• Episode two of this horny escapade and I have to admit I was excited to turn it on again
  • I did have the thought…what was the vetting process for their contestants? How did the producers decided on these individuals? Was there a formula for hotness? Were there breakout sessions testing how various audiences would view them all? Did they study the effect of accents? I have questions

  • Episode two is “When Harry Met Francesca”…little play on When Harry Met Sally.
  • “It’s Like I lost My Mom” – Francesca. THAT is a front runner for quote of the episode already!
  • All these folks are all living each other in the same room. No personal space what so ever.
  • Self gratification being showing with Harry pinching his own nipples as B-roll. That was not expected and odd.
  • Chloe and David starting to feel each other out nicely. I do like Chloe thought.
  • Matt (Jesus) saying he’d wanna stop some people…but how would he do that? It is like the telling kids not to steal…but then the anticipation is real
  • “Memories are worth more than $100,000.” – Sharron and Rhonda are going to be the first to break the rules
  • Chloe is just tasting the condoms…like WHAT. GAHHH. That is embarrassing
  • Well Francesca and Harry break the rules first. Money going down the drain.What’s the formula?! How much money do they lose?
    • Credit to Francesca for feeling guilty. Harry has no ill-will
      • Francesca doesn’t think she is going to get some shit? That is just unwise.
    • Harry saying Francesca kissed him…that is just prosperous
  • UHHHH. Yea no duh Francesca…Lana is going to break the news. No doubt. 110% that was going to happen.
    • “Bloody Hell” is right. $3,000 for ONE kiss is a hefty fine.
  • Harry is literally a liar. He is the worst. Uhhhh bad. Just not a good dude. At all.
  • Kelz bringing up the Snow White kiss was clever. Only good excuse. Only one exceptional
  • The voiceover stole my point of Haley getting very interested in Francesca
  • David and Chloe are going on a date. Let’s see how this goes.
    • “Are you a one-night stand type of guy?” – Chloe asked him this and she OBVIOUSLY knows the answer already!
    • There is a lot of red going on with this date; Chloe’s dress, the strawberries, the roses
    • Have they made a deeper connection with one another? Did they have any conversation of substance? To be fair, maybe they did and the show just didn’t show us.
  • How does Haley feel that connected to know who Francesca deserves?
  • Now Harry and Rhonda are gossiping and Francesca runs in there and sees them
    • I think we are going to get some revenge right now
      • Yup. Okay. That’s some revenge I suppose. But that is also just SO freaking petty.

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