Nothing like a bit of alcohol to stow the pots of turmoil. This was the most entertaining episode since maybe the first or second.

Love Is Blind | Episode Six

  • Dreading this now…so let’s do this!!!
  • Farewell brunch, I would love and endless mimosa brunch right now
  • “Storms a brewing” – that’s a nice tease
  • Why do they keep on putting the couples around one another?
    • I guess it was a cheaper option to do so
    • I’d be most excited for this.
  • Social media is bad? Why are Kelly and Kenny so worried about that?
  • Jessica’s mom sounded very enthusiastic about “Hey, Mark”
    • Just as enthusiastic as the scene from The Room
  • Can I have an apartment like that please? Pretty please?
  • I understand that anxiety of moving in with someone…being alone is awesome
  • This obsession over sharing a toothbrush is too much
  • Amber and Barnett getting Chinese food is the right way to go. Strong move.
  • Giannina gonna take up all that closet space
  • I missed why Kelly is not there with Kenny
    • She had to go to San Diego for a conference…picked that up
  • Jessica just put the ring back on
    • It didn’t last a single episode
  • Poop conversation over dinner. Lovely.
  • Lauren being a loner and liking all her own stuff organized; I understand this.
    • Messy “throw everything in there” closet
  • Jessica is TRASHING on Mark’s place
    • Going from living with roommates with Jessica; not sure which is worse
  • Jessica doesn’t do laundry. I love doing laundry. Another deal breaker
  • Mark’s roommate going: “That’s fast.”
  • Cameron bought a three bedroom home?? The dude must be loaded!!!
    • He has fantasized about a family as a lot
  • All the girls judging the guys houses is funny; love it as an insight where I have brought a girl over for the first time and they are judging
  • Amber talking her finances is really TOUGH. Sheesh. Hasn’t paid the minimum. My god the loans have just grown
    • “I work to live. I don’t live to work” – Well Amber, sometimes there is a compromise
  • Mark saying he isn’t stressed about kids – that is a lie. EVERYONE is stressed out about kids. No matter what age
  • Jessica is creating problems in her head. She is self-combusting
  • Mark: you can’t say Jessica is no comparison to your mom, RIGHT after comparing everything about her to your mom
  • PRENUP!!!!!!!!!
  • Barnett’s birthday is coming up – little birthday bash
    • Very cute, very nice
  • This is a stunning convo (NOT)
    • Barnett: Why did you say yes?
    • Jessica: Shit
  • Jessica is flipping the hair and flirting with Barnett RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE
    • Barnett needs to run away. As fast as possible.
    • Okay but she is very drunk, she went for the drunk high five
      • Amber calling her out like this
  • Bud Light gets the beer sponsor
  • Jessica and Mark battling Barnett and Amber in beer pong – this is a nice little duel
  • Lauren’s earings at this part are MASSIVE. My whole arm can fit through that.
  • The arguments are all happening because of the alcohol
    • Giannani storming off is awkward
  • Jessica IS THE WORST! She is not a good drunk. At all.

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