Ok, it’s been a minutes, here are some of my rapid fire trailer reactions.


Disappointing to say, but Birds Of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn’s trailer disappointed. The movie looks good, but is the major takeaway supposed to be Ewan McGregor as Black Mask…but I am most excited to see him as a villain!

Harley Quinn is going to give her all, of that there is no doubt. The homages to Lady Gaga is a nice touch, but I am was expecting more from this trailer.

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn comes out on February 7, 2020.


This movie is going to stink. 100%. It’s a female-empowerment movie that wreaks of cheesy horrid action. Like truly sorry, but between the first two trailers, it looks like an old-fashioned Scooby-Doo cartoon but with the villain going “if it wasn’t for those meddling women!”

Charlie’s Angels comes out on November 15, 2019.


This is Martin Scorsese to an absolute tee. From the opening music to the dimly lit dank restaurants; it wreaks of mob magnificence. This first trailer has me excited. Give me the three-hour extravaganza.

The Irishman releases in select theaters on November 1, 2019 followed by wide Netflix release on November 27.


Based off another Disney ride…but Jungle Cruise has zero of the positives going for it that Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl. You have the charisma of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and the charm of Emily Blunt…will that be enough to save what looks like a sinking ship? (Horrendous joke I know but it was right there…)

Jungle Cruise comes out July 24, 2020.


Uncut Gems looks incredible. Plain and simple. This trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the plot, but it does highlight how Adam Sandler is primed to give a performance of the year.

And let’s be honest, seeing Mike Francesa curse so flippantly is a chuckle upon itself.

Uncut Gems gets a wide release on December 13, 2019.


“You’ll be the first to die, but I like your enthusiasm.”

Zombieland: Double Tap is just my type of movie. I am going to see this and the first red band trailer only got me more excited. They are playing up the craziness, over-the-top, over-qualified actors and clichés. Yes, please.

Zombieland: Double Tap is everywhere on October 18, 2019.

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