeper.” The Tales Of The Grim Sleeper follows Nick Broomfield as he traverses through the streets of South Central Los Angeles learning about the notorious serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper who was on the loose killing people for 25 years.

From a gathering footage standpoint, I want to give all the props to Nick Broomfield and his very skeleton crew. The amateurship quality of The Tales Of The Grim Sleeper gives it a sense of charm an authenticity. The behind the scenes of Nick being in an area with live gun shots do put you in South Central LA. The whores on the streets, and the all too real conversations with them also give you a sense of the hardships that people in area had (and still have) to deal with.

After watching the crime documentary, I looked at the reviews. People love The Tales Of The Grim Sleeper. Many of the reviews call the movie chilling, scary and frightening. The haunting aspects all the critics point out center around the police and the lack of urgency they showed the public and that down-trodden community. Speaking strictly for myself…I did not get that same feeling. I get the cultural relevance and how the movie can resonate even today, but I do not have that same connection. Why? Maybe it is because I wasn’t looking for it? I went into The Tales Of The Grim Sleeper excited to hear about how this serial killer kept hidden for a quarter of a century, and maybe the simple answer of police negligence makes it…boring?

I respect the hell out of what Broomfield did. What he made and how he accumulated all the footage. I understand that fact that I SHOULD like this movie more than I did, but I am just missing that connective link. I get that I am lower on it than others, I am struggling to put a finger on it as to why.

When The Tales Of The Grim Sleeper came to an end, I felt a sense of disappointment because we did not get to hear from the other perspective. I KNOW that the reason for the cops and government being left out is because they did not want to comment. I know it is because they messed up. I would have LOVED to see how they would have handled the mishandling of this entire search. Some accountability would have been nice, even though it was impossible.

The Tales Of The Grim Sleeper was on the short list for the 2015 Academy Awards. It was distributed by HBO. Speaking of which…I recently just watched The Jinx and holy lord that was awesome. I’d recommend that over this, but both are worth viewing.

STANKO RATING: C+ (2.5/5 Stars)

“The Tales Of The Grim Sleeper” IMDB
“The Tales Of The Grim Sleeper” Rotten Tomatoes

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