Director: Craig Zobel
Staring: Betty Gilpin, Ike Barinholtz, Hilary Swank
Writers: Nick Cuse, Damon Lindelof
Release Date: March 13, 3030

The trajectory of Universal and Blumhouse’s The Hunt release has been anything but smooth. The action thriller was set for release in September of 2019, but it was delayed indefinitely as a result of a pair of mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH. In the political climate of the United States and, the production studios decided it was best to postpone a movie that specifically pins wealth versus poor in a blatantly violent way.

Now months later, with the country about to be in the strife of a political election, The Hunt is back! The movie is literally embracing its controversy as a bombshell of absurdity; the posters are calling it “The Most Talked About Movie Of The Year Is One That No One’s Actually Seen.”


This latest trailer seems to be taking more after the seemingly sassy, quiet dark humor of its main female protagonist Crystal, played by Betty Gilpin. It’s a sharp contrast to the original trailer which was much more a horror and drama based. This trailer (which is labeled Trailer #1 in many places…rebranding much) is faster paced and held together by one liners and political jokes, notably making fun of white people, liberals, and self-identification.

It is interesting that Damon Lindelof is credited as a writer on the movie. He was just at the helm of HBO’s incredibly successful and critically acclaimed Watchmen and here is to hoping that some of the subtle humor in the knockout TV show makes its way into The Hunt.

The Hunt reminds me a little of Ike Barinholtz’s independent movie, The Oath. That movie had comedic undertones but still managed to be its own unique story tackling the a divided America in an unexpected way. Now The Hunt appears to be bloodier and more over-the-top, that goes without saying.

Blumhouse needs a win after having some duds like Ma (2019), Black Christmas (2019) and Fantasy Island (2020). The Hunt will generate conversation, but dollars is a different question. I am stoked to see The Hunt because its an adult version of the hunger games with a powder keg of possible turmoil bumbling throughout. This movie is treading a dangerous tight wire pitting rich versus poor and playing on stereotypes (in hopefully a humor-filled and tasteful way). I’ll step off that ledge and give it a chance.

“The Hunt” IMDB
“The Hunt” Rotten Tomatoes



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