Midway through the week, I thought I had a shot. But Jack List’s team caught fire at the plate and I never stood a shot come the weekend. Losing the edge on stolen bases on the last day makes it a bit worse as well.

Putting it plainly, my squad is not the most talented and it is going to take either an act or god or a massive change in the winds for me to get back in the good graces of the fantasy gods. Jack on the other has been steady, steady and increasingly steady. List, with his consistency, has become the leader in the clubhouse.

Is it bad that I am now taking moral victories for competing at an okay level?

Shake my head.

WEEK SIX: May 8 – May 14

I am upset that I lost this category. The past two weeks of this category have been solid for me, but Jack List’s team is just a hitting machine. It makes me very upset that fucking Yankee Anthony Rizzo had 12 hits for Jack, and then Nolan Arenado had nine hits, including three homes, almost all of which came against the Red Sox. It felt personal, my defeat. I would like to put a gripe up against Ozzie Albies from Atlanta who had 2 for 20 week. I am happy to see that Juan Soto is back to doing good things going for 10 for 22.

When you have a single player scoring you 10 runs in a week, you are going to wi this category. That is my theory, and it may be a scientific fact. Rizzo continued his streak of excellent baseball scoring 10 runs on the 15 times he reached base. Think about that. He scored 10 runs on 12 hits and three walks. I didn’t have a bad week, fourth most in the league. However, it just wasn’t enough for List who lead the entire league.

Nine home runs from me is good, but 14 home runs is better. Jack List leads the league in his third straight category. Mookie Betts had three home runs this week which I never noticed till the day after because he plays the late games. Arenado had three home runs as well…all of which came against Boston. All of them. Every single one. Oh, and Rizzo had three home runs too, just for good measure. Those three players tied my whole team output.

This category was a wash, for me. For Jack, it was a glorious shower. My top RBI guy was Taylor Walls with seven RBI. Jack had Arenado had eight RBI in his week of damage, and Rizzo was just behind him with seven runs batted in. I might consider myself lucky to only have Mookie hit five RBI against me with thee home runs. Yordan Alvarez has 37 RBI this season and he had six RBI. Alvarez has 10 RBIs since May 5th.

There was a log jam in the league in terms of total stolen bases this week. Five teams tied with five stolen bases, and Jack & I were two of those teams. Soto led my way with two steals. Walls, Paul Goldschmidt and Cedric Mullins each had one steal. Esteury Ruiz of Oakland had two steals for Jack while Nick Castelianos, Harrison Bader and Arenado had one each.

Thought I had a shot here midway through the week, but my team went a collected 5 for 34 on Saturday with a .194 on base percentage. That took me out of it. On that same day Jack’s team went 13 for 36 with a .425 on base percentage. One bad day turned it all upside down. Soto led everyone for the week in our matchup with a .538 OBP (in terms of players that actually were in lineup a significant amount).

I stood no shot in this category with only seven starters going this week. At the start of the week I was supposed to have Freddy Peralta and Charlie Morton going on either Saturday or Sunday. Both of those starts got pushed back to Monday. Not sure I would have caught up on 18 strike outs, but would have at least made it competitive. I was too far behind to try and comeback to win this one category. Cristian Javier had 11 strikeouts in six innings against the Los Angeles Angels, and Lucas Giolito had two strong outings with 15 combined strikeouts over 12 innings in two starts against Kansas City and Houston.

Alright squad. Looking from left to right, this is the first category shaded in my color. I only had seven starters go this week because of scheduling, but we got some quality performances. Morton, Corbin Burnes, Peralta and Jon Gray each picked up Ws. Together those four allowed three earned runs in 26 innings pitched. List only got two wins from his team as they struggled in the bump, Javier and Giolito, who combined for 26 strikeouts, each had one victory.

Man. I wish Baltimore would just make a chance at closer. They have no need to, but it would have helped me out this week. Felix Bautista had three saves this week for the Orioles, and that was more than enough as I only got on save from Camilo Doval. I had an injury to Philadelphia’s Jose Alvarado who is my alternative save guy, so I picked up flamethrower Yennier Cano from Baltimore. The thing is that cano doesn’t typically save games.

Middle of the pack ERA performance from my team this week, but it was good enough to defeat Jack’s 5.610 team effort. I had Corbin Burnes threw his second scoreless outing of the season against Kansas City, and he was followed up by Jon Gray of Texas tossing eight shutout innings against Oakland. Adding on Kevin Gausman hurling six shutout frames. What I love is seeing Nestor Cortes give up eight earned runs in 9.1 innings over two starts. Also Marcus Stroman having an 8.31 ERA over 8.2 innings during the week.

Three starters with a sub-one ERA is remarkable. Peralta had a 0.83 WHIP over six innings. Jon Gray had a 0.63 WHIP against the Athletics, and then Gausman dismantled Philadelphia in six innings with nine strikeouts. He allowed zero runs and three hits and no walks. Jack had five pitchers with a 1.5 WHIP or higher, most notably starter Cortes and his 1.82.

I hate the Yankees. I hate the Italian Stallion. Anthony Rizzo went 12 for 27 this week with 10 runs scored, three home runs, seven runs batted in and three walks. He brutalized Oakland and Tampa Bay.

Because I gave my MVP to Rizzo, I have to give my LVP to Nestor Cortes. In starts against the Athletics and Rays, Cortes went a combined 9.1 innings allowing 13 hits, eight earned runs, four walks. He had a 7.71 ERA and a 1.82 WHIP.

I am giving my MVP to Taylor Walls. He is a multi-positional guy and he is doing well on the best team in baseball. This past week he went 6 for 19 with a couple home runs and seven RBI. He is filling my shortstop gap now with Tim Anderson not being what I hoped for.

Ozzie Albies. You are a damn good middle infielder. But this week…yikes. 2 for 20 with one home run and three RBI. Your OBP was .143 and your slugging was .250. Disappointing to say the least.

MVP TRACKER: Goldschmidt (2), Mullins (2), Verdugo (1), Walls (1)
LVP TRACKER: Albies (1), Casas (1), Gausman (1), Soto (1), Sale (1), St. Louis Cardinals (1)


  • This matchup was pretty damn close for most of the week but Jack pulls away in the end for a 7-3-1 win. List had not won since week three when he won against Michaud. I have won three or less categories in four of my six matchups.
  • We have a tie, and a rather drastic one between Michaud and Vaghi. The teams tied in home runs, runs batted and strikeouts. Michaud may have been able to pull out the win but on Sunday his team went only 6 for 35. He lost by only six hits and two runs scored.
  • DeMaio now owns the longest winning in the league taking down Michael. Over the past two weeks DeMaio has defeated Vaghi and Mike, both by scores of 8-3. He is taking out the playoff competition.
  • This one was tight. Huntley, by the skin of one run, and one steal, claims a 5-4-2 win over Eric. Despite the loss Eric moves up to the top four in the league. The battle for the match came down to Sunday. Both teams struggled to hit; Eric scored only two runs when three would have tied the category. And neither team hit a home run that would have given them the edge.
  • Yet again a close match. Billy gets in the win column and takes down Bove. A home run from Bobby Witt Jr. on Sunday is the one category leader that Drakeley needed. Bove should be thankful that Detroit reliever Alex Lange pitched on Sunday because his two strikeouts in relief made the loss margin the lowest possible.


  • I had no shot at winning this week when Jack List was the best scorer in five of the six hitting categories. He was the best in hits, runs, home runs, runs batted in and on base percentage; it was the first time this season that lest led the week in hits, runs, home runs and runs batted in.
  • Huntley set a new record for worst ERA this week with 6.389. Toss the tape in the trash at get back on track next week.
  • I am noticing a correlation between teams not winning a lot of games but getting a lot of strikeouts. List and DeMaio were top two in the in strikeouts, but they were among the bottom two in wins.
  • Eric is still yet to win On Base Percentage category this year.
  • Kenney is yet to lose Stolen Bases category this year; List is also technically undefeated in saves but he does have a tie.
  • How in the fuck did List have the most Strikeouts, but have only two wins, and the second worst ERA and WHIP?


  • Will I be able to break my five match losing streak? I am not sure. But Bove has bounced back a bit from his really rocky start so anything is possible.
    • According to the season stats, I (Stanko) should defeated Bove, 8-2-1
  • Vaghi is in need of a win. Kenney wants to get back in the playoff picture. Both of these teams need a bit of a bump.
    • According to the season stats, Vaghi should edge out this victory, 6-5
  • Huntley and Michaud have been in the bottom third of the standings for the last three weeks. Huntley has a chance to pull himself out of it taking down Justin.
    • According to the season stats, Michaud should win this matchup, 9-2
  • This is a juggernaut matchup in terms of the hitting category. DeMaio is in first place by a while, and List is the only one within 20 hits of him.
    • According to the season stats, DeMaio should win this matchup in a very close one, 6-5
  • Eric is new in playoff picture and Billy has been battering his head against the wall to move up into the top half of the league.
    • According to the season stats, Eric should win this matchup 8-3


  • For the first time this year, Vaghi is not in first place. It has been a steady slump for Vaghi, and this week he gets knocked off the pedestal.
  • List is the new number one and top dog.
  • Michael Kenney dropped two sports to fifth place while DeMaio moves up to third from fourth place.
  • Eric has crashed the playoff party hitting in the cleanup spots.
  • Bove and Billy stay in their respective spots.
  • Huntley leapfrogs me and and now he is in eighth place and I sit in ninth.
  • Michaud still sits in last place.
  • A second straight week with change in the playoff scenario!
  • Jack List is now in first place and he would be taking on the new fourth place team, Eric. List played Eric in in week two and beat him 7-3-1.
  • DiMaio move sup from fourth to third place but his matchup doesn’t change as he is still setup to face Vaghi. DiMaio beat Vaghi 8-3 in week five.
  • Michael Kenney fell out of the playoff spot to make room for Eric.

  • DeMaio: ERA, Hits, Runs, WHIP (4)
  • Eric: Moves, Strikeouts, Wins (3)
  • Michaud: Home Runs, OBP, Stolen Bases (3)
  • Kenney: Stolen Bases (1)
  • List: Saves (1)

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