Interest in this show is waning. Love Is Blind is even more unrealistic than anything in The Bachelor universe. It also doesn’t help that almost none of the participants in the show are likable. I don’t know if it’s that they are all talking emotions NONSTOP, or that all the drama is confined to strictly the couples and not other people mingling.

The ending to episode four brought hope that there is going to be more a bit more deviation from the repetition.

One other thing about this episode was how forced the sex talk seemed to be. When the two groups mixed, then males and females separated…it was so freaking awkward. At least go to a different patio!?

This is purely a hate watch. That is all now. But I am a completion expert. It will be done.

Live Is Blind: Episode 4

  • Kenny and Kelly
    • Kelly likes kissing a lot; is it weird I don’t like that? No need to pecks all the time.
  • Amber loves sex a lot
    • This couple will kill it in the pillow talk game
  • Gianana (miss 456 days, I think?) really missed having sex
    • This really proves that with a lot of the girls taking initiative on sex that the emotional part plays a much bigger part. That’s the one thing this whole experiment has proven.
  • Mark doing the interviews with no shirt on? Ok, aggressive.
  • Carlton and diamond sleeping in separate rooms is the smart idea for sure
  • Are the couples going to allowed intermingling with one another?
  • Have most people had massages before? I don’t think that is the case.
    • I would for sure fall asleep if I ever got one.
  • That was a very blatant shot of Kelly’s butt in the Bikini
  • Why are the women’s interviews taking with their stomachs on the bed? It’s an interesting shot but doesn’t lend to a lot easy talking
  • Amber is scary. She will literally ask to do anything under the moon.
  • Okay, those chairs that Jessica and Mark are sitting on the beach with look SOOOO uncomfortable
  • Mark we now know THANKS TO BARB that just because your mama loves you doesn’t mean she is gonna love who you date.
    • I know this show was filmed before hand but still
  • Every time Cameron talks it sounds like a proposal lead in. Either he rehearses everything or is truly truly emotional
  • Diamond that is a great call with Carlton playing the experiment
  • Did Carlton wear a hat at all in the pod? Now he has hat on back-to-back days
  • Just end it Diamond and Carlton
    • “This is why I don’t deal with bitches like you”
      • Holy crap Carlton you literally just went off a clip
        • Don’t know how Carlton can feel betrayed if I’m being honest
      • Thank god it is over
  • They do get to see each other; let’s see how this goes…
  • Whenever Lacheys come out and talk it is so tough
  • The description of Amber as “a lot” is very accurate
  • Damien telling the story about the dessert line is proof she said it really well
  • Okay…I had no idea with poom-poom was
    • Jessica just doesn’t find Mark attractive
  • This talks all about sex seem way too open. But I guess you need that personality for the show
  • God Jessica just loves Barnett
  • They are chopping this Amber vs. Jessica and Mark vs. Barnett little fight like a WWE match
  • Overall this was an incredibly boring episode

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